New B&M track at Ohio plant. For Six Flags America?

Screamscape just posted a few spy snapshots of new track at the Ohio manufacturing plant that does fabrication for Bolliger & Mabillard.

These track pieces are a sunburst yellow color, definitely not track for any of the announced B&M's for next season. We know it's not for Manta, Diamondback, or the Happy Valley Diving Machine in China.

Yeah, it'll all be speculation for now, but I'm putting out a guess that this may be for Six Flags America's yet-to-be-announced 2009 coaster:

Looks like it could be a Floorless?

Photos here:

According to this, Six Flags America is getting the relocated pipeline coaster that was at Astroworld.

I seriously doubt Shapiro is going to purchase any new B&M's in the near future.

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Eh. Also according RCDB, that Ultra Twister ride has been sitting in storage at SFA ever since AstroWorld was doesn't necessarily mean it will be rebuilt. Same case with the Darien Lake Intamin stand-up.

Ultra Twister's lift motor is in use on the park's Roar, and there is talk (not confirmed) that some parts of the coaster were damaged in transit as well as from weathering over the past few years sitting out in that dirt lot.

Any other possible locations? I think it's WAY too early to be considered as a 2010 addition, so it's definitely a 2009 coaster. These pieces look like they're close to being ready to be shipped off somewhere.

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If it's definitely a 2009 coaster you'd think whatever park doing the building would be pretty well along by late January. SF has certainly opened coasters late in the season in the past but I think if no one has seen anything at SFA at this point it's unlikely. Especially as that FaceBook link doesn't even say "coaster," just "big."

I'm not saying it's impossible, but that's just a lot of dots to connect with really vague connections at the moment.

Are foreign B&M's fabricated there in Ohio?

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Not sure, but it would seem so. If not, what happened to the red dive machine track sitting at this same plant just a short time ago? My guess is that it (the dive machine track) was headed to China.

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From what i know (which is not a whole lot) I believe most if not all B&M coasters are manufactured in the Ohio plant.

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The hyper for Carowinds.

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The 2010 hyper for KD.

I'll try speculating on this too. It could be this one if it's a 2010 coaster. SFMM has built a new B&M in 1994, 1998, 2003 and 2006. On average every 4 years. The timing would be right to open another one in 2010, lol.

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Could CP have something in the works we don't know about? CP's Installed a new coaster, on average, every 2-3 years. The timing would be dead on since Maverick was installed in '07.

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Wouldnt you think that CF would choose to go with another company for a hyper at KD seeing as one hour down the road BGE has a hyper from B&M?

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The public doesn't know or care what company designs what coasters. CF has bigger fish to fry and if they're happy with what B&M is doing (and I'm guessing they are) I don't think they'd ditch that just because of Apollo. Even still if they went with Intamin, SFA has one right up the road in the other direction, and SFA already has a clone of another KD coaster at that. CF also built Wicked Twister at CP right after SFO built their impulse, which is certainly more similar than what a pair of B&M hypers in two different parks would be.

Still with Moosh on this one, good posibilty with the log flume leaving Carowinds this could be for their installation. Or at the very least seeing that hyper happen at Carowinds is more likely regardless of what this specific track is for. We'll see I guess.

Wasn't Great Escape due for something "unique" according to management. But I guess that could mean the SLC in storage?

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Great Escape is installing the S&S Towers from SF New Orleans. They do have the old Astroworld SLC, but the trains from it were shipped to SFNE.

I am thinking that this will be the Carowinds ride. It also could be a Flyer for CP or a bigger stretch... an Inverted for ValleyFair.

I just can't picture any other company right now spending $15 Million or more on a coaster, those B&M's don't run cheap.

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^ Which is exactly why I think you can forget any notion of a Six Flags park being involved here.

It's for CP in 2010.


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The track certainly isn't that of a dive machine or flyer and I'm almost certain it's not an invert which leaves just a floorless, hyper, or standard sit-down. Technically, it could be a whole new type of coaster as well, I guess.

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^ I am with SFoGswim on that comment, and anything to back up your statement Parker17?

^ Yeah, I imagine it's for that 12 inversion looper that CP was suppose to get back in 2002! ;)

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