Large man taking legal action against La Ronde.

He couldn't fit on Goliath, the new B&M coaster at this park. He was humiliated so he is taking legal action.

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I say, get over it, and move on.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Lets see he was humiliated, so file a lawsuit so the whole world knows that he is too fat to ride. Go figure. A larger friend of mine calls it "the walk of shame." He meant shame on him for eating too much, not shame on the park for enforcing the safety regualtions.

Does La Ronde have test seats like many SF parks? If so his case loses what little steam it had to begfin with.

I suggest this man get on "The South Beach Diet"

In May I weighed :( 280 POUNDS :( and was about to have to wear size 46 pants! My Doctor told me to "Lose Weight, Or Else....." And suggested this Diet. I tried it and in the last three months I HAVE LOST 40 POUNDS and have gone from Size 46 to Size 42! This Diet actually WORKS! When I went to Busch Gardens Africa in May I had to "Breathe in" to get the restraints on Shiekra and Montu to Fit, Last Month I went there again and the restraints fit without me having to force them! The BIG TEST will come for me in October. I will be going to Ohio for a Family Reunion and (Naturally) I plan to Visit Cedar Point! I hear they have restrictions on Millenium Force, I hope to be well within those limits by then! ;)

Answer my Prayers, Overbook my next Flight!

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HE is suing because he is too overweight to ride? Come on thats just wrong. I hope he doesnt win. That would send a dangerous president for the WHOLE industry.
What I find unbelievable is that this guy is in Canada. I thought our friends to the north had better common sense and more of a degree of self-reliance. Isn't it usually Americans who run crying to their lawyers?

The day I don't fit into Millennium Force, I'll know it's my own fault and no one else's. Hopefully it will never come. But at least the "walk of fat" from the MF train is very considerately facing front, so there's no eye contact with the people who are about to ride.

Good to hear, Borntocoast! How's your workout regimen? Mixing the strength and the cardio?

(was 274 ten years ago)

NOTE: Severe fecal impaction may render the above words highly debatable.

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Seahawk & the Wave said:
What I find unbelievable is that this guy is in Canada. I thought our friends to the north had better common sense and more of a degree of self-reliance.

Yes, you are right, this clearly applies to all 33 million people in Canada. Well, except this guy.

Here's $10, go get yourself some fried dough and a diet coke.

Seahawk & the Wave said:
What I find unbelievable is that this guy is in Canada. I thought our friends to the north had better common sense and more of a degree of self-reliance.

Since when?

Talk about an obvious attempt to make a quick buck. Like someone else said- the guy was embarassed so he's going to bring attention to himself with a lawsuit that further exploits his "largeness"? Give me a break. I'll lose all respect for that legal system if a judge doesn't toss this one out.

I know all SF parks say some people can't fit do to larger upper torsos. Does anyone know if this is standard in Canada? The signs I'm thinking of are in Q lines towards the ride and show you how to pull and sit with the restraint.


Since B&M rides in Canada are the same as ones in the U.S., I'd think the same restrictions apply.
I once had to get off a ride at SFA cause the lap bar wouldn't come down. This guy's point is...?
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Congrats, BornToCoast. The real solution is if you don't fit in the ride then lose the weight so you do fit. I had the same problem. I've lost 40 pounds since the beginning of June on Nutrisystems and by doing Tae Kwon Do three times a week (the Tae Kwon Do I have been doing for over a year now and have lost another 20 pounds just from doing that before starting my diet).

Certain victory.

I can't ride Rye Playland's bumper cars because I'm too tall. Ditto for Rollie's Coaster at Mariner's Landing. Maybe I should sue those parks, even though their point was to keep me from potentially injuring myself?
There are fat Canadians? or did he just cross the border for a day visit? Usually the 4th or 5th row have seats of more girth and double latches.
Well, I for one, do recognize when my bellah gets in the way... I currently do fit into all that Dollywood has to offer, the most restrictive being Thunderhead which I am not willing to ride until I loose some weight since I can only pull the lap bar down to the first ratchet... Note that there is a test seat for everything major except TT and BF. I wouldn't even attempt a B&M Invert since last time I rode I just barely fit.

All that being said, height is easy to measure and gives a good benchmark (you would be AT LEAST a certain size based on you height and therefore should be secure enough to ride). If you measure girth you would have to do at least 2 measurements to be accurate. For lap bar restraints you would have thigh, hip and belly, for OTSRs you would have hip, belly and (possibly) chest. This would be way to complicated for parks and manufacturers to accomplish unless they broke out the calipers for measurements. They would have to employ a measurement specialist for every fatty that walked in (me included). Even then, would they require you to get measured before leaving the entry plaza? Then what, tag you with a colored wrist band so EVERYONE knows you can't ride certain rides? No, this should be left up to the customer and if the customer decides to wait in line to see if they fit at load time and be humiliated, thier problem! *** Edited 8/2/2007 2:21:46 PM UTC by jshorerzd***

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Congrats BorntoCoast! I've dropped 50 pounds since June 05 so I know how good you must be feeling. Keep up the good work.

If the park provides a test seat, I'd think that would absolve them of anything this lawsuit accuses.
yeah I also hit 285 was able to ride dueling dragons but was uncomfortable and squeezed the whole time.Since the I have lost 40 pounds.
and fit in all coasters now.
Need to lose a few more

Good work BorntoCoast, and Mamoosh.
I know you feel better and are in better health


Costaplaya, I walk 8-10 (Sometimes More) per day. I Walk my Dog 2 Miles after Breakfast and another 2 Miles after Dinner and I walk on the Beach 4 -7 Miles. I combine this with a Workout at my Local YMCA (1/2 Hour on a Treadmill at 3.3 Miles per Hour uphill 5-15 Degrees (10 Minutes at 5 Degree Increments) along with 1/2 Hour on an Exercise Bike). Combining this with the Diet I have been losing 2 -3 Lbs each week! :) My Doctor was VERY IMPRESSED when I saw him for a Checkup last Month. My Weight, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure and Cholesteral Levals have all headed South ;) Another Bonus I've noticed the Mileage on the Motor Scooter I drive has actually gained a Couple of miles Per Gallon! :)

Answer my Prayers, Overbook my next Flight!

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