Magic Mountain toutes 3 new coasters for the upcoming season...AGAIN. Just 10 years later.

Remember in 2000 when the park attempted to fuel 2001 season pass sales with 3 new roller coasters? X, Deja Vu and Goliath Jr.? Well...they're doing it again, just a full decade later.

The new banners in front of the park's main gate pushing the sale of 2011 Thrill Passes are teasing 3 new roller coaster experiences for next season.

So let's see what we've got:

SUPERMAN - ESCAPE FROM KRYPTON - Repainted, rehashed, refreshed, renamed and in reverse. Superman The Escape reopens next year with new generation vehicles that are lighter in weight and designed to operate in reverse. The coaster will reopen in 2011 with both twin tracks operating vehicles in reverse, and after a few months, one side will return to operate running in a forward direction, allowing guests to choose from two different ride experiences.

GREEN LANTERN - FIRST FLIGHT - Brand new Intamin ZacSpin coaster themed to the 2011 DC Comics film Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds. It will be located between Batman The Ride and Tidal Wave.

ROAD RUNNER EXPRESS - This is the Vekoma RollerSkater relocated from Six Flags New Orleans that was originally slated to open Summer of 2010. The attraction's opening was delayed to 2011 to provide the park with a sensational marketing angle for the following season. It will replace the Yosemite Sam Sierra Falls attraction adjacent to Thomas Town and Bugs Bunny World.

Video promo:

Terminator Salvation: The Ride will be renamed APOCALYPSE in January 2011.

Thomas Town will be renamed WHISTLE STOP PARK in 2011.

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Hmmm, those sound like plausible theories. If so, then kudos to them. They can market these experiences without the huge expense of brand spanking new rides. I wonder if Superman will now be called Bizzaro....

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Its true Magic Mountain is getting the renamed kids coaster, the retheming of S:TE to Superman:Escape from Krypton with backwords launches and a fresh red, blue and yellow paint job, and the very first American ZacSpin Green Lantern. Screamscape just broke the news with this video....

SFMM retakes the coaster crown with #18

Coaster Count: 101 Parks: 19
Steel: 86
Wood: 15

Here is the direct link to the Promotional Video. It looks awsome!

So they are going to stay the course and keep adding coasters instead of what they really need (flats).

Oh well, I guess they want that title of most coasters and it looks like they will have it in 2011.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

This will be neat, but does anyone else suspect a capacity issue? Seems like a line I would be waiting in for awhile...


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Kind've sucks to call it "Escape from Krypton" when you escape...only to land right back on Krypton. I guess you die?

Or maybe when you "land" there are "Welcome to Alaska" posters...

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Chitown said:
So they are going to stay the course and keep adding coasters instead of what they really need (flats).

Oh well, I guess they want that title of most coasters and it looks like they will have it in 2011.

I'm actually not surprised by this, because of the timing. Next year is the 40th anniversary, and they're trying to add stuff to every park. The good thing this time, is they've already got the kiddy coaster on site and it's been there for at least 2 years, so they aren't investing a ton of money in it.

Superman was kind of like a white elephant. Its so big, but doesn't command lines that other 400' coasters do. Perhaps some paint and new cars running all the way up the tower will get more riders to that, and they're not dropping a ton of money on a new coaster.

Then there's the ZacSpin. This looks like a clone of Insane at Gröna Lund, which RCDB lists at 7 million. So, for around $10-$12 million, they're going to be able to market 3 'new' attractions.

So that hopefully after they take the crown, they can focus on flats. I really have faith that the new regime will add flats, but this, to me, makes the most sense for next year's banner year.

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Cool video. The music was perfect. I hope the rendering is inaccurate and one side of Superman still goes the same way it does now. Never been to the park or on that ride, but it just seems like if you have 2 towers, you should take advantage of it and make each different. There was a rumor/speculation that CP was going to get one of those Zacspins for the Demon Drop spot. That would kinda suck if both parks made that their 18th coaster.

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I just absolutely LOVED SFMM the 2x I went last year. I mean LOVED it!! All the rides were running, the park was spotless and the employees were ALL smiles. Being surrounded by mountains and sunshine is breathtaking. I wish I lived in Ca I would love to have this as my home park :)

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Favorite steel: X2 :)

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Meh. The coaster wars were so 2001. I really don't seem much to get excited about here.

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Yeah, I've always thought of the "coaster crown" as something like those crowns you could get at Burger King. You wear it for 2 hours and then you forget what you did with it. ;)

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And people complained about 5-6 hour lines for X? That ZacSpin is going to have lines halfway down to Anaheim along the I-5...

...and that is why we attend coaster events... ;)

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Seriously. It's 8 people per train? I hope they can load about 12 trains at a time.

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capacity aside, it is actually good counter programming for the SoCal market.

Next year Disney is getting the Little Mermaid ride which will absolutely be a magnet fo the family market. There is no way SFMM could fight that with any large addition, and so, their best bet is to go the other extreme.

SFMM has done well beefing up their family offerings, and will continue to emphasize that "in-park".

however, for next year, it's all about doing something different than Disney, and the lure of three coasters (even if one was originally delayed, and another is a tweak of an existing ride) should do the trick

Green Lantern looks like fun! Always wanted to ride a ZacSpin, and although it counts as a coaster, it always has the feel of a flat ride, which the park also needs. Also, if Superman goes as far up the tower (backwards) as it does it the video, I will tip my cap to SFMM.

Great job!

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Reagrdless of the business sense or if the title of most coasters matters...

...that was one hell of a video. :)

Seriously. It's 8 people per train? I hope they can load about 12 trains at a time.

From what I understand is that it can load 3 trains at a time(not 12, but still)

This coaster will be in the back of the Park, sure it will be popular but with 18 Coasters the line should not be to bad(past the first couple of months), X2, Tatsu will still be the rides everyone are going to run towards first

As mentioned above, this is a very smart move for the park. They can market the hell out of what really is a smal investment. The So Cal Market is different. A park like SFMM can not compete with Disney or Universal(nor do they want to really)

The park made a huge "comeback" since 2006 when it comes to being a clean place with friendly employees. They invested in the infrastructure that was badly needed. Now it is the time to "bang it up" aka put themselfs back on the map. A lot of people still think the park is closing(dont ask me why) out here.

As long as SFMM continues improving on there infrastructure, service,personal and focusing on what they are as a park(x-treme park in so cal), they will do just fine

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I wonder if they could have made the hang-time on S:TE a little bit longer in the video.

Also, interesting to note that there are now two "4-D" coasters in the US and both are located at SFMM.

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SFoGswim said:
Also, interesting to note that there are now two "4-D" coasters in the US and both are located at SFMM.

I had another (shorter) word in mind, but "interesting" definitely applies as well. :)

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