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Well, I see it is up and running...

What is everyone's take on it?

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Jesus man, give me a few minutes to work out some of the last few issues!

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Wow.. it sure is pretty! I like the colors a LOT. I like that your featured events are in smaller boxes at the top of the screen instead of big ole boxes that take up a bit too much room. Very easy to navigate so far. All the ads seem to be in spots that I actually noticed instead of pop ups that I just "X"'ed out. LOVE the spell check here in the posting section. You have much to be proud of in your site. :)

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Very nice. Thank you, Jeff.

NICE. Blazing fast and no more lag, too.

Great. Now we get to see people's mugshots everytime they post. :)

Looks good. A spitting image of Pointbuzz.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Hmm, I can't get line breaks to work in my sig, anyone else having that issue?

EDIT: Of course now that I post about it, it starts working.

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The thing that's going to likely come up between now and the morning, er, later in the morning, is the quality of the data in the database. Obviously that's going to be a work in progress for awhile, and the maps won't be as cool until then. I'll talk more about that when I can see straight.

Oh, and it might be a little slow until the forum is done indexing itself. That may very well take until some time late Monday.

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Looks like CB games got tossed. That area of the site seemed to have been in a downward spiral ever since Chris Sawyer quit making RCT games. I won't miss it.

Not sure if this is a glitch or intentional. The photo credit line under every photo is now showing email addresses instead of usernames.

Very cool, thanks for the work on updating the site. The thread titles still seem a bit too large, though, in my opinion. Whenever they jump to the next line it looks a bit awkward, but other then that, so far so good. Oh, and the text right below the thread title, it looks really strange having it aligned to the RIGHT side I think... wouldn't it make more sense to have it aligned left? The list is very inconsistent and hard to read otherwise. It looks like some text is tabbed out more for no apparent reason, especially when some are very long across.

see image:

Again, of course, just my $0.02.

It's nice to finally have a WSYWIG editor for firefox!

EDIT AGAIN: now that I look closer, the problem seems to stem from the big empty box in the top right-ish. The videos you have posted do not have that, and its making the forum section a LOT smaller in width.

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Still needs a touch of tweeking, but me like.

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Wow, I like this new layout. As a proud ol' skool member I am glad to see how the site has changed over the years.

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Looks good. I see that searching the forum now works, although for some reason I can only find posts pre-2008.

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Thanks for the avatars. I know you've been against cluttering up the forums for a long time with picture junk, and I've mostly agreed with that but a nice little picture really helps me be able to track identities across multiple posters much more easily. I think for me it will add a bit more continuity to the discussion.

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Though the new design is very nice, I wish I could see both News and Forum (most recently updated) on the same page. Now my daily checkup requires further navigation into the site; while this may be good for advertising, it isn't good for users.

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I like it, especially the colors. Although it was nice seeing both the news and most recent forum topics on one page, it's no biggie to click on the link above.

Still wandering around checking things out.

Of the three versions over the years, so far, I do like this one best.

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It came down to doing what people were using and ditching what was being ignored. Google Analytics has provided a very rich picture on that.

As I said previously, the search index will be building for awhile, so search results will be incomplete.

Watch the video tours. Seriously. Especially the one on the forum.

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I am dissapointed with the top thread(s) removal from the home page as they change litterialy minute to minute.

I would think the very active forum feature is the big draw for most members and not the news. We seem to have lost 1/3 of screen space to bigger ads. Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do!

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I agree with rsscbell, the only thing I've found missing that I really liked was the active forum topic area.

The new site looks great. Alot of hard work. Well done Jeff.

Only glitch I have found was when I first logged in, the site was kind enough to remind me that I was still using an old email address here. I went to change it and got a runtime error in application '/'

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