Mini-Vacation planning - SFOT/SFFT

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Photo credit goes to AV Matt - those look like bright orange bars to me.

I could be wrong, though.

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Is it possible that both are correct? The ride does have more than one train, if I am not mistaken. :D

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Ant nobody for time for that wishy-washy crap, Travis. I'm trying to figure out if that's what I'm seeing, as I've never seen the ride in person and that looks different from other photos.

This isn't an argument, it's merely an observation that it looks like they could have done something with the lap bars. Orange is definitely easier to see if its down all the way and/or if there is too big of a gap between it and the seat, so that would make sense. I just wonder if they're all new bars/new design or anything, or of they simply changed the color.

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Well, I was standing there when Matt took the picture, so apparently, I am just dumb.

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No, you're not dumb, you're a mature owl who needs his glasses.

Also, my last post was missing the :)

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For what little I can see in the picture, they kinda remind me of the Outlaw Run lap bars, with the gold metal piece on the sides.

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I'm firmly convinced that the "gold metal piece" in question (assuming we're talking about that clip-looking thingy) is there to attach to a seatbelt.

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I'm living in Texas. Abilene actually and with how hectic my life has been with work and getting married I haven't went to a single park all year! Sad I know but I'm deploying at the end of this month and I'm going to try to squeeze in either Fiesta Texas or Over Texas.

I'm having trouble deciding which one. The drive to either won't bother me and no need for hotel as my wife had family in both SA and Arlington. I have not been to either one so what I'm asking is for recommendations on which one to chose. Thank you in advance!

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Due to the fact that Shockwave is closed for probably the remainder of the season, I'd pick SFFT for now in the hopes of getting at least NTG on a later trip before the end of the season. If you're not going until the end of September, keep your ears open because Giant might open sooner than that...

Do not miss the flume, rapids, or pendulum ride at SFFT - all are winning attractions. Also, the Scooby interactive is a great way to get some AC and cool off if it gets too hot.

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Thank you Gator. It's looking like end of September and I'm probably only going to be able to hit one of them up. Next year though when I get back from overseas my vacation will be dragging my wife to SFOT, SFFT, CP and Holiday World. Gotta make up for some list time.

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Try to get to Kemah Boardwalk if you can, you won't be disappointed! ;)

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One of the friends on our Texas trip would like me to mention that the uber-cool OD Hopkins flume ride at SFFT is running "wetter" than it ever has in my memory. We got soaked - but with temps at 100+, it just means keep your electronics safely stowed - and ENJOY!

SFoT flat rides I need to mention: The Yosemite Sam floating dark ride at SFoT, Texas SkyScreamer (wow is that TALL), Texas Chute Out (last remaining parachute drop in the US), Superman: Tower of Power - extremely tall, nice combo program.

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Does Great Adventure still have its parachute drop?

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^D'oh! Texas removed theirs, it was GAdv that kept Parachute Jump....

Short version: Don't go to Texas for the parachute drop... ;~P

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Since it's a "vacation planning" thread - if you're going to TX, be careful of the toll roads. You can't pay a toll on them, you MUST have the transponder in advance. The nice people at rental car return explained that to me (wish it had been better explained at pickup). Short version is there's a fee assessed after the fact (in addition to the "missed" toll) since there are no toll booths - we'll be getting a $15 fee added to the $.50 just in case, when in TX, get the transponder on your rental.

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Regulus said:

Try to get to Kemah Boardwalk if you can, you won't be disappointed! ;)

I completely agree! Boardwalk Bullet is not only my favorite coaster currently rolling in Texas - but the rides I had on it a few weeks ago were the best I ever had on ANYTHING in the state of Texas - even better than my beloved ORIGINAL WOODEN Texas Giant!

When I last visited Bullet 2 or 3 years ago, the first two thirds were very intense, but the last third kind of slowed up a bit.

Well, this year, it was keeping its speed and momentum all the way through to the final breakrun.

This is truly a Top 4 Woodie for me, surpassed only by Voyage, Boulderdash, and possibly the Boss (all CCIs/Gravity Groups). The combination of insane airtime (some floater, some ejector!), laterals (sometimes at the same time as the air!), quick direction changes, sustained speed, intensity, aggression, and a layout that is very difficult to memorize, make this a ride that thrills again and again. A 12 acre ride on a 1 acre site!

What's great too about Kemah is they are open daily, year-round, and its fairly easy to get ERT on the Bullet!

I also love their drop tower, with great air all the way down and an awesome view of Galveston Bay, by both day and night (and at night, seeing the moon and stars reflecting in the water is quite beautiful).

It's really a nice little park with a solid ride package highlighted of course, by the Bullet. I also like the waterside setting and the walk-thru Aquarium where you can pet the stingrays.

Houston sadly lost Astroworld, but at least they gained what is, for my taste, the best coaster in the history of Texas, wood or steel!

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The Layout of the Boardwalk Bullet looks similar to the old Rye Playland Airplane. Is there anyone out there who was able to ride the Airplane (when it was operating) and the Boardwalk Bullet? If so how do you compare the two (I do bear in mind the Airplane was torn down 56 years ago).

PS I did visit Astroworld in 2003, When I visited Houston again in 2011 I drove to the vacant lot that used to be Astroworld. I placed a CD in my car's CD Player As I panned the lot with my Camcorder and narrated what used to be there you hear Madonna's This used to be my Playground playing in the background.

Texas Cyclone ranks No. 3 on my Defunct Coaster list. The only Coasters ahead of it are Boomer's Dania Beach Hurricane and Idora's Wildcat. :(

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Texas Giant to reopen this weekend with new lapbars and seatbelts.

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^ Wow, missed it by a week. And Iron Rattler was inexplicably closed all day Saturday as well. My trip was a bit of a failure.

Gator, I asked the Enterprise guy if we could rent a transponder, and he said they don't do that; he told me to just go through the tolls and I'd be billed for them. I expect there to be some sort of fee, but $15 seems a little high, and I surely hope you don't mean $15 for each toll I went through!

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^My understanding was theat it was a $15 one-time fee for NOT having a transponder while driving on TX toll roads. I'm thankful we only went thru the one, but it sucked because we SO easily could have avoided the toll road had we known what their scheme (scam) was...

edit: Jill says it might have been a rental agency-by-agency thing, and that it could vary by your rental company. We had ours thru ACE (since we were taking advantage of the walkback for Iron Rattler, LOL)....

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