MouseZoom soft-launched, preview the Walt Disney World inspired sister site to CoasterBuzz

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MouseZoom, a new sister site to CoasterBuzz, has been launched in a preview mode. The site features the next version of the forum application, still under development, as well as DeepZoom photos. When you view a DeepZoom photo, you can view it full screen, then use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and see details.

The site will continue in "beta" mode for several weeks while we make tweaks and improvements, and upload more photos. Register for an account in the forums today!

Visit MouseZoom.

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Cool. I signed up as Steamboat Willie. :)

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"soft launch" maybe it needs some Viagra.

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I signed up a few minutes ago, but haven't gotten the e-mail verification to start posting. Guess patience really is a virtue.

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Sweet! I just signed up. Will our Coasterbuzz club membership benefits transfer?

I signed up and can't verify account

so i can't post there

both the auto verify and the copy and paste link

Does not work from windows 7 and I.E. 8

is there a way to verify from account ?

Never mind I had to remove stuff after /verify and then copy and paste

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Ah man. Anaheim too? No? :)

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I clicked over to Mousezoom and tried to view a deepzoom photo, and it did not work. I downloaded the newest silverlight and the newest version of Firefox, and it's a no go. A window came up saying "Debugging resource strings are unavailable..." and a lot of other stuff that I don't understand.

I bet it's cool to zoom into photos and scroll around. :(

Still haven't gotten my verification e-mail.

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I never got mine either. :(

Although, I suspect that in my case it may be intentional. ;)

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I also can't verify my account.

I love the deep zoom photos, but I wasn't too fond of the big magnifying glass overlaying them in the "thumbnail" screen. Kind of blocks the image so you can't tell what the picture is until you open it.

I know, I know... calling the waaambulance. ;)

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I got the verification email immediately, but when I clicked the link, it said that the verification code was not valid. I then tried the other link and pasting the code in, but got the same error. I went back to the forums, though, and was logged in and able to post.

Worst thing is, all the back-and-forth made me forfeit my potential "first post ever" honors. At least I got the silver. :) wait... I mean :(

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Yeah, the verification links have been a real problem. If you didn't get one, go here and enter your e-mail for a new one:

If you encounter anymore weirdness, post back here with a time so I can match it to the error log.

See, this is why I didn't call it a real launch. You're dealing with 10k+ lines of code that have never seen the light of day!

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My verification email took about an hour to come through, but it did work fine when it did.

I hope it's a big success for you guys, the Disney community is a bizarre place but it seems you're not aiming for the uber-nerds!

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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Got my verification email immediately, but clicking the link gave me an error. When I pasted the requested verification code from my email into the box and submited, I got another error. But at that point, without doing anything else, I was able to login, get into the forums and post a reply.

About 9:35PM, using Windows Live email on Firefox 3.6.13

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Registered and had the same verification issues it seems a lot of people are having, and the girlfriend did as well. But we have posted successfully, and I am looking forward to MouseZoom in its full form.

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Jeff said:

See, this is why I didn't call it a real launch. You're dealing with 10k+ lines of code that have never seen the light of day!

That sounds like something Intamin would say when one of their coasters is having troubles during its startup:)

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I see that "MouseBuzz"was already taken.

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Funny thing is, I did register that name once and then I let it expire. But when we came up with the DeepZoom feature, we figured we had a better name anyway.

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I like MouseZoom better than MouseBuzz. It's more "WOO HOO!"

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