New MiA Logo

Cedar Fair's new changes are becoming much more evident.

Canada's Wonderland has a new logo too, while the main site hasn't been updated yet, you can see the new logo on the season's pass picture in the top right corner on this page:

The new logo also flashes breifly on the main page as the slide show begins in the centre window. It looks the same as the one posted for KI. Looks like a lining up of the brand across the whole chain.

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It's on the Top Left.

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Why do people keep calling that the top right?!
Because Michiganians use their right palm so much to show where they live.
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And they make U-turns to turn right just to make a left turn.

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LOL, even their page is low bugdet!

Fate is the path of least resistance.

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King's Island has the same logo thing on their season pass page, as I imagine all the other Paramount Parks have as well.


Saw the logo on some KI correspondence the other day. There was no Paramount on the letterhead, and there's no Paramount on the CW season pass mentioned above. Must be time to rework those acronyms.
I almost made a topic about this, except focusing on Carowinds. I 100% do not like it, Carowinds has a very classic logo that worked fine and didn't have the generic feel the new one does.

Not a perfect example, as I mostly just mean the font.

And they make U-turns to turn right just to make a left turn.

Well, sometimes we turn right to make a U-turn instead.

Their just logos.

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I'm not going to lie, but I think that a Michigan left makes perfect sense and is in now way strange.
Nah, the Pittsburgh left is superior.

Hey! Where's Snoopy?

Hello, Hello! (hola!) I rode a ride named Vertigo!-with apologies to U2

^Snoopy and Mr. Six are hanging out in a retirement village. :)

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Okay, I'm not usually one to fuss about these things, but the new MiA logo is very boring looking. When they bought the park they reworked the logo and it looked great. This new logo looks very generic. I also miss Snoopy. Could that be a hint toward the future of the company now that they have the option of expanding the Nickelodeon license?

Jeff said:
And they make U-turns to turn right just to make a left turn.

I do this in Florida, to get around POORLY TIMED Traffic Signals. (The ones that keep you waiting for 5+ Minutes, then "Kiss You Off" with 15 seconds of Green. :( ) To get around this I do what I call "The Omega Turn"!:) I Turn RIGHT, go down the road about 100 yards, do an abrupt U-Turn then turn RIGHT at the intersection, avoiding the infernal Signal. There is NO LAW that says I cannot do this. (I've even done this in full view of a Police Officer!)As I pass staring Moterists I'll shout "BIG OIL LOVES BAD SIGNALS!" before I go on my way! :)


Do you send them that many smiles when you do it?
They better not do away with the balloon in the Worlds of Fun logo or else they are going to have a lot of furious KC people at their hands.

I do think the CF corporate logo on MiA's logo with the "cedarpoint flagged i's" looks nice though.

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