Rare Classic Rides

I believe that the Paramount park with Flying Scooters is PKD. I femember seeing them there about 10 years ago.

Lake Compounce has Flying Scooters (American Flyers). This ride was originally at West View Park and it got to LC via Idora and Kennywood. *** Edited 8/10/2006 4:26:49 PM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

Arthur Bahl

Intamin 1st generation freefalls are becoming more and more rare (ie: Demon Drop - Cedar Point). Is Demon Drop the only one still running? SFMM's isn't running, SFGAdv is closed, GL took theirs down.
Rock-O-Plane -- Arnold's Park

Rotor -- Adventureland (IA), Worlds of Fun

Whip -- Dorney Park, Hersheypark

I believe Sandy Lake outside of Dallas still has a small Pretzel dark ride. Anyone been there to know for sure? I've been wanting to go there every time I go to SFOT but have yet to make it. I've never been north of Dallas (or even in downtown Dallas, I'm too spoiled by country livin' to deal with the city and traffic), I'm an I-20 person - it sends me straight back to the homeland.

^^SFOT's 1st gen still runs... most of the time.
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The bigger they are, the harder they brake
Joyland in Lubbock, TX has a Roll-o-plane and a Rock-o-plane, and also a Musik Express (don't know that that's remarkably rare, but it's easily the most intense himalaya-type ride I've ever been on). Joyland also has a mini-whip.
What about Arrow looping coasters? They have been disappearing in many cases (Drachen Fire, Steel Phantom, etc.). Delgrossos saved the one from Libertyland and plans to have it running there next year. CP, I believe, still has Corkscrew, GL has Double Loop, BGE has Loch Ness Monster, SFMM has Viper (but for how much longer?), PKD has Anaconda.

Speaking of Arrow, there are also the swinging suspended gondola coasters -- CPs Iron Dragon, BGEs Big Bad Wolf, etc. XLR8 is gone thanks to the demolition of SFAW. *** Edited 8/10/2006 4:37:57 PM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

Arthur Bahl

Deno's Wonder Wheel Park has a great indoor/outdoor pretzel dark ride.
Lakeside has 3 of the 4 "o' Plane models. The Rock 0' Plane, the Roll O' Plane, and the Loop O' Plane. The only one they are missing is the Fly O' Plane, and I think I've only seen one or two parks that have that one. Their collection of classic rides like that is one of the reasons I love that park.

“Non sibi sed patriae” "Not self but country"
Good topic Arthur.

Did'nt know that there was that few of Cuddle up's left.

I always like that ride(the big version),but I heard they were a maintenance nightmare.

Another ride disappearing..double Ferris wheels(sky wheels)

Lakemont has another rare ride,the Skydiver.

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Racing whippet 76-77
Camden has a skydiver.

Do any parks have a Skywheel? A couple carnivals still have them.

Cedar Point use to have a Skywheel.

Racing whippet 76-77
Lake Winnie is the only park I know of that has a Fly O Plane and I think they removed it recently. I rode it in '04 and it was quite an experience.

Since I'm bored, I'll update our list, and alphabetize too...


Auto Race -- Kennywood

Carousels with Ring machines -- Knoebels, Coney Island NY (B & B Carousel), Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Conneaut Lake (?), Bushkill (pre-flood)

Caterpillar -- Idlewild, Mrytle Beach Pavilion, Camden, DelGrosso's, Canobie Lake

Circle Swing -- Twin Grove Park (being restored), DCA (new version), Geauga Lake (in storage)

Crazy Dazy -- Knoebels, Seabreeze, Gillian's Wonderland Pier, Sylvan Beach

Cuddle Up -- Twin Grove Park (in storage)

Derby Carousel/Derby Racer -- Cedar Point, Rye Playland, Blackpool

Flying Coaster -- Kennywood

Flying Scooters (Bisch-Rocco) -- Knoebels, Stricker's Grove, Erieview, Conneaut Lake, LeSourdsville Lake (SBNO), Paramounts Carowinds, Seabreeze, Fun Spot (?), Holiday World, North Pole, Parc Safari, Lake Compounce

Flying Scooters (Larson) -- Hersheypark, Camden, Indiana Beach, Cypress Gardens (?)

Frolic -- Wyandot Lake

Heart Flip -- Lakeside Park

Looper -- Knoebels

Loop-O-Plane -- Lakeside Park

Lusse Bumper Cars -- Knoebels, Keansburg, Erieview (fiberglass), Oaks Park, Dutch Wonderland

Noah's Ark -- Kennywood

Old Mill Darkrides -- Rye Playland, Kennywood, Iowa State Fairgrounds, Minnesota State Fairgrounds (?) and Lake Winnie

Parachute towers -- SFOT, Coney Island, NY (SBNO), Great Adventure

Pretzel Darkride -- Sandy Lake TX, Deno's (Coney Island), Sylvan Beach, Keansburg, Beech Bend

Pretzel Gravity Darkride -- Camden, Conneaut Lake

Rock-O-Plane -- Lakeside, LeSourdsville Lake (SBNO), Oaks Park (?), Sylvan Beach, Casino Pier, Parc Safari, Arnold's Park, Joyland TX, Lakeside Park

Roll-O-Plane -- Knoebels, Conneaut Lake, Lakeside, Erieview. Little A-Merrick-A, Sylvan Beach, Joyland TX, Lakeside Park

Rotor -- Adventureland, Worlds of Fun, Lake Compounce

SCAT 2 -- Beech Bend

Skydiver -- Camden, Lakemont Park

Sliding car Ferris Wheels -- Denos (Coney Island), DCA (new version)

Spider -- Parc Safari, Williams Grove (SBNO)

Tempest -- Coney Island (Cincy), Conneaut

Tracey Darkrides -- Waldameer, Erieview, Trimpers

Tumble Bug -- Kennywood and Conneaut Lake

Twister -- Williams Grove (SBNO)

Whip -- Kennywood, Camden, Idlewild, Knoebels, Lakeside, Bushkill, LeSourdsville Lake (SBNO), Dorney, Hersheypark (new version), Rye Playland

Walk-through Fun House -- Bushkill, Waldameer, Trimper's, Jenkinson's Boardwalk, Williams Grove (SBNO)


There must be more Spiders, as well as Monsters and Octopuses (Octopi?). What about Paratroopers? Bubble Bounces/Tip-Tops?

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There are a lot of Spiders/Monsters/Octopi around.
Cedar Point
Wyandot Lake
Lakemont (spider and an octopus)

many others, and I've seen Rideman mention a "spidopus" once.

Paratrooper: Camden, Conneaut Lake, Kennywood, Delgrosso's (newer style)

Tip Top: Stricker's Grove, Lesourdsville Lake (SBNO)

What about the cousin of the paratrooper, the Spitfire, do any of those exist?

Waldameer also has a spider and a paratrooper.
Valleyfair has a caterpillar, but the "tent" was removed several years ago.


There is a Spider and a Twister at Lakemont.

Racing whippet 76-77
Knoebels and Bowcraft have Paratroopers. What is a new Paratrooper? Are you confusing regular ones and rim-driven ones? Does Idlewild have a Paratrooper?

Sylvan Beach has a Tip-Top.

Think they are talking about the different cars that are on the one(Paratrooper) at Delgrossos.That one turns the opposite way too.

*** Edited 8/10/2006 6:55:57 PM UTC by Ex_Westview and KW_worker***

Racing whippet 76-77
Canobie Lake has a Rotor as well, and if I'm not mistaken, it's by SDC.

Ray P.

And it's probably made by somebody other than Hrubetz. I think Idlewild does have a Paratrooper.

There are also new versions of the Loop-O-Plane (forget the details), the flying Coaster (Catch-N-Air, by Wisdom I think), and the Frolic/Heart Flip (Tornado, by Wisdom).

COSI-Columbus has a Rotor. Just may be the only non-amusement park/carnival installation anywhere! *** Edited 8/10/2006 6:58:56 PM UTC by millrace***

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