PKI invites enthusiasts to press announcement

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Paramount's Kings Island is looking for a few good enthusiasts to appear at the park for a press conference Thursday, August 12, at 10:30 a.m. in the Paramount Theater. Admission is not included, and you must appear on time for the announcement.

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So are we thinking it's not a giga now? Damn!

A very saddened JC :(

As soon as I saw this I thought "Italian Job", the only thing throwing me off is the BMW mention.

I think Italian Job simply because PKI sends me those surveys all the time about what I think should go in the park, and one of them from the past year was about a new ride. They are hellbent on making a movie-themed ride and the Italian Job was clearly one of their prime targets as it was mentioned in every survey question.

Same thing happened last season when they asked what kind of food you'd like to see added, and Subway, the Forrest Gump place, and a chinese restaurant all featured prominently, and voila, they were all these the next season.

Puablo - Mini is one of the BMWGroup's brands.*** This post was edited by rocky racoon 8/6/2004 3:19:02 PM ***

Well I see it will be a Premier Ride.
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The issue I see with RotM that may or may NOT be a problem for PKI is that Mummy's capacity isn't *all that*. The ride is GREAT, but in a park with a larger thrillseeker population, I could see LONG lines for Mummy. Even with the dual load/unload stations, Mummy doesn't push the numbers through in a way that would satisfy PKI, esp. on one of THOSE Saturdays...

I'll be the first to admit I could be wrong, if/when that occurs...perhaps a longer train with one car forwards and one backwards? :)

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Yeah, I thought of that too, gator - but the idea was so fun I decided to ignore that little voice.

RotM gets 1,700pph... I think that's pretty good! I'd suspect this new PKI attraction will get great capacity, I think PKI realizes they might have a huge hit on their hands!


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Joe, if Mummy does that high of a capacity, I'd be suprprised. Not wanting to *divulge* anything of note in regards to the ride, it seems that the one *critical bottleneck* ;) portion of track would keep too many trains from running at once. The ops at RotM certainly keep the trains loading quickly, and they do come as close to max capacity as I've seen for a ride in FL, (hooray for Single-Rider lines) but if they honestly routinely pull 1500 pph, then I could easily see this being the attraction of PKI's dreams...AND mine! :)
The Fast & The Furious racing launched coasters?

Just my $.02. Hopefully it's a coaster so I actually have a reason to revisit the park and they haven't added one in ages.

Have Fun!

Paul Drabek

While PKI usually takes capacity into account, they've also been known to add bottlenecks like Face/Off to their lineup.

Anecdotally, it sounds like the results of their surveys don't have much to do with the ride selection. The survey which asked about Italian Job had it going against an Addams Family attraction. Those who commented on the survey invariably said they opted for the Addams ride.

I can picture a Paramount exec making the pitch to the board after the surveys came back with 5,000 votes for Addams and 5 votes for IJ. "As you can see from my not-to-scale chart, my pet project the Italian Job was the second highest vote getter while the Addams concept finished next to last!" :)

I only see this attractiong fitting in Action Zone, not Rivertown. But Action Zone is already packed.

That number was given to me by a marketing person we talked with at the ride's media day. And from standing in that line five times over two days, I can tell it's at least close to that number - that line *never* stopped moving! You are in and out of the main "themed" room in 15mins or less.

I think whatever PKI installs will probably go where the markers are, and they aren't in Action Zone. :)


PKI has some awesome flat rides, but if this is anything other than a steel coaster, I am going to be upset. How about dueling rocket coasters launched by the same engine! ...Never mind.
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It's my understanding that the ride has another "unique conveyance device." Take that to mean whatever you want.
This is looking pretty good, and if it has anything to do with a car model like BMW it's going have to be fast, right?
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It's my understanding that the ride has another "unique conveyance device." Take that to mean whatever you want.

Ride-ops pushing you around and making "Vroom Vroom" noises?

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It's not really that unique. :) In fact, I'd say that calling it "unique" is a rather liberal use of the term.

But guess which ride we'll ask for ERT on for BeastBuzz? ;)


Oh wait, you meant the new one, silly. :)

JC, might go to BeastBuzz next year!

I kinda figured it was Italian Job. They just kept playing IJ scenes all day on the queue TVs. This all but confirms it for me....

Yes, Jeff, if you get this for ERT I will be sending in my reservation for Beast Buzz early next year.

Thank you, PKI for being such a great park!

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