Man leaves ferris wheel car at Hersheypark!

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...because he didn't like the conversation he was having with the girl he was riding with!

Discuss! ;)

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Certain victory.

Based on one of the comments left by a reader, it appears the man has committed suicide.

To all those people that think they have nothing better to do then post mean comments about someone they don't even know, they need to get a life. This man was my father, and sadly he passed away this morning. It hurts to see people say things when they don't know him or the situation. Step back and look at it from my point of view...I'm 19 and picking out my dad's cemetery plot, and picking out his funeral home...You should all be ashamed of yourselves for judging someone before you know what their life is like. Maybe you should all put yourselves in my shoes, would you really want someone saying a bunch of insensitive things about your now deceased father...I don't think so...I hope you all stop and live your lives to the fullest because some of us are not as fortunate to do so. And p.s. all of the booing and psycho yelling and taking pictures was hurtful, my little cousins now have the image of this in their heads...It is so sick that we live in a world where people get excitement out of tragedy...people should have encouraged him and made him feel like it was ok, but instead they ridiculed him and made him feel even worse, no wonder why he really didn't want to live. And the woman he was arguing with, he wasn't arguing with...she was holding him down and trying to keep him from jumping, she is very brave and has been through a lot, and people should look at her as a wonderful person who cares...unlike all you people who comment about jail and suing...if you all don't agree, then I feel sorry for you because you live a life of no compassion...and p.s. never go to Penn State and Hershey Medical because they stick you in a room with no survalence, and thanks to them I no longer have a father. I hope that they feel really proud of themselves for not doing their job...

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I am sorry for the daughter and her family.

And p.s. all of the booing and psycho yelling and taking pictures was hurtful, my little cousins now have the image of this in their heads..

What about all the kids there who had to witness it? What about all the kids ON the ride who had to experience that. How do they feel about what her father did?

Again, it's a sad situation but if he left the gondola because he didn't like the conversation he had with the lady next to him (According to the news report) then there's obviously something not right somewhere.
I guess it takes all kinds, but this is ridiculous.

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Yikes, did not know the guy did himself in later :( That sucks.

Certain victory.

Yeah, the guy killed himself, and then in a posting right after this girl's, some dude said that her father was obviously lucid enough to decide to kill himself and that it was good riddance and that if people want to jump off a bridge, they should get a 10 minute countdown and then be shot down by police. Someone should shoot THAT guy. No compassion whatsoever. I was so angry when I read that that I couldn't even form an articulate thought. That poor girl and her family. And THERE is a place for a lawsuit: Hershey Medical ensured the girl's family that her dad would be looked after, they saw that he obviously was an active threat to himself after climbing atop a Ferris wheel, he had a history of mental problems, AND they did not supervise him or lock him up or restrain him or anything. This is a case where they SHOULD sue the Medical Center, and I am against lawsuits for most of the reasons people sue.

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They fight worse than coasterbuzzers on that site.

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^Boy, I'll say. It just gets worse and worse. However, in light of the circumstances, if I were the 19yo daughter I'm not sure I would spend a whole lot of time argueing with those morons.

And wasn't it Hershey that caused the big hubbub last year over restraints on the Ferris Wheel? No, I remember, it was over single riders being a possible risk/danger.

Well, I guess in spite of their efforts...

I was there Saturday. I was wondering why the ferris wheel was shut down for so long. I was right beside the ferris wheel coming out of the Boardwalk, and didn't even pay attention.

They kept this pretty hush. I didn't even see it on the local TV news, and they'd normally be all over that. This article is the only thing that I've seen. I have the Sunday Patriot News, and searched through the whole paper looking for an article. Considering it's on Penn Live it would have had to have been in the Patriot News. Oh Well, it's not that important.

It's just a troubled person. Not really a newsworthy story anyway. People walk around all the time depressed. They don't just climb out of a ferris wheel. ;)

There is no mention of a suicide related to this incident on any of the media websites in the Harrisburg region. In fact, the only mention comes from 3 comments attached to the story.

If I had just lost a close family member to suicide and had all these arrangements to make, the last thing I'd be doing would be posting to a newspaper website. Seems fishy to me.

^ Well, exactly. Don't you wonder which is worse- the thought of the daughter on a website taking people on about her deceased father -or- the person who is posing as the daughter, making up a suicide and taking people on. Somethin' ain't right.

I think I won't think about this anymore.

Of course I wish the family well, but somehow I have a hard time getting upset when somebody does something that causes the loss of their life.

Like George Carlin said, natural selection. The boy who eats too many marbles doesn't grow up to have kids of his own.

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The only real victims of suicide are the people left behind. I think losing the person wouldn't be as bad as knowing that they were either too sick to live or just too cowardly to live. It's a very selfish act.

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Well said Jeff.

I'd rather be riding Roller Coasters....or baking.

My dad saw someone blow his head off last year, the man was selfish plain and simple and now my Dad has to live with that image for the rest of his life.

The even sadder thing is that in 1972 my dad hit a woman with his car, the woman decided to commit suicide by jumping out in front of his car.

People who commit suicide are nothing more to me then weak, selfish people who think only of themselves.

-Brent Kneebush

A friend of mine shot and killed his boss and then killed himself rather than go to jail. Around this time, I was also suicidal and seeking treatment, and when we lost our friend, I realized how selfish it was to off yourself, and I swore that would never be the way I would go. It is such a shame that people never realize this before it is too late.

However, the thing with depression is that you don't KNOW that people care about you. It IS selfish, but you don't even understand that when you're that down. You think you're a burden to people. Mental illness is such a tricky thing to deal with, so deceptive. I'm sorry this girl had to go through this, and I also feel truly bad for the people at Hershey that witnessed this as well.

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Hershey had a rough day on Saturday.

Early in the afternoon something happened at "Wildcat".It was severe enough that they had to bring an ambulance up to the ride exit and took at least one person out in a stretcher.

One thing I will say,the ambulance crew and most of Hershey's people were really good,but a couple of their security people were way too hyper when trying to clear the area around the ride.

Wow, what happened? Does anyone know? Gotta go look it up!

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

Didn't find anything at ALL. Hershey is slick. Did find an April 2008 article that said the Canyon River Rapids ride injured a bunch of people, but that was the last thing I could find.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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