New Wooden coaster for Six Flags St. Louis

Here is the link for the new wooden coaster for Six Flags St. Louis. The wooden coaster is based on Evel Knievel.
As long as it's a GCI WITH MF'S Im good with the addition.
Another new GCII, sounds good to me.
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From what has been said elsewhere, it'll be a near clone of Thunderbird at PowerLand park in Finland.

A really good thing that wife and I are picking up Six Flags season passes for next year. I'm excited!

~Rob Willi

Im glad they are getting a coaster and a good one by GCII at that.


I DON'T GET IT, The relationship and marketing of Evil KnIevel with the ride.

Probably 80 percent of the parks visitors aren't old enough to remember him. ALso the fact Knevel beat his wife and others. Served jail time then while on parole beat the crap out of his former manager with a baseball bat. Well..........

The man was and is a legend, He was one of a few people like Mahomad Ali, Flip Wilson, Carol Burnette and a few other thrill seekers that gave everyone a sence of IT'S OK. This is cool ect durring a time of WAR (NAM)

I don't see the rides relationship with anything at SFSTL or Knievel. You associate JUMPING with this figure. ALso the fact that it is marketed with Kneivel enterprises means licensing fees.

Much too long a distance for todays youth IMHO, Must longer than Tony Hawk for that matter who's still popular in Video Games. Kneivel went out when Video games started LOL.

However It will be neat if they do it right. Some bilboards of Kneivel 70 Ft above Busses, THE RED WHITE AND BLUE of his colors ect and of course. A COUPLE FULL BLOWN HARLEYS don't hurt anything. Knevil did this on street bikes weighing 700pds pluss. His son Robbie did and does it on Motocross equiptment.


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A nice lil woody, how cute!
Canned response from BATWING FAN SFA:

Well that makes four coasters out of I believe six right? so that means once again SFA gets the shaft.

Ohh well at least I'll go down to KD to ride their new floorless next season but as far as SFA's concerned I'm pretty much done with them.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

I like how they added the part about that the ride will be exceptionally smooth. I can see ridership on The Boss declining severely, and rightfully so as a result of the new ride.

I agree that the name might go over the heads of some people going to the park, but as long as they provide monitors of him in action, I think people will get it.

And Chitown, that was classic. I looked for BatwingFanSFA's response, and then realized, "Oh wait a minute, that was from the other thread!" You beat him to the punch:)

A legend yes but comparing him to Muhammed Ali................that's realy streching it longer than the 2,700 ft on this ride.
I'm so excited.
Nice to hear that St. Louis is getting this. Another fine piece of wood to join the midwest. To bad we haven't hit Kentucky Rumbler yet, but Renegade was awesome.

Damn Cornfields

The coaster it may be a clone of looks like a lot of fun.

Where might the coaster be located within the park?

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Wow! I thought this was a ridiculous rumor. I never thought they would get another woodie in the next ten years. This is cool.

I don't think it will hurt Boss' popularity at all. Most guests seem to love that ride (including myself). I've waited 90 minutes for it with three trains running, as recently as two years ago. Most people I've encountered seem to prefer it to the tamer Screamin' Eagle.

AV Matt
Long live the Big Bad Wolf

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^^Maybe whatever is up with the *unachievable* kiddie coaster has something to do with the location of this new ride?

Just a thought... :)

Since Matt made me change my arrows....Eagle could be truly hard-core if SFStL wanted it that way... ;)

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It shouldn't matter. Evel Knievel will be a radically different wood coaster than the other two that are already operating at this park.

The Boss is a large terrain coaster, Screamin' Eagle is an out-and-back --- and now the park will have its own twister.

Does this make St. Louis the Six Flags park with the most number of wood coasters?

See! Now what did I tell everyone in the SFOT THBS thread about a woodie coming to SFSTL?
It will be located where the old fairgrounds and Moon Cars where - next to the Log Flume near the entrance to the park.

When did you visit AV? I can't remember the last time I waited more than 30 minutes for the Boss.

Also, if you don't count dueling coasters and racers, yes, St. Louis will be the most wood filled park. :-

Looks like I will be making a trip back.

See! Now what did I tell everyone in the SFOT THBS thread about a woodie coming to SFSTL?

You didn't tell anyone anything.

This has been in the rumor mill for quite some time.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

They say the ride will be dedicated to his thrill seeking career. They don't say the ride will be named Evil Knievel. They could call it Dare Devil or something...

A day at the park is what you make it!

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