Police Officer Attacked at Disney World

I still don't get it. What is Bed-Stuy?

I think it is a New York slum (ghetto).

What does it have to do with Long Island?

I believe the point is to say that Long Island is not a ghetto…therefore these cursing cop punchers are not “urban” kids.

What does Long Island have to do with good ol' boys or racism?

It has nothing to do with good ol’ boys or racism.

The original hijack was a sarcastic, tongue in cheek, reversal of hypothetical dialogue utilizing white hillbilly stereotypes in lieu of usual/typical black stereotypes. I think it was meant to be funny…at least I found it hilarious.

This particular poster seems sensitive to race issues and will often post from that worldview. In my opinion, he often finds racial components to innocent events having nothing to do with race. Most of the time his posts are highly entertaining if you take them for their wit and humor. When you start dissecting the argument and thin attempts to label racism to actions that clearly are not race-related…that is when the posts become confusing.

Long Island has nothing to do with racism which is why I joined the conversation to point out that the humor, and more importantly the message behind the humor fell short since the perpetrators were in fact city-folk.

For some strange reason…in later posts on this thread he is trying to convince us that his original “snaggle-toothed hillbilly” analysis is appropriate description for those who live in Long Island. This indeed makes zero sense in the realm of logic. But if one thing is almost certain on Coasterbuzz…it is that he who is called out with his own words will STILL never give an inch to admit he may be wrong or have gone a bit too far. So in order to save face…we have to believe that when he was talking of country-western albums and hooch-sneaking…he was describing Long Island, New York!

What does racism have to do with police defending himself from being beat up by a girl from Long Island?

Nothing…we just have not had a good race battle on here for a while…so somebody was searching to pick a fight.

Is Playa making fun of me because I can't understand his "witty humor"?

This is hard to say…but why would you care? We are just internet posters on a niche coaster site. Your opinion is as valid as anybody elses.

What does it all mean?

  • It means there are individuals out there capable of injecting their perception of social injustices into life events that have absolutely NOTHING to do with social injustice.
  • It means bigotry knows no colors and takes no sides as it is practiced across the spectrum.
  • It means that white folks…particularly the rural or extremely rich…but mostly just white…are the last acceptable targets for stereotype humor given the PC world we live in.
  • It means this poster got caught cherry-picking incomplete Wikipedia data that he was too afraid to link to…less anybody easily see that he was taking data out-of-context to support his irrational bias…a practice he explicitly denounced before doing so himself!
  • It means anybody unwilling to accept race insertion into completely innocent life events will be told…you just don’t get it…as if one opinion is superior to another.
  • It means I’ve spent too much time pointing out the absurdity of it all…

P.S. I've never watched Lost so I can't help your confusion on that point. I can say that there is a fine line between genius and stupid. No matter how conceited the poster (myself included)...this line is interpreted by those who read the takes.

P.P.S. It really doesn't matter. CB is just cheap entertainment. Petty argument threads like this one are what make this place interesting.

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Thanks for the explanation, Jeffery. It was my pleasure to have set that up for you.

I'm confident enough to not let Playa really bother me. I didn't take offense to his very short post on the top of the page explaining how "dim bulbs" are "still allowed to vote" or whatever even though it was so vague that it led me to believe that he was saying that illiteracy was a problem I had because I couldn't comprehend the point he was trying to make.

So I guess now I understand it, but I don't get it.

Bed-Stuy is an actual neighborhood, it's real name is Bedford-Stuyvesant.....
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Brava! And much to Lil Kim's dismay it's hardly the rough part of NYC anymore. That title has moved to East New York and Flatbush.
I finally got around to reading this thread...

Playa, I have to say that I want to shake your hand.


Thanks for another great season, VF!

Hey everybody! How was your weekend? Mine was great. Da Babies and I had a blast, my weekly 10K actually didn't hurt (tho I was wearing FAR too many clothes for that distance) and you should just see the kickass smoker I got over the weekend. Oh yeah, we hit Renegade--I mean VF--on Memorial Day, of course.

So whaddaya think? Some little person says I'm 'hiding' and 'shifting facts' and...well, if you're like me, I got bored reading around the second or third line or whatever. He strings sentence after sentence together, but never manages to be what you'd actually call a good read, ya know?

Of course, to take my sarcastic word literally--to say I truly dislike small-town folk--is five notches past stupid. Try telling that to my horsey-riding farmgirl friend or the one from the footheels (and her sexy orange bedspread) or the ones that live in towns as sleepy as Twin Peaks. You know, the ones that I hang out with at parks, after a day at a park, share hotel rooms with or have had me over their small town homes. To hang out or play with their kids or even trust me all alone with their smoking-hot Japanese wives (BIG MISTAKE :)) and...where was I? Sorry. Some folks are so much more interesting than others. I digress. Back to topic.

First of all, my point didn't require them to live in a small town. My point was simply this.

Stupid. It doesn't have a particular race, shade, style of dress or side of town

So whether or not they lived in a big city? Wasn't critical at all. But clueless JRS thinks so. Really? Fine. Have it your way!

JRS doesn't know one thing he's talking about. Nothing. And now? I'll prove it to you.

First of all, an elementary to junior-high school geography lesson would teach you that New York City is comprised of five boroughs. Is Jeffrey R. Smith smarter than a fifth-grader? Hmmmmmm. You decide!

What he also doesn't know (but nonetheless runs his mouth) is that there's a difference between what is geographically known as Long Island and what people from the area call Long Island. Not a clue!

Remember when I said the perps lived in Long Island, not in Bed-Stuy? There was a very specific reason I said that. BED-STUY IS ON LONG ISLAND. Did you know that? Yep. Bed-Stuy is a neighborhood of Brooklyn. Brooklyn is geographically on Long Island. Remember the Wiki he quoted from that said Long Island had 7 million plus? It also said this:

The westernmost end of Long Island contains the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn (Kings County) and Queens (Queens County), and the central and eastern portions contain Nassau and Suffolk counties.

How'd you miss that, Jeffrey? It was right in front of you! In the reference I'm 'hiding' from, right? Right? That I'm so SCARED to let everyone read, isn't that so?

People from Brooklyn or Queens don't say they're from Long Island. They say they're from Brooklyn or Queens. Same Wiki, second paragraph!

the more urban Brooklyn and Queens are not always thought of as being part of Long Island, as they are politically part of New York City

So what IS Long Island to a New Yawker?

However, colloquial usage of the term "Long Island" or "the Island" refers only to the suburban Nassau and Suffolk counties

Uh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Did I read 'suburban' in that sentence? Did I? Did Jeffrey call them URBAN thugs? Did he? Was he wrong? Was he? And wasn't I the person who NEVER admits when he's wrong? What if I'm right? What now?

Wait, wait! It gets better! Let me show you just how wrong he is!

Nassau County tends to be the more urbanized and congested county, while Suffolk County tends to be more spaced, less built up, and even rural in the far east sections

Less built up? Even rural? Oh no Jeffrey! You're fading fast! Get the smelling salts! Your 'point' has even less of a point! Somebody call 911!

What if my small-town quip was actually right? Factually based? Even if it was a joke? What if Jeffrey--as per his usual--was making much ado about absolutely nothing? What if every word he had to say was baseless, pointless and even factually wrong?

Are you ready? It's even sillier than you think!

Had he bothered to read the first paragraph of the first article posted on this thread--just that, nothing more--he would have read the exact city they were from. It's in less-built up Suffolk County. It's Shirley, NY. Ready for the stats?

Population 26,366
86.09% White
14.40% Hispanic
4.74% Black

Go on. Read it for yourself.

That's right! He never had a point to make. EVER.

I wonder what it feels like to talk SO MUCH and be so wrong. So factually, inescapably, absolutely, no-saving-face-for-you wrong. Why don't you tell us, Jeffrey? I wouldn't know.

That makes you wonder, doesn't it? What else does he blather about with that long wind of his without any clue? How many other things is he flat out wrong about? Is there an end to this?

Thanks for playing, buddy. You chose the wrong man this time. Your credibility is now absolute zero.

Stupid. It doesn't have a particular race, shade, style of dress or side of town

Some foks should stop trying to give it a first name, last name and middle initial.

To use your analogy? I think you just sat on the bat.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.


CP is da' man.

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Note to self: NEVER get on Playa's bad side. ;)
And "saving face" and proving one's own credibility over others at this site is important why?

My own rule of thumb-- if the whole post doesn't fit on the monitor screen, I skip it. Even if I wrote it. ;)

There's no 'saving face' involved when you're RIGHT. Sorry buddy!:)
Talk about a stringing of sentences... ;)

Fact threads for those who missed...

  • Playa tried to make this thread a race issue
    AGAIN...per his typical bias.
  • Playa got caught cherry-picking a Wikipedia link that he was afraid to link for full context.
  • I came on here and provided the full link for everybody to read in full context.
  • Playa is NOW using MY link he was earlier afraid to link...in hopes of making everybody forget that he was too chicken-sh** to provide it in the first place.

This whole story had NOTHING to do with race. One bigotted poster came on here and made it so. Nobody said a word about race until he came on here and tried to be funny...and almost made it work...

"much ado about absolutely nothing"

Seems the crying call for the board's most prominent race-baiter.

P.S. I honestly just skimmed the paragraphs and stopped short. I've better use of time than concern myself with somebody so wrapped up in his own bias and self-importance that he would hide a Wikipedia link.

In the end...that was the funniest damn part of this whole thread!:)

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You ARE dense!



Every word from Jeffrey R. Smith besides 'looks like I was wrong' just digs him a bigger hole, doesn't it? After all, it IS what he'd want from anyone else.

We'll just watch you from up here, buddy!

(who reminds you: Today's vocabulary word is Hypocrite)

NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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All I know is that those 'rural' folks all look the same to me. ;)

CoastaPlaya said:
There's no 'saving face' involved when you're RIGHT. Sorry buddy!

Did I mention any names in my post?

This computer has idiot-blocking software…I can’t see what playa posted this time.

Is he still trying to convince us that “snaggle-toothed hooch stealers” are appropriate description for people from Long Island? Or is he mocking “country-western hillbillies” in the name of racial harmony and color-blindness?

All kidding aside…I do apologize for feeding the race-baiting troll. The moment he started hiding Wikipedia references in attempt to paint Long Island as Mayberry was the clue to get out. I did not…and have thus subjugated everybody to countless face-saving attempts and unrecognizable justifications for bigoted behavior…all of which have nothing to do with some thugs assaulting a Disney employee.

Please accept my humble apologies for fertilizing a field of thought that finds racism as root cause of every sociological problem we face. So many have “cried wolf” without merit…that I no longer felt urge to let such tomfoolery go unchallenged. The reaction of the outed reminds me of why so many indeed bite their tongue when presented with racial provocation under the guise of diversity.

Jeffrey R. Smith…who would have come up with a more original screen-name had all the good ebonic titles not been taken!

Who is this Coasta Playa? He trolls until someone bites and then rips them a new one for pointing it out. Then he tells everyone how totally cool he is.

It's the way he gets his kicks. Let's review...

1. Trolls

2. Rips people who call him out a new one.

3. Tells everyone how cool he is.

Weak minds will succumb to his manipulative power, just like a TV commercial...and anyone can just go in and change Wikipedia any time, right? I wouldn't put it past him just to prove to a bunch of coaster enthusiasts on a roller coaster message board that he is right.

...And I didn't even want get into it. Just because he's witty doesn't mean he is right, or cool, or nice. I usually don't read his mean spirited, self-arrogant, way-to-dramatic, only-hilarious-to-the-people-who-know-what-he's-talking-about posts.

Edit-spelling *** Edited 5/31/2007 1:21:56 AM UTC by dexter***

You know, the best thing about this thread is that it will always be here for future reference...

So the next time Jeffrey R. Smith whips up an attention-seeking, desperate batch of his fairy-tale nonsense, people will look back, realize 'Oh, it's just THAT guy' and snort in contempt. Eventually, even his virtual life will become like the sad, unfulfilled real one that he rushes to his computer to escape.

Dexter, Dexter, Dexter. The post above accusing me of editing a Wiki? Should read edited for SHAME. Honestly. I have standing invitations I can't make. I have friends I really would liked to have been with that I had to put off. I can't even get to Coasterbuzz over the course of the long weekend, but somehow I'm going to revise a Wiki? Are you serious? I have a cooler life than you, remember? By the way, I'm not the one who said that. You did.

Listen. All jokes aside. I hope you can understand what I'm going to say next. I'm saying this for real.

It's horrible that you walk around lugging such a massive inferiority complex. You tell on yourself with every post. Frankly, it's your recurrent theme. If someone has something you apparently don't, you're upset. You rail away at the people who can afford Q-Bots or VIP access because you can't. You snipe at those who take long coaster trips because 'you're just a broke college student.' (Incidentally, so are some of the most prolific travelers, but that's not the point...)

Why waste time whining about those who 'have it better than you' when you can invest time figuring out how to be like them? Ever thought about that?

Damn right i'm proud my 10K run didn't hurt. Guess what else? I ran 5K the day before it and 5K the day after, too. Let me tell you why I'm running 25 miles a week right now...

Me: I've run at least a mile a day every day for the last 18 months.
Girl I'm talking to: I ran a marathon. (26.2 miles)
Me: *jaw drops* Really?

At this point I could do one of two things. I could be a Dexter, complain that I'm just a guy with a reconstructed left ACL and accomplish nothing. OR I could learn from that person, invest time, work hard and try to do the same thing myself. Me? I'm a doer. So I'm in the early stages of training.

The world is never going to stop, change direction and do what Dexter wants. But you could always work to figure that world out--and get what you wish from it instead.

The choice is yours.


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

New Argument…when you’ve lost the last:

He who types on Coasterbuzz has no life…but playa is living it to the fullest.

Reality: Coastaplaya has 3078 posts in six years (513 per year). Dexter has 1601 in the same time (266 per year). As for me…I’m just averaging 162 posts a year.

Imagine that…

Playa was wrong again. I liked him better when he was dissing white people and quoting hidden Wikipedia sites in the name of racial harmony.

*** Edited 5/31/2007 2:53:12 PM UTC by Jeffrey R Smith***

In all reality playa…you just need to quit embarrassing yourself. I offer this post in the name of peace.

You got caught doing what you always do. It is obvious that you are not used to being challenged on your propensity to make all problems a racial issue. I let most of your race-baiting go without illumination as I frankly don’t have time to keep up with a man who spends so much time and effort behind a computer screen. You are on here typing three posts for every one of mine...so I only call you out occasionally.

Let it go…feel safe and secure in knowing that you are “protected” in much of society. You have freedom to blatantly stereotype those who are different than you. You need not acknowledge that your behavior parallels that which you mock. With most people not having the computer time you obviously possess…you’ve almost got free forum to spout your views…unchallenged. When a guy like me comes along every blue moon…just virtually leave town. The less you type…the less you embarrass yourself.

You may think I’m trying to hurt you…but at this point I sincerely am not. I feel sorry for you. I’ve no doubt that you are a man truly wrapped up in a biased blanket of vitriol...incapable of seeing that the world around you has changed for the better. Once skin color is no longer available for you to use as an excuse…we are left with the true you.

The true you used derogatory terms to mock other human beings. The true you hid a Wikipedia link. The true you changed the debate when he could not hang with the first. The true you continues to belittle others whose only offense is participating in behaviors that you yourself have perfected with much more practice time.

Unlike you…I feel bad that this post is there for permanent record. I take no delight in knowing a fellow human being is filled with such anger and hatred that he need pick a fight where no fight existed. Your continued need to seek credibility by hiding links, mocking behaviors that you practice more frequently, etc…is a train wreck.

Let it go man…I promise not to hit you upside the head with facts and links the next time you try to slide your propaganda by an uniformed viewer-ship.

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Closed topic.

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