"Off-season" lull starting early?

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Jeff said:

We could obviously rag on your spelling for sport.

Oh man...I'd probably be one of the top contributors to this site.

I actually got more credits this year than I have in the last 4 or 5,though the park count still wasn't tremendous. I hit Kings Dominion twice, and during a week-long trip to Myrtle Beach we got to Family Kingdom, Freestyle, and then headed over to Carowinds. The Myrtle parks were new to me, and Carowinds was my first visit since 1994. I'd have to say my favorite 'new' coasters of the season was Afterburn, followed by Swampfox (despite the back row temporarily rearranging my spinal column on my first ride).

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Ensign Smith said:
Ah, but think about all the great amusement park trips you can look forward to. Speaking as a father myself, it's nice to have a ready-made accomplice-in-training. :)

Plus, it gives you an excuse to go credit-whoreing on all the kiddie coasters.

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rollergator said:
If people would stop spelling "definitely" as *definatly*, then maybe their spell-checking programs would stop suggesting defiantly as a possible correction. ;)

But then it wouldnt be a spell-checker to catch it.. More like a usage/grammar check, which by default FF doesnt come with.

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^^ Never needed an excuse to look like a creepy old man. ;)

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"Credit-whoring" is a very crude term.

I prefer "credit-carousing" myself. ;)

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Andy, you're half right. You're creepy, but not old.

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

The term credit-whoring just smacks of desperation (not desparation).

People's spelling would be so much better if they made everyone take Latin in high school again. :)

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People wouldn't have spelling problems if they used Firefox thanks to the built in spell check. With spell check on almost everything there's no need to know how to spell properly. Now that time can be used for more important things such as video games.

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I never use spell check and still have plenty of time for those important things. :)

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^But you could shoot one more zombie if only you hadn't wasted time learning to spell...

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BDesvignes, What a great idea. No one has mentioned Spell Checker in Firefox yet...I don't think they have...well?

Oh, look. Your name is underlined! I'm going to type it and see how it suggests that your name should be spelled...



Let's try mine for giggles...



rollergator said:
^But you could shoot one more zombie if only you hadn't wasted time learning to spell...

Of course, you could do both at the same time if you play Typing of the Dead.

On Topic: I cant the difference b/w "on season" and "off season" this year. Not 'cause I'm a Floridian 'rollergatorwoodie', but just because I havent been to a park since October '07 (Damn has it really been that long?!?)

lata, jeremy (Hoping to have a WDW visit in February)

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In this case, I will say that BD will "defiantly" rely on his spell checker, and I will be correct. :)

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I couldn't write without spell check so you are correct. I write everyday and still can't spell well. It's just a skill that's lost on me.

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