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Hoek Said: Great pictures, I would think that they would paint it when they get done with construction. What color do you think it will be?

Most likely green and yellow. With a pic of snoopy

And hopefully theirs going to be more construction then just a water tower.

Timbers crew 08

^I don't really think they would paint the old logo on the new water tower. Also the only construction going on right now is the water tower and most likely soon the scrambler, and now screamscape seams to be thinking it will happen. Like I said! If you don't think so just go to screamscape and check MA and look under Mad Mouse Rehab plan, it says a lot there.
Hows snoopy the old logo. Only a pic of Snoopy not the whole old sign. I dont think it would be a bad idea, seeing how every thing they sell has snoopy on it. Every body knows the old sign whats so bad about it, and i think the new logo is just for the site and corprit stuff. A pic of Snoopy on the water tower would most likely go right on the Brochure.

Timbers crew 08

...for the fourth time, I'm 99% sure that the Scrambler isn't going anywhere. They took it apart, did offseason maintenance on it, and put it back together back in the exact same place. If they were going to move it, it wouldn't have been put back in the same place.

And I can't imagine Snoopy going on the tower. For example, if Cedar Fair ends up dumping the Peanuts and switching to Nick characters, they have to repaint the tower. It's smarter just to paint the "new" logo on there, because more than likely it's not going to change.

As far as colors go, the artwork we got at NTEC Engineering back in June had the tower white. Who knows if plans have changed since then, but that was the original color planned for the tower.

Michigan's Roller Coast
^What if at that time they were undecided whether they were going to move it or not. So they just put it back where it was in tell further notice.
^ agreed

Timbers crew 08

Just and FYI on the logo stuff - Dorney still has their same logo on their 2007 Brochure.

Just got back from a visit to the park. Nothing going on in the "construction" area by Scrambler... everything is still the same as it was at the beginning of January, just covered in snow.

The water tower is nearing completion, with just the very top piece needing to be put on. My guess is that will be done sometime next week, then NTEC will have to inspect it (takes about a month, if I remember correctly), then painting will start.

As far as the rest of the park... not much has changed. There's a mound of dirt (read: not very tall, just large surface area) in the middle of Timbertown Railway.

That's all from today. Mark will probably have more next week.

Michigan's Roller Coast
^hope somthing happens this offseason.

Timbers crew 08

^Don't count on it, this year sounds like a landscaping and capital improvement tipe of year not a new ride kind of year, if they do get something it would be small and not thrilling like a small spin and spew type of ride. Nothing special.
I really don't think they will get anything besides maybe a new shop or bathroom by Grand Rapids.
Anything is better then nothing.

Timbers crew 08

Even something like Troika at CP would be nice.

Timbers crew 08

Where could they put a Troika. What if they brought back a Chaos some how and put it by Thunderbolt. That ride was sweet, they could call it Real Chaos or Virtual Chaos.
They won't be getting a chaos...the only thing they will probably get is some new flower pots and some new colors for some of the shops.
and trash can's

Timbers crew 08

Lots of trash cans with the new logo.

Blue People fly sideways when it rains...

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