Man leaves ferris wheel car at Hersheypark!

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Man leaves Ferris Wheel
at Hershey. Shall we call it
The Circle of Life?
River of Canyon Rapids

Flow your rafts around

Ran your course over time

Rye delivers with the new 7-5-6 haiku!

Anyway, I was wondering how long they are going to hold the ferris wheel car at the lost and found. Do you think he'll be back to claim it or will it be given away after so many days?

If I left a ferris wheel car somewhere I'd sure want it back.
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I can has signature?

hmmmm, let's give this a whirl.

Frozen beef and firey lights
dead leaves in old station
Wasted to bring life

(wow, that's deep, man...)

Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


Ferris wheel trauma
Have a peanut butter cup
Lying newspaper
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This is the best way
To hijack an old topic
I have ever seen

Just realized this
that this was my thread at start
How awesome is that

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Certain victory.

Closed topic.

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