PKI invites enthusiasts to press announcement

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Paramount's Kings Island is looking for a few good enthusiasts to appear at the park for a press conference Thursday, August 12, at 10:30 a.m. in the Paramount Theater. Admission is not included, and you must appear on time for the announcement.

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Does that badge # have MI? The picture and my eyes make it to blurry for me to tell.....
Noting "Premier", Hollywood-inspired, and red BMW. ;)


ding ding ding
Let's see...

-Yellow Ticket
-Hollywood Inspired
-"The Best of Hollywood Entertainment" typeface looks familiar, except it's in an italic format...

Could it be the Italian Job? Nawwwwwwww!

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Danny has learned how to read Siebertian...guess I'm gonna have to be careful or he'll start de-crypting gatorese? ;)
That's a very cool invitation.

Alot of detail ! Siebert is a PKI manager right ?

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PR rep for PKI...and a really fun guy...:)
Hmm.....Italian Job?

The faxed press release says the following:

"Be a part of the action as Hollywood again comes calling on Paramount's Kings Island. Get ready to race into 2005 with our newest exciting accouncement. It would be a crime to miss it."


Could it be the racer is getting a makeover and on every trip its gonna race!!!

Wait a minute........thats wishful thinking for carowinds.....never mind :(

But its very evident that from that picture it has something to do with racing or cars being that its a traffic violation. Im not to familiar w/ the Italian Job film all I know is that it uses mini coopers (which are the most HOTTEST cars in the world, well in my world anyway ;) )*** This post was edited by coasterbruh 8/6/2004 2:22:17 PM ***

Herbie The Love Bug -- The Ride?

James Bond 007 -- The Rehash?

Traffic Ticket -- The Experience?

They all sound good to me!

For some of you older posters:

"Police Squad, The Ride."

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Traffic Ticket -- The Experience?

Done that one too many times on my way to the parks. Don't need to relive it once I'm there.

Sounds like a blast, I'll definetly be there. I see no need though, since it's obviously a Spongebob themed giant ferris wheel.
How about an Italian Job themed wild mouse coaster? Little Mini Coopers as cars? Yeah?

Just imagine Mulholland Madness at DCA.

PKI doesn't have a wild mouse yet, but PGA does (and one of the eastern seaboard parks has a spinning mouse, right?)I don't know. Not too exciting, but makes sense.Edited to say: BMW handles the Mini Cooper line now, too...
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How cool would it be if it is something like Test Track. :)
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This is what made me think of the Mini Cooper...

Not *excactly* the same, but pretty darn close....the one aspect that makes me think this is NOT the answer? Capacity.

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Hmmm. Premier? BMW?

Something along the lines of ROTM but with an Italian Job theme? (forwards/backwards parts, single cars, traffic jam craziness, etc)

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