KI announcing something big...

I checked Ki's website today and the lead page said:

Something big is coming
Your history

Seems to have the "look" of a dinosaur or paleo dig or beginning of man.... hmmmm...

Maybe I missed another post about this, but didn't see a title similar.
Let the speculation begin!


Maybe that's what the weird drawing was all about???

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Well, that's certainly original. I thought speculation season was mostly August - November. I can't imagine they would announce any other rides prior to Windseeker opening, so maybe they are going to be displaying a dinosaur exhibit or something?

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It might be a pre-announcement announcement. Those have rather come into vogue lately.

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KI's own version of Intimidator 305?

^I'm gonna go with, "No...."

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Just a guess, but it may be something as simple as one of those animatronic dinosaur walk-throughs.


Perhaps I am not looking in the right place, but there is nothing about an announcement on the lead page. Just 3 windseeker ads and a Math & Science Day ad.

Perhaps it was put up a little early?

It has now been removed...

Very interesting...


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About a month ago they posted a dinosaur footprint in the snow on the Facebook page as well.

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Dino themed Haunt.

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I seem to remember last year, when the WindSeeker(s) were speculation, Cedar Fair filed for a trademark to a dinosaur like name. I wonder if this could be what the name was/is for?

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Raptor, Talon? ............

StrataSoar, I believe. :)

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Yes. It was registered and then never used. I think most people thought it would be the name for the multiple "Windseeker" rides.

I'm surprised I remember it.

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Maybe it's going to be a new coaster for the 2012 season!

What kind of ride does "StrataSoar" sound like?


Launched Stratacoaster? (I hope not.)

Maybe it'll be like the kiddie dinosaur ride that Holiday World is getting this year. lol

When is Kings Island going to replace their cars? When are they going to replace their log flume? (they can take The Crypt out already and put a new log flume back in that spot, and I'd be WAY okay with it.) What about the SBNO SOB?

AH HA! Stratosaur could be the new name for a revamped SOB! Am I on to something here? ;)

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They're bringing back the Antique cars, King Cobra, and the flying scooters...

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StratoSOAR or StratoSAUR? Only one fits with a dinoSAUR theme.

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It's got to be that 500ft., 10 inversion dive coaster that all the fanboys thought that CP was going to get.

Seriously, I have no idea. But I'm going with some kind of haunt walkthrough as well.

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