PKI invites enthusiasts to press announcement

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Paramount's Kings Island is looking for a few good enthusiasts to appear at the park for a press conference Thursday, August 12, at 10:30 a.m. in the Paramount Theater. Admission is not included, and you must appear on time for the announcement.

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I wish PKD would release something!!!!! I'm jealous
It would be nice if BMW were a codename for it being a B&M coaster but something tells me that the sixth sign of the Apocolypse is Kings Island actually getting a B&M coaster since I doubt we will ever see one there.
hmm, a B&M would be nice...
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This will be nice... trust me.
Perfect planning. Normally I am 45 minutes from PKI. The 12th I will only be 5 hours away. I like press conferences.
Nooo not the IJ that movie was dumb...I was hoping for the Addams Family Coaster that was the coolest concept on that survey!
Oh yes! I am going to PKI for sure next year!
I cannot believe that speculation as to what type of themeing this ride will have is still going on. The evidence is clear. This ride’s theme will be to the Italian Job. If its not I will be extremely surprised and also be somewhat confused.

Mini is one of the BMWGroup's brands.

-Yellow Ticket
-Hollywood Inspired
-"The Best of Hollywood Entertainment" typeface looks familiar, except it's in an italic format...

The faxed press release says the following:

"Be a part of the action as Hollywood again comes calling on Paramount's Kings Island. Get ready to race into 2005 with our newest exciting accouncement. It would be a crime to miss it."

The background for the ticket is a road. Also, the same type of stripe can be seen on the Italian Job dvd cover.

So, there ya are. No questions or pondering should be going about as to what type of theme this ride will have! The only thing to discuss now is what type of ride could it be. Could it be a coaster or some other type of attraction.

Schwarzkopf Wildcat cars would make hilarious mini coopers. :)
When you say "unique conveyance device" Jeff, are you reffering back to when PKI said that Tomb Raider would have one? And yeah, this ride's definetly going to be Italian Job, and it's definetly going to be awesome.
Maybe its a deuling Mission Impossible/Italian Job Premier coaster....;)

I saw it on a local news station this morning! WDTN, Dayton, Ohio did a piece on the new ride. Looks like much of the specualtion was right! Mini Cooper, Italian Job themed. Antique cars gone! This Sunday is the last chance to ride them!!! I am thinking it'll be like Revenge of the Mummy at Universal - AWESOME!!!!

Impossible...They didn't announce it until 10:30.
Hummm............Ok if and only if that story is true wouldnt they say what kinda ride it was and not just the theme.
Not impossible! A local news anchor, Jim Bucher, does an early morning segment called "Bucher's Beat." Today he was broadcasting live from PKI announcing the new ride. Anytime PKI is doing something new - Bucher is always there. Check out his section of the station's website: The broadcast was on from 5:30AM until 7:00AM. Throughout the time they would check in with him live at PKI - He interviewed Jeff S. and showed part of the animation video.

Oh, and they did say it would be a coaster. After reading this thread and Jeff's original invitation (Preimer), I would say we were 99.9% it would be a coaster. Guess that is why I left out that detail. So sorry about that.

I am not a liar and I don't make up stories! It's no wonder I hardly take the time to post to these threads when you only get torn up by others.

Have a great day and enjoy Italian Job Stunt Track, PKI's new COASTER for 2005 as reported on channel 2 WDTN - Dayton, Ohio at about 6:30 AM EST!

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