Rare Classic Rides

One of the great things about some older parks are the rare classic rides that some of them have. Here are some esamples (North American parks):

Tumble Bug -- Kennywood (Turtle) and Conneaut Lake

Flying Coaster -- Kennywood (Kangaroo)

Pretzel Gravity Dark Ride -- Camden and Conneaut Lake (Devils Den)

Noah's Ark -- Kennywood

Auto race -- Kennywood

Derby Carousels -- Cedar Point (Cedar Downs) and Rye Playland

Old Mill Darkrides -- Rye Playland, Kennywood (Garfield's Adventure)

Sliding car Ferris Wheels -- Denos (Coney Island), DCA has a newer one.

How about these rides -- Can you list other parks that have them?

Roll-O-Plane -- Knoebels, Conneaut Lake, Lakeside

Caterpillar -- Idlewild

Heart Flip -- Lakeside

Rock-O-Plane ???

Looper -- Knoebels

Rotor -- Lake Compounce

Whip -- Kennywood, Camden, Idlewild, Knoebels, Lakeside

Parachute towers -- SFOT, Coney Island, NY (SBNO)

Tracey Dark Rides -- Waldameer, Erieview, Trimpers

Lusse Bumper Cars -- Knoebels

Carousels with Ring machines -- Knoebels, Coney Island NY (B & B Carousel)

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Arthur Bahl

Dont Knoebels have a small cuddle up?

Racing whippet 76-77
Old Mill: Iowa State Fairgrounds, Minnesota State Fairgrounds (I think), Lake Winnie (sort of)

Roll-O-Plane: Erieview

Frolic (similar to heart flip): Wyandot Lake

Rock-O-Plane: Lakeside, LeSourdsville Lake, Oaks Park(?)

Whip: Bushkill, Lesourdsville Lake, Dorney, Hershey(new version), Rye Playland

Parachute Tower: Great Adventure

Lusse: Bushkill, Keansburg(?), Erieview(fiberglass), Oaks, Dutch Wonderland

Carousel with ring machine: Santa Cruz boardwalk, Conneaut (I think there is a ring machine), Bushkill (currently no carousel at all, but there used to be a ring machine before the flood)

Cuddle Up (two table Crazy Dazy): Knoebels, Seabreeze

Cuddle Up (larger version): Twin Grove Park (supposedly in storage but intended to be put into operation soon)

Walk Thru Funhouse: Bushkill, Waldameer, Trimper's Rides, Jenkinson's Boardwalk

Circle Swing: Twin Grove Park (currently in restoration), new version at California Adventure

Flying Scooters (Bisch Rocco): Knoebels, Strickers, Erieview, Conneaut, Lesourdsville Lake, Some Paramount park that isn't Kings Island, Seabreeze, Funspot(?), Holiday World
Flying Scooters (Larson): Hershey, Camden, Indiana Beach, Some random Paramount park
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Roll-O-Plane: Little A-Merrika in Wisconsin and also some travelling carnivals.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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Don't forget about the Tempest (Coney Island Cincy) or any of the Zippers. I don't know exactly how rare they are but I rarely see them, even the travelling ones.

Also, the Scat 2 at Beech Bend. That was the most evil contraption (next to the Fly-O-Plane at Lake Winnie) that I have ever rode. OUCH!


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Scat 2 was absolutely nuts. What a ride!

You can add Rock O Planes at Sylvan Beach (NY) and Casino Pier (NJ). There's a Roll O Plane at Sylvan as well. Gillian's Wonderland Pier in NJ has a Crazy Dazy.

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Crazy Dazy at Adventureland and Rock-O-Plane at Arnolds Park.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

North Pole, in Colorado Springs, has a an old flying scooters, can't remember if it is an 8 or 10 tub model, but they easy to snap.
Wow, hardly anybody ever talks about that North Pole park. I think it's actually called Santa's Workshop. I was there years ago. I think the Candy Cane Coaster was my first roller coaster!
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Easy to snap you say? Sa-weet! Going there on the Denver trip next month. :)

AV Matt
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The Wacky Shack(Tracey Dark Ride) at Waldameer is a classic. It's still probably one of the most popular rides there. Lots of stories on that one.....
Virginia Reel -- Anybody know of one of these still out there in an American park (I know there are a few in England)?
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I'm pretty certain there are none over here. There's supposed to be a Twister in Ocean City, MD, but I missed it last month if it is in fact still there. There's also a Caterpilar at The MB Pavillion. *** Edited 8/10/2006 2:47:12 PM UTC by Acoustic Viscosity***

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

North Pole/Santa's workshop claim the ferris wheel and roller coaster are the world's highest, as in altitude.

Also, check their website cause they have coupons for $3 off the $16 admission.

Parc Safari (animal park 30 miles south of Montreal) got an Eyerly Spider, Rock o Plane and a set of Bisch Rocco Flying Scooters with 10 tubs. They snap as good as Knoebel's! I was shocked... BTW, they're the old rides from the now defunct Parc Belmont in Montreal.
Caterpillar: Camden, Delgrosso's, Canobie Lake
No Twister in Ocean City, but there is one at Lakemont Park. Rock O Plane from Jenkinson'd in Pt Pleasant was moved to Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ.
Conneaut Lake Park has a Tempest.

As for Virginia Reels, I would say if any ever returned to an American park, it would be at Knoebels. This would be a great project for them once the Flying Turns are finished.

Interesting how so many of those Pennsylvania parks have the classic rides mentioned here. There are also more ACE classic coasters in PA than anywhere else. Seven of them are in the western part of the state.

Also -- Wooden Side Friction coasters -- Lakemont's Leap the Dips is the only one that I am aware of. *** Edited 8/10/2006 4:13:05 PM UTC by Arthur Bahl***

Arthur Bahl

Trekker Park said:
Virginia Reel -- Anybody know of one of these still out there in an American park (I know there are a few in England)?

There are no Virginia Reel rides in the UK. There is a small powered ride in Great Yarmouth called Tyrolean Tubs which shares slight similarities but is a very different ride altogether.

-Jimvy! - misses the Reel at BPB :(

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Sylvan Beach Park has a crazy dazy 'tea cup' ride as well.

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