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I live in New Jersey and I've had Texas on my radar for the last couple of years. I found a ridiculously cheap flight, and I think September it's finally going to happen. I'm planning to fly to DFW, go to Over Texas, drive to San Antonio for Fiesta Texas, and drive back to a span of 3 days.

Does anyone know when 2014 season passes go on sale? It would be great if I can get into both parks in September and have admission for all of next year as well.

The 4+ hour drive to Fiesta has me a little concerned (particularly because my wife won't like it) Iron Rattler worth it? Would we be better off staying in Dallas and doing Hurricane Harbor...or is there a nearby Schlitterbahn?

Right now, I'm planning for the weekend after Labor Day; I imagine crowds are pretty light?

Thanks for any/all advice on Texas.

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If it's like the last few years, next year's season passes will go on sale Labor Day weekend, so you should be good.

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With only 3 days, I can understand time being tight, but traveling that far anyways, I'd definitely do both SFOT and SFFT. Having ridden both Iron Rattler and New Texas Giant recently, both are great rides but IR was more impressive to me. Fiesta Texas isn't a huge park either, even with summer crowds I was able to hit everything I wanted in a few hours, including re-rides.

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The 4 hour drive from the Dallas area to San Antonio for SFFT is definitely worth the trip. Both parks are fun and have a nice selection of coasters. The old rock quarry that SFFT sits in is just a neat backdrop to look at. Have fun when you go,,,,,

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The drive to San Antonio is worth it. The closest Schlitterbahn is the original park in New Braunfels and, if you drive that far, you're only 30 minutes from Fiesta Texas. If you decide to drive to SA, be sure to ask the rental car company about their procedure for toll roads (either a tag or billing). There is a new toll road (130) that bypasses Austin and its southern suburbs that significantly reduces the travel time. The speed limit is 80 on the northern half of the road and 85 on the southern half. It is an unmanned toll road, so you'll have to work out with the rental car company how they handle the billing for you.

^ Thanks for the toll/road advice.

I'm seeing now that in order to do Schlitterbahn, we'd have to do it in the same day as SFFT (since all of these parks are only open weekends). I'll probably be passing on Schlitterbahn.

If I spend an extra night, should I stay in Dallas or San Antonio, in regards to good touristy stuff or good BBQ?

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Tying of the services I provide, LOL.

Schlitterbahn's (somewhat disappointing) answer to dynamic pricing will be affecting our TX vacation one week prior. Only one section of the NB park is open the week before Labor Day - we'll get Blastenhoff, but Surfenburg will not be open for our visit.

Still, we'll be there 08/30, and having fun...but only from 10a-5p, and only on the Blastenhoff side...

^ You've clinched it for me, skipping Schlitterbahn.

I asked a site full of enthusiasts for advice on Texas BBQ and I get no response. Maybe I should be asking about where the good pancakes and gravy are...

Looking for good food in Texas? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Mexican Fast-Food Chain there called TACO CABANA. They BLOW AWAY Taco Bell and the food is priced decently. If you can find the time try to visit Sea World as well, Steel Eel is an outstanding ride.

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While I won't disagree that it's better than Taco Bell, if you come to Texas and the only Mexican food you sample is Taco Cabana, you deserve to be publicly flogged. Even if you're looking to be frugal, it's pretty easy to find cheap Tex-Mex that's a thousand times better than Taco Cabana.

I don't have a lot of recommendations for BBQ in San Antonio or Dallas. I know there's a Rudy's in San Antonio and there's also one in Arlington that's a short drive from SFOT. It's a small, Texas based chain with just a few locations. Stay away from the big chains like Spring Creek, Colters, or Bill Millers (in San Antonio). Lockhart, TX, which is near the toll road that I mentioned above, is considered by some to be a Texas BBQ Mecca. There are 4 places on the same street that are often ranked highly in opinion polls.

Take a look at this list if you're looking for ideas:

Many of those places are going to be near your route to San Antonio.

When we visit Texas I like Chuy's for tex-mex. Maybe a little chain-y for some but I thought it was good.

Well Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me on my preference on Taco Cabana! Next time I visit Texas (Since this state has my all-time favorite Waterpark and my Number One Wood Twister you can bet the house I will return to Texas one day) I'll bone up on the restaurants before I get there.

PS Earlier this year I heard a Rumor that Taco Cabana was going to go nationwide, I haven't heard anything since, so at this time I'm going to write it off in the BS Category.

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What's your number one wood twister? (NTG and Iron Rattler aren't wood.)

They're not? Huh.

Maybe it's Texas Cyclone and he just hasn't been there in a long, loooong time.

While, there are two bona-fide Wood Coasters in Texas, but one is an out-&-back, so I guess that narrows things a bit. ;)

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I'm guessing it's Boardwalk Bullet. It's the only wooden twister roller coaster in Texas that I've heard of. Now to think of it, I've only heard of it and Judge Roy Scream for woodies in Texas.

Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!

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Boardwalk Bullet is one of those Coasters that seems to be underrated, since I don't see in on many Coaster Buff's "Favorites" Lists. Trust me, if you're visiting Texas, make your effort to come over to Galveston Bay to rise this coaster, you won't be disappointed. (The Coaster it beat was none other Dollywood's Thunderhead). Oh, and there are several restaurants on the property, all offering great food for reasonable prices (I ate at the All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Restaurant). :)

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I don't know if it's underrated as much as it's under-visited.

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Don't know if you're planning on coming out the Fort Worth side, but people over here swear by Railhead BBQ. Riscky's is also pretty good. Sammie's is also decent. Some also like Red, Hot, and Blue (I think that's the name) but I'm not too keen.

FT is a great park that's worth the drive (well, given that I live in Fort Worth and it and Sea World are the only decent parks in driving distance). You could definitely spend a day there (they have great shows apparently...I've never been a show watcher) between the rides, the atmosphere, and Iron Rattler.

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