Kings Island 2020

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I bet it will be a SHORT announcement. (Ha, get it?)

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Orion....300 foot first drop (apparently the hill is 287 feet?)....91 mph....

Interesting trivia from the announcement: The cost of Orion is more than it originally cost to build the entire park.

Oh, and it's blue. :)

So, Kings Island finally got a giga. Only not really.

Link to POV:

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EDIT: If you look at the description in the video, Kings Island clarifies that a Giga is a coaster with a height or drop of 300 feet or more. Hmm.

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They obviously didn’t adjust for inflation lol.

Looks good. Fury looks better ;-).

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Lame it doesn’t go 300ft in the air and is going to be short. The lift hill is only 50 ft or so higher than Diamondback. Seems like their definition of a giga is different than anybody else’s. Hopefully it turns out good, however, I personally think I will continue to like Diamondback better.

I doubt we’ll ever get an answer to this, but I really wonder if the ongoing trade wars affect on the cost of raw materials pursuaded CF to modify the length of the layout in planning.

Looks like it’ll be a great addition for KI. I’m excited!

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If Top Thrill Dragster launched you 350 feet in the air, but then dropped you into a 50 foot tunnel, is it really a strata-coaster?

Food for thought....

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We're now calling a 5300 foot long coaster short.

I'm old.

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Right? And don't let my sarcasm go unnoticed. The negative reactions are priceless...

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I was today years old when I finally learned why everyone said "Kings Island has some of the biggest whiners."

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I'll definitely ride Orion then next time I head to King's Island. They are getting crazy with the superlatives though. Longest, tallest, fastest in King's Island. I guess that's impressive.

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The drop is what counts. That’s what you feel. That’s what gives you speed. I’m not about to cry foul because the top of the lift hill isn’t >300 ft above the earth at that point. If the whole structure gets shifted forward by 100 ft (or whatever) then it would be 300 ft “tall.” So what?

And I’ll go ahead and preempt a possible counter argument: yes, Magnum is a hyper coaster even though it’s drop is only 195 ft. It’s lift hill is 205 ft high, and the drop length is close enough to that. Even if Orion’s specs were reversed, i.e. a 300 ft tall lift hill with a 287 ft drop, I still think I’d give it to them. But if you’re asking which one counts more, it’s the drop, all the way.

Anyway, I’m very excited for this. I can’t believe how much Kings Island’s lineup has improved since Cedar Fair took over.

They could go with height above sea level. And say its the largest, fastest, longest in Warren County.

Be a fun one, no doubt. Always happy to have more B&M hyper/giga coasters.

However, I personally dislike the way the ending is designed. The first half looks fantastic, but the helix finale is a bit ‘lackluster’ if you will. If they eliminated that helix and used the same track length for more of those fantastic low-to-the-ground airtime hills and some unique turns or direction changes, I’d be a little more excited. While different, it has a similar likeness to the finale of Diamondback on a grander scale, of course.

Having this ride at the park will be awesome along with Mystic, Banshee and Beast (Personally don't care for Diamondback). Look forward to next season, will definitely be a huge hit at the park.

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You forgot capacity and to many trim brakes, therefore sucks even more.

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Well Phantom’s Revenge is considered a hyper, no? I guess I don’t get the height debate. That said, in the world of the Fury’s and the Leviathans and the Intimidators, this looks really meh... especially for KI being a top tier park.

Because the steel is produced in the US it won't be impacted by section 232 or any of the other on-going tariffs. I work for a US mining company and very well aware of of this.

cmwein said:
I doubt we’ll ever get an answer to this, but I really wonder if the ongoing trade wars affect on the cost of raw materials pursuaded CF to modify the length of the layout in planning.

Looks like it’ll be a great addition for KI. I’m excited!

There is no such thing as a terrible Coaster just ones that haven't been taken care of

^But, are US steel prices higher due to higher demand?

A did a youtube comparison of Orion vs Fury 325 (animated) and side by side the ride will be just as fantastic. Sure, Orion is shorter- but it'll be a fun coaster.

Nobody should complain. The park has gotten 4 custom designed mega coasters since Cedar Fair brought the park into the family.

When was the last time Six Flags did that to a park? They've been building Larson Loopers for the last ten years.... they don't even have a giga coaster in their entire chain.

ApolloAndy said:

Well, Six Flags has a Strata and Titan and Goliath as well as a number of ~200' coasters. So missing a giga seems like a somewhat arbitrary checkbox. In spite of the prevalence of S&S Freespin clones, they also invested in some pretty amazing RMC hybridizations, Wonder Woman SFFT, and have a couple of interesting looking customs (West Coast Racers, Maxx Force) coming this year. I'm not that sad that they're not putting gigas all over the place.

And so does Cedar Fair. Yet, a lot of enthusiasts have said that what KI was missing is a giga. By your logic, they have Diamondback, so no need to even build a coaster that height.

I've also heard the groans about the lift hill height. If it has a 300ft. drop, IMO, it's a giga. You look at the Beast and for the most part, it's not very high off the ground, yet considered a classic and a great wooden coaster by many.

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