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I have a feeling that every park is getting the "new logo", and yet no park is losing their original.

What I mean is that in "official" stuff (or relatively print-based areas where a graphic logo may look out of place such as embroidery on employee hats, sweatshirts, printing on employee water bottles, etc.) would have the new standard company-wide font with the flags for dotting the i's.

Meanwhile, graphical pages on websites, sell-to-the-guests apparel, souvenirs, etc. will have the more graphical-type logos we've been used to for years at each individual park. It would help to distinguish the employee in the eyes of the guests from the other guests that just happen to be wearing the apparel they bought in the park since the employees would have the corporate image (which everyone knows they are BIG on corporate image).

That's just my speculation - I haven't heard any rumors one way or the other yet, though.

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VF has historically been just a twitch slow updating their web site compared to some of the sister parks. But just a twitch.

Still, you gotta wonder what licensed characters might show up at some parks with the removal of the Snoopy logo. Or even what might disappear at the former Paramount properties....


NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

From what I hear the logos are just changing to be more uniform, and the big guy himself will still be around :).

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^ "Big guy"....Snoopy, or Kinzel? ;)
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And I think "he" is actually a she.

I just wonder what's going to happen to that huge sign on top of the park entrance they just got. Will it stay or will they take it down?

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I think they will keep the sign and all the other things.
Cedar Point got to keep it's font and colors, but it added the new logo and Cedar Fair Entertainment Company subtitle.

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^Maybe they were going to do that for MA and WoF but then imagined what it would have looked like and decided to just change it completely and make the CF entertainment logo fit in with the new logo.
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Does it HONESTLY surprise you that Cedar Point got to KEEP its font when EVERYONE ELSE is GOING TO THAT FONT? *sigh* D'oh!

I think that the Cedar Point font is just a bold, outlined variation of the font used for all of the other parks' logos.

It's the same font that they have been using for CP for awhile now.
If you goto that groups site though you will see 07 brochures still using the old Snoopy logo, so my guess is that they arent abolishing the old ones, just adding another one.

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From what I understand all the Logos for all CF parks will be slowly phased in over the next 12 to 18 months.
Cedar Point is the flagship of the chain, and always will be. Heck, the reason the company is called 'Cedar Fair' in the first place was when CEDAR point bought vallyeFAIR. It doesn't strike me odd in the least that the new company-wide logo would incorporate elements (i.e. font and i's-dotted-with-flags) from Cedar Point, and then just tack on the CFECo somewhere around it.

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"If you goto that groups site though you will see 07 brochures still using the old Snoopy logo, so my guess is that they arent abolishing the old ones, just adding another one."

But the one that is changed is the brochure that gets the most publicity. The others are just group food and school guides.

The brochure is the one that goes to all the hotels, rest stops, and fast food places in the state.

I guess everyone knows about this:
Ah well...
For those that are interested, top sections are going up on the water tower. Progress is posted on my blog. My live weather station only 3 miles from Michigan's Adventure
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What confuses me about that Carowinds brochure is that they've taken off the "Crocodile Dundee" part of Boomerang Bay, but kept names like Top Gun and BORG. But it seems like they're keeping Nick, at least for now, since it's all over the brochure. And I don't think the new logo looks that bad. It's better than the Paramount ones in my opinion.


^^Great pictures, I would think that they would paint it when they get done with construction. What color do you think it will be?

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