Maverick Intamins answer to a Dive Machine?

More like Intamin's answer to the Euro-Fighter
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halltd said:
I wish someone would finally say why Six Flags is not building B&M coasters anymore. When did they say this?

They didn't. The general consensus is that you are going to see very few if any major coasters at SF parks for the next few years.

I'd expect a lot of spinners, family coasters, and maybe some midsized woodies if anything.

I think CP is just going after having the number 1 overall coaster since they lost it to SROS. Makes sense, no records set on this thing except new inversion.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

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RavenTTD said:
This has family coaster written all over it.

How many family coasters have a 100 foot drop over 90 degrees, three inversions, and a 70mph launch?

I mean we can completely redefine what a "family coaster" is just for the sake of Maverick or we can just accept that there is nothing about Maverick that makes it a family coaster.

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