Police Officer Attacked at Disney World

The nerve of some people.



I bet that cop wished Tigger was nearby.

That is just wrong...

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Man, stupid kids. Can you imagine how pissed their vacationing parents must have been?

I think they should be duct taped to chairs and forced to listen to "It's a Small World" continously for a month.

Seriously though, what kind of trash are they? Idiots who travel out of state to act like a-holes. I wish there were some way to prevent them from ever entering a park again. And I wish they had video showing the 17-year old b**** getting tased. That would be entertaining. :)

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Can you imagine how pissed their vacationing parents must have been?

Youre assuming the parents are mad at their kids, and not the cops. It is all too often the case in these situations where people claim "the man" is just trying to get them down, and defend their kids behavior as justified. We'll see.

Thats just pathetic and there is no excuse for acting like that.

There are two types of people in the world. People who like coasters and idiots.
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Okay, they we drunk AND underage at Disney. Who was serving them? Peter Pan? They is is NO BLOODY EXCUSE for that. Ban the kids (and their kids, great-grandkids, AND great-great-grandkids) FOR LIFE!!!

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They probably were not being served. Kids sneak alcohol into parks all the time.
This is EXACTLY what happens when those small-town people are allowed in amusement parks!

They always have to congregate together in large, hairy snaggle-toothed bunches. They sneak in hooch from their stills back home, throw up hillbilly signs at innocent passers-by and start reciting lyrics from those ridiculous country-western albums. I hate the very sight of them even BEFORE they start line jumping. Wait...I meant beating up cops. Isn't that a bit worse?

Anyway--Ban them all, that's what I say. Don't even let 'em through the gates. Save the park for good people with a proper urban upbringing!

And don't you dare call me racist.

(who sez: Stupid. It doesn't have a particular race, shade, style of dress or side of town)

NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

The cops are always trying to frame small-town folks. You know they are lying to cover up tazering an innocent small town girl.
It's statistically proven that small-town folks have the highest rates of gladiola bulbs planted in 5-gallon coffee tins, rusted half-built cars sitting on their front lawns, tobacky-chaw consumption per capita and don't even get me started on meth labs.

I'm just waiting for one of them to play the 'aw-shucks just a good-ole boy' card. THEM. THEM!!!! They're all just a THEM to me. My aunt had a bad experience with one of them once. That's my excuse!


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

Those statistics are geographically biased against rural areas.
Screw your 'facts,' I just don't like 'em! If I can grasp any straw that supports my personal bias, then curl myself around it I will!


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

Honestly, even though I am moving in the next few weeks I think it is California people, not all but having a large population you are going to have a large population of crazy people. For example on one of my trips to SFDK we were walking out of the park and this guy had the nerve to say that all roller coasters should be banned off the planet to us and of course wrong people and my dad told him to shove off.

Dumb move by dumb people, and even if I am not a fan of police at times, even I think that attacking a cop was a not a good choice or justifiable one.

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CoastaPlaya said:

Save the park for good people with a proper urban upbringing!

Is there such a thing? And don't you dare call me racist, either.

I loan for the day when we go back to allowing police officers to put their foot up someone's rear. No doubt this will soon be twisted and blamed on the security and deputy. There once was a day when you didn't even think about punching a cop because you knew an a++ kicking was to follow. Already someone here (hope it was a joke) is throwing the idea of a coverup around. Everyone wonders why cops come off as stern, mean, and defensive. You couldn't pay me enough to do that job.
I don't usually respond to Playa's "antics", but this time I can't resist.

Playa, How do you know that these kids were of a different race than that of the Deputy? Did you see it on another news source?

If you just assumed that this was the case, than shame on you. That would make you no better than a racist individual. If you heard from another source that the kids were black and the pig...umm I mean Deputy was white, than it is possible that the guy was targeting blacks in a racist way, but not necessarily a fact. Groups of teens, no matter what color their skin, have been known for disturbing the peace.

Other than that, I do see you point, weather it has anything to do with this topic or not, that cops and security is known for targeting certain races. It is a problem, but I truly believe that things are getting a lot better in our country.

Leave it to Playa to bring up racism in a thread.

Leave to Dexter never EVER get it. Really! :)
Anybody who does wanna explain it to him? I got things to do!
I don't know why I never understand your posts, Playa...

Yes someone please explain. Was he being sarcastically sarcastic, meaning he was sarcastic about being sarcastic and I only though he was being singly sarcastic? Or was he not at all sarcastic and I thought he was being sarcastic?

I just found where Playa posted that the article didn't say what race they were, but he was the first person to bring up race. Why did Playa bring up race with his rant comparing "Good 'ol Boys" to people who are black? What did it have to do with anything?

I know it'll be clever, once I get it.

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LOL, playa was making fun of the way these threads play out on this site. Someone assumes the offenders were black and makes some type of "urban" comment and then we get 10 pages on race. Instead of race, he substituted small town people and then I took the opposite side just for fun.

Closed topic.

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