Michigan's Adventure serving Beer

Thought it was interesting that they've decided to start selling alcohol in the park. How many other park's sell alcohol, or have a beer garden type area like michigan's adventure is opening up?


Lots and lots of em.

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This is new?

My god, Michigan really is as bad as I was taught into believing. ;)

Welcome to the union, Michigan.

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Great. Now people will be throwing up mid-Timbers.


I thought they already did. Goes to show what I know. (not much.)

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Parks that don't sell alcohol are more the exception than the rule.

Proud member of the Epcot drink-around-the-world club here.

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I'm looking forward to joining that club.

I'm a member! I think...

Elitch Gardens has its own microbrews. Denver is one of the beeriest places around, so it is very fitting.

Dave Dragon, go Dave Dragon, and the Star Force Five!

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I should probably visit Elitch's this summer. I see it every work day from my office.

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Busch Gardens and Sea World used to serve free beer. Also, their "Beer School" let you sample different kinds of beers, Unfortunately, people were abusing the privilege, such as giving the suds to underage friends, and the Parks new owner discontinued the perk.

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That, and there's little incentive to bother if the mothership is no longer InBev.

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I've never drank beer in a park, and I'm not wise to the parks that serve it. It just seems to me that smoking pot or drinking should not be necessary to enjoy an amusement park. Honestly

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No one implied it was necessary. Honestly.

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And no one was talking about pot at all.

Oh, wait...J. mentioned Denver.

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Well we were talking about substances and I actually have a good friend that likes to smoke before we go to a park. And don't mock my "honestly," drinking beer should not be something that should be included with visiting an average park. Epcot of course excluded.

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I think it's a bad idea. There are enough accidents with people just going to the park as it is, as the roads going there are very rural, and narrow. All the local police need to do, is spend their time dealing with drunks coming out of the park. That does not include the people who already have coolers of beer and alcohol in their cars, who are drinking before they enter the park, and before they leave. This will just add to that. Not to mention the doobie brothers.I went to Cedar Point once, and we were headed into the park for a starlight admission, and the couple walking next to us were so wasted they could hardly stand. Where was their first stop? right to the beer garden. Saw them later in the park, where he was bitching at her because she made him ride the Raptor, and he threw up. Duh. So I say...this is something we do not need.Wasn't it last year or the year before that an employee was struck and killed by a car walking home from the park? The roads around there would be a nightmare.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

You claim that people can barely afford the $24 admission (or whatever it is now) to get into the park. How on earth are they going to afford to get drunk off of $8 beers?

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As a Canadian, I can't believe there's still a debate over having a beer at a park. It shouldn't be a big deal, considering you guys can buy alcohol really cheap nearly everywhere (based on my experiences in NYC, and Cali).

What's to stop park-goers from mixing a bottle of rum with coke, and pounding it back in the parking lot before heading into the park?

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