Police Officer Attacked at Disney World

Okay, I'll bite and assume you think you have a valid point and are not just pretending to be incredibly stupid. Playa was not trying to turn this into a race issue, and I don't think he was even making a commentary on society as a whole. First of all, if you read his first post his sarcasm is given away in his signature where he says that stupid comes in all forms. He was contradicting the rest of his sarcastic post, I guess hoping that those too slow to get the sarcasm would understand that he really did not think those things about small town folks. Second, I really don't think he was trying to turn every issue into a race issue. If you have been paying attention to what has been happening on this site recently, you would have seen other threads that turned into race issues here and it was not Playa's doing. My original opinion of his post (that I posted earlier) is still what I think: he was just making fun of how these threads play out on this site. There is nothing wrong with that. You need to get past that. If you don't like or don't get the joke, that is your issue. But you can't misinterpret what he was saying and then assume that means he is someone who meant what you assume he meant. What I really don't get is why you insist on doing this. I can see someone not getting his point, especially if they missed prior threads that he was mocking. However it has been explained to you already and you continue to... Nevermind. I think you're just dumb and stubborn.
Wow. Just look at Jeffrey R. Smith flail.

Responding to his own posts...editing, editing away at them, too...kinda sad, huh?

Write five more posts. Ten. Go right ahead. Try your hardest to pretend our exchange was different than it was...

But nothing will wash the stench of your failure away. Why try to convince readers otherwise? You can't even convince yourself!

And you know this.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

For a man with such a busy and important life...you sure do find way to respond to all my posts. Three thousand and seventy-nine times you've been on here now...just waiting to be heard in your virtual never never land. You can spin it to the world how happy and fulfilled your life is. The facts show otherwise...Not that we would expect you to be burdened with trivial facts when spewing your propoganda.

Like I said before...I feel sorry for you. Your insecurity and yearning for acceptance in a message board shines through every post you make.
That...I do know indeed!

"Who is this Coasta Playa? He trolls until someone bites and then rips them a new one for pointing it out. Then he tells everyone how totally cool he is.

It's the way he gets his kicks. Let's review...

1. Trolls

2. Rips people who call him out a new one.

3. Tells everyone how cool he is.

Weak minds will succumb to his manipulative power, just like a TV commercial...and anyone can just go in and change Wikipedia any time, right? I wouldn't put it past him just to prove to a bunch of coaster enthusiasts on a roller coaster message board that he is right.

...And I didn't even want get into it. Just because he's witty doesn't mean he is right, or cool, or nice. I usually don't read his mean spirited, self-arrogant, way-to-dramatic, only-hilarious-to-the-people-who-know-what-he's-talking-about posts."


I didn't accuse you of anything. I insinuated that it was possible. I didn't even care enough to look at the link to see if it was edited or not. Yes, that's right. I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU (gasp).

I do not admire you at all, I actually don't even like you. I don't care that you run, I don't care that you think you have a more fabulous life than me (umm actually I am quite happy with my life, thank you), and I don't care that you somehow think I have an "inferiority complex" just because I don't like for people to cut in front of me at an amusement park. I do things I enjoy too. I live my life to the fullest too. I don't even understand what you are talking about, like you know me or something.

Why change the subject, Playa? I wasn't talking about me, I was talking about you. It really is frustrating that such an arrogant guy such as yourself doesn't want to talk about himself when someone points out how arrogant he is. Don't tell me that you're not loving that this topic about a policeman at Disney has morphed into a topic about you.

But let's talk about me anyway...Thanks for the advice or whatever you call it. It's weird seeing that side of you, fake or not. Even though it seemed like your heartfelt monolog was coming from a place inside of you that truly cares about me and my feelings, I really don't know what you are talking about, and I kind of take offense to it.

Just because I don't like the new way a park is doing business with it's customers doesn't mean that I am upset that I can't afford ( or rather don't want to pay for) the new higher tiered experience. It means that if it affects me and my park visit, I would prefer that it's not offered without the park first figuring out how they can offer it without it affecting me and other normal paying customers. That's my reoccurring theme, dude. I dislike that they lower the value of the experience but don't lower the price. I dislike that it has changed to a point of devaluing the experience of most people in the park. Maybe you don't understand half of the things I say either, but I don't write posts with such drama and imagination as you for a reason...so people CAN understand.

And now I will put all joking aside and be serious for a second as well. You may want to consider that YOU are the one with the "inferiority complex". You come on here every so often and creatively tell people to wish that they were as cool as you, when you really don't show us how cool you are in the first place. It's NOT cool to put people down, even if the way you do it is "witty" and creative. I'll complement you in that you may be a talented writer, but the way you present your attitude about other people sucks.

I really don't want to be jerk towards you, even though you always seem to be a jerk to everyone else. I try to stay out of your way and let you do your thing. But watching you get away with being a jerk gets on my nerves sometimes. I try not to put people down because I have respect for them. You seem to put people down (in very creative ways, I might add) all of the time, and it shows between the lines of your posts. Who has the "inferiority complex"?

I try to stay out of your way again. Better yet, I will tell you what you want to hear from now on.

Raven… Sorry I did not get to your post yesterday…I was busy.

You’ve gone to great lengths to illuminate that which you think I’ve missed. Let me return the favor for you…treading as lightly as possible…

Sarcasm: Nobody missed the joke.

Derogatory Language: I personally have no problem with what he said. But note that if the same level of vitriol was used in describing “protected” groups…it would have not been allowed (see “nappy-headed ho’s”)...whether meant sarcastically or not. Either Jeff, or the board itself would have stopped it. This is no dig on anybody…just the double standard of society.

I would be interested in seeing links to those other CB discussions you speak of…to determine if the language used was indeed parallel. Without seeing the particulars I cannot know for sure…but common sense tells me you will not find a link to discussion on here where “protected” groups are so vividly described based upon their stereotypes.

Response to playa: I responded to point out Long Island was not Mayberry. It was not a big deal until playa decided to go to Wikipedia to defend a defenseless position. He need only said… “I was off on that description” …and this thread would have died.

Wikipedia: For those who do not know…Wikipedia is considered a source for the uninformed. It is usually mocked…as most know it is user-driven. Using Wikipedia as a defense of argument is parallel to flashing a strobe light on your head and screaming “I have no clue what I’m talking about.”

Hiding Wikipedia: Quoting Wikipedia is bad enough…refusing to link it in your response…priceless!

Cherry-picking Wikipedia: We’ve established that Wikipedia is a poor source… We’ve established that refusing to link it is legendary poop-butt behavior…BUT this guy cherry-picked data to paint a picture that was not true. He tried to sneak a change-up pass the board. THIS IS THE REASON HE COULD NOT LINK TO WIKIPEDIA IN THE FIRST PLACE! He was grasping for straws to make Long Island look like Mayberry! He knows he got caught...which is why he is changing the debate.

Not your standard cherry-picking: You could excuse a guy for trying to pull the wool over the board’s eyes…had he not said this…

Screw your 'facts,' I just don't like 'em! If I can grasp any straw that supports my personal bias, then curl myself around it I will

This was said before he hid the Wikipedia quote.

Why pick on playa?: I think dexter has this one covered. Playa trolls and argues...and most NEVER call him on it. It is good for him to get called out once and a while.

The Rest: It has been face-saving mode since for your friend…We’ve devolved to playa telling everybody how much cooler he is than us…yada yada...

Conclusion: Nobody missed your friends “genius” sarcasm. It is the double-standard derogatory language, use of Wikipedia, hiding Wikipedia, cherry-picking Wikipedia, and face-saving argument change that seem to fly over your head. I can understand if your intention is to protect a virtual friend…

Hope this clears up what we do and do not understand…with all this sarcasm and all…

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This is clearly not going anywhere.

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