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Janis, Sarah and I, and our friend Gary headed up to PPP. This was our first PPP in about 5 years. We were going to go to Dorney today (Sunday) but that didn't work out, so we just headed home after PPP ended. Up and back from Richmond, VA in one day. It's a long haul to Elysburg, I would say about 5 hours and 15 mins, so that made for a long day. We left about 6:20am and got back home around 4:30am. It was a WARM day in PA. It was in the mid to upper 80s. I know it has been warm down here in Richmond, but I expected it to be a little cooler up north in October! It was close too noon when we arrived at PPP. We parked and headed to the ticket area to get our all day long handstamps. I am VERY happy they offer an all day pay one price option now. Its the first time I have been to PPP since that option. So we got registered and then headed over to the Flying Turns to take a peak at that. I am very impressed with it and can't wait till next year. I have no problems with the park taking its time to figure it out and get it done right. Thanks to this park I will get to experience one in my lifetime. We got to watch it test once or twice during the day. Next we headed over to the Phoenix. I have always thought the Phoenix was fun, but I have never been a hard core Phoenix fan. As many may know, I am more of a twister fan. But I have to admit that she was running good yesterday, the early afternoon rides were fun, but she was flying during the Phunfest itself. I believe we rode about 8 times throughout the day and evening. After one or two rides on the Phoenix we decided to try out the Fandango, or, "Phandango". That little ride was shockingly good. The ride seemed to get near vertical and produced many moments of air, then I realized we were almost upside down and it was more falling than airtime. Next it was on to the big boy, my favorite ride in the park, the Twister. I had forgotten how good this coaster was, but she quickly reminded me. Like the Phoenix it was running good in the day, but seemed to have kicked it into overdrive during the event itself. Twister has really broken in nicely over the years and like the Phoenix it is WELL maintained. I believe we rode about 10 times during the day and event. Everyone was hungry, after about an hour in the park and a 5 plus hour drive. We decided to get our included pizza and drink. MMMMM, Knoebels Pizza... Enough said there! Now it was time for a trip through the Haunted Mansion, yup, still the best of its kind and everything works and its maintained in Knoebels fashion. We have not been to the park since the skyride was put in, and since one ride was included with the PPP registration we decided to check that out next. I loved it, it offered some great views of the park on the way back down, and since it was a long ride, it offered a relaxing few mins. I think all mountain parks should have one, the one at Compounce is amazing. Next we decided to ride some old favorite flat rides while in that area. Took a spin on the Whip and Salt and Pepper Shaker. Then on to the Grand Carousel. Janis was nice enough to stay off and film our ride, we wanted some footage of it and some audio of the wonderful band organ playing. Little did we know she would catch something on film so great, Sarah got the brass ring! The Pioneer Train was up next. It had a full queue and was running three trains during the day. I guess the Covered Bridge event drew lots of people to the ride, since it is so close by. We also rode it one more time (two train operation in the evening) at dark. Nothing like going through the woods at night! After the train ride, Janis and Sarah went off to ride the Flyers and Gary and I returned to the Twister for a few more runs. Then we all met up at the swap meet and headed out to the car for costumes. Sarah was a Pirate Captain and Janis was her cabin boy. I was Luke Skywalker. It was fun riding in the dark and igniting my lightsaber sometimes, only at Knoebels! For fun we participated in the parade and saw some VERY good costumes, one was an Edward Scissor Hands and bush, don't ask, you just had to see it. We rode the Looper during the evening, we rode it at Whalom a few years ago, so we wanted to ride it at its new home as well. We then rode the coasters a few more times each and stood around talking to some people. It was great to see some of the people we had not seen in a few years. Overall it was a good event and it brought back many memories, this was my 11th PPP. CoAsTeRDaN Danny

Danny Biggerstaff CoAsTeRDaN
Ok, I rememberd to take the time and put a full one line space between my paragraphs on this post. It still ran it all together. I don't know whats going on... Any ideas anyone?


Danny Biggerstaff CoAsTeRDaN
Went there, was alone, attempted to say hello to people recognized, forgot how much off an enthisiass people can be sometimes. It wasn't that bad being alone, but it sucked when you're completely ignored trying to extend a greeting to someone, or they literally say "whatever" and stick your nose up. I met at least 4 people like this, one going on about how Ace is so exclusive and how she was better then some of these "newer members these days" and when I said it looked fun I might join someday she literally laughed and walked away) if you're going to have the ego of a "pro coaster rider" act like one, which means I shouldn't have seen those same "enthusiasses" doing something like recklessly running off of the phoenix exit ramp not caring who is behind them (in one case a small kid who got whacked in the face by the gate when one in particular just banged through letting the gate swing back into the kids head) and when the mom said "excuse me!" to them, yeah she was ignored too, and these were people who at least looked grown up. Seriously if you're going to have the ego of a "coaster riding pro" at least try to act like one, or be a model rider and properly exit the ride with some responsibility (or courtesy maybe? hold the gate for maybe one second for the mother and her kid directly behind you so they can grab it instead of throwing it back at them)

After that I didn't feel like trying to "meet people" or whatever, I gave up (I must have just had a "a**hole streak"), rode coasters. The other stuff looked neat (the antique cars etc) but would have sucked alone, so I got my $17 worth and left early.

I'm not generalizing all of the enthusiasts, just seriously people, where does the ego come from, why be so damn ignorant or stuck up/think you're superior, we share a hobby of liking coasters, I just do not get it. Maybe it's just because they were "popular" people or whatever. It's funny I've randomly walked up to people with Toilet Paper Rollers shirts on in other parks, said Hi and usually that started a small conversation or some coaster riding.

On the plus side, I did see more of the flying turns and it looks awesome in action, very quiet. The turns were only open at 6 to "observe them" where they took a group up into the station and gave info about the ride and ran the unfinished train through the course. Also saw Larry (Lado) near the turns, he was nice to meet/talk to and has some nice pics of the unfinished train going through the course. Coastin' Steve was there too helping with the trains, so I did meet a couple cool people and had a couple small chats in lines, just the cbuzz thing left a bad taste in my mouth especially when thats how my day started. The park puts on an awesome display near dark, wish I could have enjoyed it better, or at least had better experiences "meeting" people for a first PPP. The Twister and Phoenix both were FLYING, so I got some great rides in, and made the best of it. Phoenix in complete darkness, insane, and it never semmed faster. Better planning next time though eh?
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I wasn't there, but on behalf of all the enthusiAsses, whether in ACE, or on here, or anywhere else, I apologize. I don't understand how people with a common interest, actually a passion, that is based in fun and thrills, get off being rude or snotty or elitist to anyone. Geez. It's great meeting new people at these events, and I guess I tolerate my old friends I run into. Unforunately I missed yesterday's Phunfest, one of only a handful I've missed in nearly 20 years. Don't be discouraged, this event is legendary and well known to attract roller coaster lovers of all sorts, regardless of what group they run with. You'll have a great time next year.
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It's a shame I wasn't able to make it this year. This is the 2nd PPP in a row that I've missed, and it kind of sucks because it is always a blast.

I would have been cool to you if I was there, P18.


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Same here.

Maybe next year, eh?

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

Yeah Rob. Show up next year, will ya?!

I had a great time. :)


I go more to have a day with the family then to socialize with enthusiasts. Don't worry about P18 at least you got your $17 worth, and did meet a few cool ones.
Yeah, It is definitely worth the price, no doubt about that, and it's not keeping me from ever going again or meeting people, I just have to plan better. I was just disapointed because I went there TO meet people this time, I didn't mean to come off as harsh in that post. *** Edited 10/8/2007 3:38:09 AM UTC by P18***
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Ha. Thanks for the reminder, Mark.

I'll try like hell, ok? :)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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PPP was amazing. I've never gotten the rides that I got on Pheonix and Twister Saturday night. Probably because of the unseasonably warm weather.

P18, a bummer that you didn't bump into us. We had a group of three and could have used a 4th person. Plus we had a crap load of beer to finish back at our camp site. I understand what you mean though, some people can be really uppity and I find it quite amusing. I can vouch for Raven-Phile being cool though. Darn you Josh we missed you!

I'm glad it won't affect your future attendance to PPP though.

~Rob Willi

I know exactly what you're talking about P18, but I don't think it's limited to ACE members or members of any other group or organization. Looking at enthusiasts as a whole, I've met some wonderful people and some unbelievable a**holes. I've also met the latter that turned into the former, and the former that turned into the latter. Coaster enthusiasts are an interesting lot, I'll give you that. However, I think your mileage will vary depending on who the person/people happen to be.

As usual, we had a great time at PPP. The heat seemed like a bit of a problem, if only because the bonfire is usually something you're huddled around in layers of clothing rather than something you avoid at all costs. It's a shame more people don't come in costume anymore, although I'm left wondering how many people killed their plans because of the heat. I know that my minor plans were changed because of the odd weather.

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The first few years I went to PPP I went with the idea that there would be a lot of "recognition" between Cbuzzer's and such - that is, I might get recognized and people chat me up and vice versa.

However, I've found that unless you're in one of the already well-established cliques, there isn't a whole lotta socializin' goin' on.

So anymore I just go to enjoy myself, bring my own group of friends along, pig out on too much food, and ride like crazy :)

Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line. www.TiggerMan.com

This year's PPP was my first Knoebels visit, and WOW did I have a good time. Phoenix, Twister, the Bumper Cars, everything was so much fun. The atmosphere is amazing, noting I've really experienced before. Defiantly going back there for next year's PPP.

I don't really talk to anyone at these events because of the reasons you named P18. I always feel as if they think they're better than you, and you're just some retarded kid who doesn't know anything. Oh well, maybe next year I'll open up a bit more. :)

But I had a good time, regardless If I really met anyone new.

"Don't look back."

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Another great PPP for me, I met a few new faces to attach screen names to. I would have liked to meet you P18, perhaps I did but didn't learn your screen name.

As always if you see me at the park be sure to say hi. I was the 6 foot bald guy with the adorable puppy...and coaster tattoo

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What did you do with the pup while you were riding? My girlfriend wants to bring our pug and dress her up next time, but she would have to sit with her the whole night while I rode. She seems OK with that though, she doesn't like riding the same ride over and over.

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I had an absolute blast! This was my 4th PPP in a row and it's definitely an event I will do every year for the rest of my life.

The Phylers were KICKING ASS and I actually got kind of yelled at. ;) I scared myself a few times and actually got a small bruise. GOD I love those things!

Phoenix was running better than ever! Man. :)

Seeing the Turns run was cool as heck. Can't wait to ride them next year!

My friends and I did the Fright Night/PPP/Lakemont deal, and I couldn't have asked for a better weekend! I swear I have never laughed so hard with all the antics my friends and I got involved in besides the parks. Good times! The road trip itself between the Burgh and Knoebels was um.....interesting. ;)

It was definitely the warmest PPP I have been to. I am used to wearing my hoodies and gloves. This time I wore T-shirts! Still, the fall foilage was awesome, especially looking at it from one of my favorite rides in the park, the SKY RIDE!

I tried to say hi to as many people as I recognized or who recognized me.

By the way, I was the dork with the chicken hat and the yellow T-shirt with chicken-related graffiti on it. By the end of the night every other person, including the Twister ride-op, was "clucking" at me or yelling "chicken killa" or "CHICKEN" :)

Ahh, the things you do when your shame and dignity go out the window! ROCK ON! It was great to see everyone again and share some snappage!

Nasai, you would of loved it. ;)


<---who will write a proper TR when I come off my "high"

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For the most part my girlfriend and I took turns watching him and riding. Since it was Knoebels we also found a few trustworthy folks that puppy sat for us. Also, since he's only 13 weeks old he tired out quickly in the afternoon and was out like a light so I felt comfortable putting him in his crate and locking him in the car at the campsite after dusk.

A picture of Murphy asleep on a rock while the Phlyers Phly.


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^That's adorable! What a cutie!

I noticed there were A LOT of doggies at PPP. Well, I noticed more than usual. :)


There were more dogs at PPP than I saw most of the summer. I didn't see any dogs on rides though. (Opening weekend, I saw dogs riding the train. I haven't seen that before or since.)

Tina, I saw you with the chicken hat. I didn't see you on the Flyers though. I did get to see great flying exhibitions by Alfundo and PAtripman from URC, among others I didn't recognize or talk to.

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