NoLimits coaster simulator set for Friday release

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NoLimits, the most authentic and realistic coaster simulation availble to date, has announced the full release will be availible on Friday, November 9.

More information can be obtained at the NoLimits site, including screenshots hinting at what will be in the upcoming release.

Now, this looks like the sim we have all been waiting for!!!

This will be right up ther with RCT ,and surpass it in realisum 


RCT is the best roller coaster game I have played so far. Has anyone played the new Disney roller coaster game? Heard good things about it but it doesnt look that great
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Mmm that Intamin giga looks nice :)

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Oh wow, I can't wait!

I guess I won't be leaving the house this weekend. ;)
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Yes, I've played the Disney one (Ultimate Ride). It's fun! Not the most realistic thing in the world, but in a sense, that's almost good. I'm looking forward to having both UR and NL. UR lets you do unreal things, which since you're really just sitting at a computer and not riding, can be more fun. I'd recommend it even though it's made for kids (how many non-coater freak adults do you know who want to simulate coasters? Me neither)

I will be buying No Limits when it comes out. I actually do not want to make my own coasters, but rather ride real coasters in the sim. :)
With that Intamin I can see myself building SFNE's S:RoS model. Sweet! If I can figure out how to use it. It's hard.
Suddenly my day has turned around! I can't wait! Hopefully it actually gets released on Friday...
how much is it gonna be? you pay to download?
Goodbye, natural light! I'll be buying it ASAP!
It is hard to use for approximately the first two or three hours of dinking around.  However, I believe that once you (or in my case, I) get used to the editing system, it will be impossible (or at least, highly unpleasant) to move back to any other editing system currently available. 

In other words, it is mega-sweet.

Last I checked the price should be $25.  I don't know the specifics yet on how it will work, but it is going to be a shareware title so you will need to purchase your authorization code to use.


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HOLY CRAP! I'm buying the instant they release it! :)
The Jet Coaster ROARS!
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Finally! this friday we'll all be able to play what id say is the best coaster sim out there.
The demo's were amazing and ran great, and the NL Editor is very easy to use once you figure it out. Cant wait to give the final version a try :)
4 more days!
I have played the deom but I just can't get the editing system so I probably won't buy it.  One game that I sure am gonna buy is Scream Machines, that game rocks!
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The editing system is great! It's Scream Machines that's hard. But after an hour of trying, I'm not interested anyway. All SM is good for is crashing my computer and pretending I have no 3D acceleration.
The editor that comes w/NL is actually really simple to use. Just take about an hour to play around with it, and you'll get it. i only played with it for about a half hour and i figured it out. Its gonna be great to actually be able to save my coasters now.

All SM is good for is crashing my computer and pretending I have no 3D acceleration


It might be time to let that aging Diamond ViRGE/ATI Rage?Cirrus Logic video card go.  No Limits requires OpenGL (as does any game based on the quake engine).  No OpenGL, no play.  Older ATI cards will make a sporting effort to render OpenGL, but will look horrible.

However, any NVIDIA-based card based on TNT2 or better can handle it.  A generic card can be had off-the-shelf for about $50...less via mail order.

If you're already powered by NVIDIA or a card no more than two years old (architecturally) you need to update your drivers.  Let me rephrase that....thoroughly remove your old drivers and replace them with updated ones.

Hope it works out...

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