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And I’ll lower you to two (maybe) when I was a kid.

Cedar Point in the early/mid 60’s had Little Dipper, Blue Streak, Scamper, Wild Mouse, and Broadway Trip. Then Mine Ride, and Jumbo Jet in the late 60’s, early 70’s. It was probably the largest collection in the country, and five of them were portable.

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My first few visits to Hershey: Comet, Trailblazer, SooperdooperLooper...and the Mini Comet kiddie coaster if you count that sort of thing.

Camden had two for my first park visits. Three if you agree with rcdb that counts Hawnted House as a coaster.

Why is everyone overlooking where all the CapEx money is going for next year? MiA is getting a coaster.

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No, they’re moving a coaster in the park.

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Wait, they're just moving a coaster inside the park but still calling it new?

That might be worse than getting a hand-me-down dragon wagon labeled as new.

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They’re not calling it new.

The articles I've read in Michigan papers have called it new.

From the Detroit Free Press

The five new rides include:

Woodstock Express
Little thrill seekers can join parents and grandparents on this family roller coaster with plenty of ups and downs, just like the flight of Snoopy’s best bird buddy.

From MLive

The re-imagined section of Michigan’s Adventure dubbed “Camp Snoopy” will include five new rides with an outdoors theme, including a family-friendly roller coaster and a playground, according to a news release issued by the Muskegon-based theme park.

From the actual press release

For 2020, Camp Snoopy adds five new rides aimed to please families with kids from toddlers to tweens:

  • Woodstock Express: Little thrill seekers can join parents and grandparents on this family roller coaster with plenty of ups and downs, just like the flight of Snoopy’s best bird buddy.

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That's not what I was referring to, if the chain adds one coaster per year, 'the GP' would be aware that their home park was receiving a new coaster every 12 years - which bar the kids at Michigan's Adventure, that would be a step change.

I'd say the GP doesn't pay that much attention to how often their home park (which would be an odd concept to them) gets a new coaster. It's not a priority to the majority of patrons.

Back in the day when my family made our annual trip to Cedar Point, my brother would spend the day in the arcade, my mother would spend the day in Fascination, and my father would find a bench to sit on and watch people. Whether the park had a new coaster or not was of no concern to them.

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As much as I think the enthusiast is completely out of touch with the GP, I don't think that's the case. New coasters generally boost attendance significantly and I don't think that's a coincidence.

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Absolutely true. I was just staying I don't think the GP knows how often a park adds a coaster, generally.

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As much money parks spend on marketing their new attractions, I would hope that you are not right, slithernoggin.

slithernoggin said:

Absolutely true. I was just staying I don't think the GP knows how often a park adds a coaster, generally.

Generally, no way, especially those that have a "home park" (even if they don't use that word).

As a younger child and teenager, I knew when Carowinds got something new. I only went once or twice a year, but thanks to commercials, newspaper articles, and coupons at the registers of local stores, I was well aware what Carowinds was marketing.

This weekend, my mom sent me a photo of her local newspaper talking about Orion. She's 900 miles away from Kings Island.

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When Gemini opened at CP, I could tell you the year, the height, and how many weeks it had the title of tallest coaster in the world before Colossus opened at SFMM. I just think that if you walked up to a member of the GP and asked them what year the ride opened, they'd likely have no idea.

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I think Noggin's point is that people are still going to go whether there's a new ride or not. Yes- will more people go than normal, sure, but people are going nonetheless.

Cedar Point didn't add a major ride from 2008-2012 (Maverick-Gatekeeper) a five year gap without a major new coaster. The park still entertained millions of guests. Disney is another example of this. Magic Kingdom hasn't added a new attraction since 2012's Fantasyland Expansion- they still are the #1 visited theme park in the world.

When I was growing up we went to Cedar Point because we wanted to spend a day at a theme park- a new ride was a bonus or maybe an incentive that pushed us- but we were going regardless.

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Exactly. We on Cbuzz are coaster focused. Many of the general public are not.

I just asked my father and he had no idea when Cedar Point's last coaster opened.

Then again, his idea of a good idea at the park consists of sitting on a bench, eating French fries, and if he's being adventuresome, riding the CP&LE railroad.

Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep.
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Speaking of Cedar Point, if anyone happens to be at the park today, the "Truce Day Finale" starts at 6:00 PM at the Middle-Ground stage. Jason "Mad Dog" McClure will be there on stage, so while I wouldn't hold my breath about anything major, it's possible they could use this as an opportunity to reveal more details about next year's plans.

Not that it will have any impact on any of us, apparently.

EDIT: I know you were all on the edge of your seats, but the announcement was that something called "The Snake River Tour" will be coming next year; no doubt the name of the river-expedition already announced for 2020. No other details.

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According to this article Orion's first drop will be at 85 degrees, which is insane! Assuming that's true (which I have some doubts on), it'd be tied with I305 for steepest lifthill-giga.

That having said, I'm a little surprised that KI didn't release or emphasize this aspect. As it could have been another "-est" added on (steepest at Kings Island).

Oh, and if its any consolation to those disappointed (which I'd admit I was initially too), the official drop will be just as big if not a foot bigger than Millie's.

Even though the round 300ft drop number is cited by the park, I believe the blueprints technically have it at 300.9 ft for Orion.

I am just hoping the elements/pacing can make up for the length...

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This is pretty much how I approach any new ride. Definitely curbs disappointment. But then again, I've become less enthusiasty over the years, which probably helps

I'm nearly 100% sure they are putting something awesome where Vortex is, so there had to be some balance between these 2 projects IMO. The amount of money to surpass Fury 325's records would have been too much, and besides whats 1 or 3 miles per hour. Also Mystic Timbers proves to me that short and sweet is a great way to do a ride. And there will be no mid course brake run like on Fury 325 and others, so Orion will come in at the end faster than most any coaster ever.

Another cool fact about Orion: While on Beast hill on Sat, staring at a beautiful moon on the lift hill I looked over and right where they are putting Orion is the Real Orion constellation. So the Coaster is positioned from the front of the park and on nearly ever ride towards Orion. Add in the fact That Orion's, Beast's, Mystic Timber's, Diamonback's, and Racer's, hills all face the moon on the lift hill and will all have that view of Orion with its corresponding Constellation! King's Island's Moon viewing on lift hill's is 2nd to none and the addition of Orion makes it (further) an awesome night park.

I'm coming around to Orion. At first I was a little underwhelmed but after watching the pov again it looks sweet. Big, fast, steep, and with all the trees they are leaving around it it will feel even faster than some other parking lot coasters. Is it a little short? Maybe, but I thought lightning rod looked really short. Then I rode it. Now it's my favorite.

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