Jacobs Group buys 30 acres of Geauga Lake

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The Richard E. Jacobs Group is under contract to buy the 30-acre plot of Geauga Lake land in Bainbridge Township, which is a small piece of the 540 acres that went up for sale after the amusement park shut down last year. Cliff West, managing director of land development services at Colliers, said Jacobs is courting a major department store, restaurants and other tenants such as a bookstore and an electronics retailer.

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And a great American tradition of the almighty dollar continues...It's a bit sad to hear that a nice park and 125 years of it's amusement history has given way to yet another soulless shopping center. Seriously folks, how many more Applebee's, Best Buys, and Kohl's do we need?

It's like the song goes..."Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone. They paved paradise and put up a parking lot."

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They should have used the money to keep Jacobs Field! *end rant*

Oh boy another electronics retailer... like they don't have that across the street...

I can't imagine what other stores they could put in there.

Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Circuit City and others, covered. Perhaps a Kohls or Burlington Outlet.

I'm sure it will do great...

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Well, I know TWO stores that won't be going in. Circut City and Linens & Things.

On the other side of the coin, if I see ONE MORE FRIGGIN' Walgreen's, CVS or Rite Aid get built, I'm gonna hurl. How many drug stores do we need?

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Hopman said:
How many drug stores do we need?

Tons more. It seems like everything today is treated by one med or another... and yeah, i HATE them too. it seems like there's a drugstore on every block.

My GF's up to about 28 different meds a day for various things. My favorite are pills that are used to offest the side effects of other pills, perpetuating the need for yet more pills. When we started dating 8 yrs ago, she was only on 5 meds then. Every few months, there's always a new pill on the block that would 'great to try!!!!!'

rant off, sorry about the sidetrack.

Maybe they'll put in another Starbucks!#!#!%!$!$!!! (don't let minor 97% drop in profits fool ya. They're as sounds as a pound. pound of what? i have no idea.)

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D the Great said:
Seriously folks, how many more Applebee's, Best Buys, and Kohl's do we need?

You'll be happy to know that there's a Kohls across the street already, and Applebees is down the road in Solon.

I don't like it either, but this is our culture at work. Retail is what makes this country go these days, and even that's hurting.

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Somehow, the farfetched idea of putting another Kohls across the street wouldn't surprise me. Actually, Kohls is one of the few places I like to shop, so I'll leave them alone.

The days of retail making the country go are fading fast. The pay is crap (and ever decreasing), customer service is bad, and many of the "new" models out there are just repackaged versions of last year's. People can only charge so much on their beloved credit cards before they get hungry. Our culture...as you wisely put it, got us into this mess in the first place.

Maybe the Cleveland area's 1,000,000th Subway will be built in one of the small storefronts.

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Subway is probably one of the few franchising opportunities that gets it right, in that they're far more relaxed about locations and size and such. I swear they'd let you open one in a shack.

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I see Subways in the oddest places. The one that opened several years ago here is in an old Taco Bell, replacing the original that was in an old, tiny shopping strip.

I don't mind Subway, but what qorries me is the little unique "hole in the walls," that are going away for these soulless, hungry, corperte monsters.

I am fortunite to work for a small company (20 or so people) that makes ductwork, and deals with other HVAC parts, where we all have a good laugh on a regular basis.

As for the drugstore thing, I've seen two of my favorite places to eat det demo'd for a CVS & a Wallgreens.

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HHGregg Appliance & Electronics

Chili's Grill & Bar

Meijers and/or Super Kmart. How about a Super Aldi's or a massive Cleveland Clinic Outpatient Center which sells used medical equipment with deep discounts and half-priced meds.

Seriously, what stores/restaurants that might do well aren't already located with a 5 to 10 min drive from there already?

God help retail this X-mas season. Unless there's another stimulus check, (unlikely before xmas) this will be the worst retail x-mas season in history. We'll see how many stores/chains survive this one and don't shut down by late Feb 2009.

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Scoot, for cripe's sake, why can we measure Christmas by how much we are thankful for and not by how much stuff is bought?

Don't make start quoting George Carlin.

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^ He didn't say the worst Christmas for you and me. He said the worst "Reatil Christmas". And retailers most definatly measure the quality of their shopping seasons by how much they sell.

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The Christmas season may be a surprising one.

I, for one, am a lot better off now than I was a month ago. Cheaper gas means more money for other stuff.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

I'm not doing too bad either, but I think that there are a lot of people out there that aren't doing too well. Retail has some serious problems right now. Black Friday may take on a whole new meaning this year for some companies.

I do anticipate some serious fire sales in some of these stores as the season winds down, just glad I'm in a position to buy right now.

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I tried to go out and get some shopping done today. There's a reason I'm home now.

Christmas retail shopping has started early, and appears to be in full swing.

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The past few years, all we heard from the money experts was how Americans were spending too much, not saving a penny, too much consumerism. Now all we hear is that this year we won't be spending enough. Too bad for retail, but maybe in the long run we'll be better off if we stop spending every nickel we earn (and then some) on crap imported from China.

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