Issues at Cedar Point 5/14 anyone know a mechanic?

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It is uncanny how many oddball situations TimberRider has experienced first hand. Truly uncanny.


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If Timber-Rider ever got into an argument with the PointGuru guy over at PointBuzz, I don't think the internet itself could contain it. Pray this never happens...

Parallel lines on a slow decline.

But what if they are one and the same?

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Raven-Phile said:

And all this time, I thought MCBR's existed to piss off enthusiasts, and make the ending of rides "boring".

See, that's why I'm glad GateKeeper's not-quite-midcourse brake isn't enabled during regular runs, because it proves that GK's ending is boring all on its own. ;)

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Well, to be fair, the ending of the layout has to designed so it can be completed from a full stop at the MCBR, so even if the MCBR isn't on, it still affects the layout.

Edit: Although now that I think about it, that *should* mean the second half elements are all smaller and would be more intense taken at full speed. But in practice, rides like Talon, B:TR, and Afterburn do pack quite a punch right up the brakes, so what do I know?

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They seem to only do a light touch on that ride. I don't find it to be particularly disruptive. They definitely did the bare minimum there. I've seen it go from a dead stop there, and it moves awfully slow to the final brakes.

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