Mean Streak a Top 10 Wooden Coaster?

Have any of you guys seen the new banner that Mean Streak is wearing? I don't know about you, but MS is no where near my top 10.

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Funny but harmless.
MS was in my top 10 for a while. BUT that was when I had 10 or fewer wooden coasters under my belt. It is now firmly entrenched in my bottom 5.

Yeah is Good!
Well now I know not to ever read Theme Parks Magazine.
Actually it really is a good read. I prefer it to my ACE magazines that I get.

Swoosh said:
Actually it really is a good read. I prefer it to my ACE magazines that I get.

So how much do you suppose Cedar Point's marketing team is paying that publication to rank it so high? ;)

Maybe in return CP just tells everybody that Theme Parks Magazine is the BEST MAGAZINE ON THE PLANET!!
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I bet Mean Streak was voted a top ten wooden coaster. Was.

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It's definitely a top 10 worst woodie, so they're not really lying. It's just fuzzy marketing appeal. ;)
Top 10 wooden coaster to become scrap lumber in the near future?

Top 10 wooden coaster to be sold in local campgrounds for $8 a bundle?

Top 10 wooden coaster to forever get bashed in Coasterbuzz?

Top 10 wooden coaster ever at Cedar Point?

So many options! :)

Yeah is Good!
Hell, It isn't even top ten in their park.


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That's the funniest photo I have seen all week!

Why do I have the sudden urge to break out the Photoshop and do some slicing and dicing with that pic?


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Is it actually photoshopped? I guess I'll find out for sure tomorrow... but that just doesn't seem right.

Maybe they meant in ohio.

After carefully examining all the known variables. Mean Streak is in the Top Ten of the Bottom Rated 20 coasters in the World!

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Actually, the way it's running this year, Mean Streak is, IMO, 100% better than The Beast.
That's still not saying much. ;)
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Top 10 best for generating complaint threads?

Top 10 best looking perhaps.

Top 10 best per Brake Manufacturers of America

Top 10 best to have a concert in the infield of.


It should read.

Voted off the planet!

Mean Streak was in my top 10...of course that was when I had been on a grand total of 10 wooden roller coasters.

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