Kings Island 2020

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Or to use it to impose some strange sense of "authority" upon another park guest. That's just as weird as it gets...

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I've got to say. The more I think of Orion (and closer opening day gets) the more I'm realizing the potential this thing has to silence/win over so many of the skeptics - myself included.

Will be a phenomenal ride - and even those sleeping on it, or have their focus set on Pantheon or Iron Gwazi etc. instead, will be amazed.

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If the tallest, fastest coaster of the year is a sleeper, we're doing something wrong.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
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Orion got used by the NIMBYs to start complaining about noise again...

Orion's rails were sand-filled from fabrication, but now they're going to be working on a project to add sand into certain parts of Diamondback's box spine.

Oh, and not mentioned in that article, but Haunt will now close at 12 instead of 1, and the only midnight closures during the summer will be July 3/4 instead of every Friday/Saturday through July like has been done for years.

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