PTC announcement coming

Has anyone heard of the "big" announcement planned by PTC next weekend?

It's suppose to coincide with the ACE Con. Any ideas what it is?

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Well, ACE Con started this past Sunday and ends Saturday. I didn't hear anything. Where did you hear?

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Is it ridiculous to hope it coincides with some sort of announcement from Morey's... ;)

I know Morey's probably has something "bigger" in mind, but that would be pretty sweet too.

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Perhaps they're getting back in the coaster-building biz? :)
Let's hope......Then they can start building coasters that are designed for their trains.

From what I read on another site, Morey's is looking to span two piers with one coaster. Is it possible to span two piers with the Golden Nugget?

They're finally going to make trailered trains that work. ;)
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Is it possible to span two piers with the Golden Nugget?

Possible? Yes. Probable or likely? My guess is no. But that being said Golden Nugget is a PTC coaster.

The plot thickens ;)

The Golden Nugget has nothing to do with PTC's announcement.
Maybe they'll announce that their website will finally be functional.
I wish they would continue making coasters. Screamin' Eagle, Thunderhawk @ DP, Blue Streak, and Great American Scream Machine @ SFOG are great. The Little Dipper is just okay. This company is awesome in my opinion.
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And how many of the people responsible for those rides are still in the business? I'm guessing zero.

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Well, I had a conversation with Herb Schmeck the other day, and he said he is thinking about coming out of retirement.
I thought PTC's big announcement came several months ago (when Tom Rebbie bought it outright). I'm still waiting for Bill Dauphinee's big announcement about what he's doing now.

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Agent Johnson said:The Golden Nugget has nothing to do with PTC's announcement.

Yeah, I was *pretty sure* of that. But I keep hoping that GN will return...someday. Figured this was as good an opportunity as I was going to get to "plug" the ride... ;)

From what I've seen and heard, Morey's announcement is going to be MUCH larger in terms of sheer size/cost.

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Here is the news announcement from PTC:
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Wow, interesting news to say the least....

Have to wonder who ELSE might be in the market for a train like this...lower capacity, but lower maintenance as well - seems well-suited for a smaller park.

So basically they're MilF trains...but not. Four sets of wheels per car? I wonder if the MilF's are patented and that's why PTC had to go with 4 instead of 2.

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Bill, it's the same capacity as a standard 6-car/2-bench train.

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"each of the twelve cars will seat two riders"

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