New park... Charmland!

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Yep, it's opening this year. Check it out!

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Oh man, thats it Im not activating my CF Platnum Pass now (and getting a refund) $250 for a SP to Charmland is so much more worth it! I cant wait for it to open for the season!

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LOVE the mascot.

Every good park needs a mascot.

Or Dolly. ROFLMAO.... :)

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Lighty The Lightpost - friggin' awesome. :)

Actually Lighty is a blight on this otherwise charming park. He is a notorious light polluter and distracts from all the gorgeous natural beauty around him.

2022 Trips: WDW, Sea World San Diego & Orlando, CP, KI, BGW, Bay Beach, Canobie Lake, Universal Orlando

I hate charmland, all they do is cut down their roller coasters for more trees and pour more dirt paths. It’s nothing more than a dirt jungle.

I was hoping for a "Bench: The Ride" clone. Here's hoping for 2009. *** Edited 4/2/2008 2:47:54 AM UTC by otterkpr***
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Looks nice...but where's the atmosphere? :)
I think Gonch has nightmares about parks like this.
LOL! Glad you got that in before midnight, Jeff.

Good lord! I just realized all those buttons were active. So that's what you were working on all day... Man is that freakin' funny. :) *** Edited 4/2/2008 3:11:51 AM UTC by Ensign Smith***

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Is this the new format of the site you've been working on? Or is this just the reason I haven't been able to listen to pod casts over the past few weeks?

Either way that Frisbee looks awesome. Bet the reliability is a nightmare though...

Hold on Jeff. The topic title says new park but in the news section , Charmland will be operating its 10th season.

What gives? :) *** Edited 4/2/2008 3:21:15 AM UTC by Chitown***

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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Neuski said:
I think Gonch has nightmares about parks like this.

Well, you have to admit that it looks pretty dull for an amusement park.

However, for a relaxing day spending time with nature, Charmland can't be beat.

Not sure I'd pay to walk around the woods, though...

...ok, Swinghawk looks kinda fun. :)

Shouldn't this be in "news"?

Very funny:) , but I wonder if Chuck will get a season pass. *** Edited 4/2/2008 3:45:42 AM UTC by Riverview Mike***

Laugh your troubles away at Riverview, the world's largest amusement park.
Do you charge extra for the mosquitos or are are they considered prizes...

you know, new marketing slogan...ticks are for kids!

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On one hand I found this extremely funny. On the other hand I thought it was an extremely personal attack aimed at somebody.

I'm not gonna name any names, just incase I am reading way too far into this.

gary b
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"Owners Gutting Charmland's Atmosphere...Just like Knoebels"
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Dammit! They took out the flyers! Guess I'm going to have to boycott this park too! Corporate bast*rds!
Well, even though

(1) Jeff has presented (comically) an absolute case for his argument, and

(2) Despite the fact that he has maintained he doesn't personally trade in absolutes, and

(3) No one anywhere here, ever, has said that they want an amusement park without rides,

It's best to keep a sense of humor about it.

And I don't know if this was aimed at me or Nungester or somebody else. But it's still funny.

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