New B&M track at Ohio plant. For Six Flags America?

I for one, hate going to a park and only riding coasters all day. I like doing other things too, even if I manage to hit the jackpot and be at a park that is super dead. If you just do the coasters I feel you end up missing a lot of the park, every park has at least one great flat, water ride, or dark ride and most have more then that. Back in my younger days I would go to a new park and spend only an evening and do just the coasters, but I quickly found that that was not fun now if its a new park it at least gets one full day.

I agree with you Touch. On a hot day, you enjoy a run down a log flume or raft ride.

As for one of my favorite non-coaster rides, gimme a good set of bumper cars. They're great training for the driving in Boston. :)

Of course, I'm lucky enough to have a centerfuge in the Turkish Twist at Canobie.

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CP needs to add a flume, like last year.

I agree. My story about my family's experience with White Water Landing in its final year won me a poster calendar of Magnum from the Cedar Point Facebook page. Some of the most fun I had at various amusement parks over the years both before and after having a family have been on log flumes, and my son LOVES them. He rode Thunder River at Waldameer last year 7 times. We could have left him there to marathon the thing if it weren't for the fact he was only 5.


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Sorry if this is common knowledge, sometimes I fall behind a little. Why is a flyer ruled out for this track? I was under the impression that B&M basically had two types of track big fat diver track and everything else.

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The only reason this track was ruled out as flyer track was due to the track ties. the parts that hold the spine of the track to the rails.
mystery track

flyer track

the ties for a flyer (and invert I believe) are more rounded closer to the spine, whereas the mystery track's ties are more angled. If that makes any sense what I just said. :)

EDIT: I was just looking at something that I dont think was pointed out before. The spine of mystery track is mostly square and not rectangular like most B&M track. The only coaster type that i could find with a majority of square spine is a floorless.

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The spine depth changes within a ride depending on how much force is being put on that section.

Regarding flats vs. coasters: I'd rather have 1 coaster than 1 flat or even 2 or 3 flats, but how many decent flats can you get for the cost of a new coaster (like Tatsu or Terminator for instance). I'd have to think it's in the 5-10 range.

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Well, I consider Maxair and Skyhawk (and drop towers) to be beyond decent. I thinking about when GAdv. put in the hojillion rides than one year or even a few years ago when SFoT put in 10 new flats (ballon race, scrambler, rodeo, teacups level rides). Probably got more happy customers for less than the price of a coaster.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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If a park has nothing but coasters what will all the guests be waiting in line for?

(answer: the coasters)

Given that, what do you think happens to the wait time for coasters when a park also offers non-coaster rides (i.e. flat, water, and drop)?

Those of you who are diehard, dyed-in-the-wool, don't-ride-anything-else-but coasters coaster fanatics should be praying with all your might that in the years between adding coasters a park has the wisdom to add flat rides, water rides, and drop rides. They're making your waits shorter.

Andy, I'm totally with you---I was surprised to see how expensive those two were, though.

-brian, who loves flats, water rides, and shows.

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