Issues at Cedar Point 5/14 anyone know a mechanic?

I only clicked the submit button once.

OhioStater said:

There's nothing wrong with being upset about it, but to blame the park and demand a refund when the issue is 100% weather?

So, next year, if there is a hurricane during our planned trip to Disney, can I sue the park for closing or not operating what I deemed an appropriate amount of rides?

In the words of Lars Skywalker,

"It's windy son, accept it."

Who the fk is Lars Skywalker?

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The Jedi drummer for Metallica.

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D'oh. I meant Cliegg Lars.

Oh...and I meant to do that.


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Hey Bigboy. (that sounds funny)When I said I saw the Gemini train sitting in the helix, I did not actually see it arrive and stop there, that side of Gemini was already closed when I entered the ride. So, I did not see it Valley, it was in that position all day long. They never tried to get into the station, and just left it there, and ran the other other side.So, I don't not if it Valleyed, or they just rolled it back to close that side of the ride.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

I talked to a few friends up there today. They went with me yesterday (Tuesday) as well. They said it is more windy than yesterday and that almost the same rides are down, except MForce was not running either today.

I'll be going up tomorrow (Thursday). Right now the weather channel (linked from CP's own app) is calling for 5-10mph winds and 76 degrees at the Point tomorrow. I also see Windseeker going up on the's hoping. :-)

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Millennium Force certainly was running today, from the time I got there at 1, and every time after that I looked. Most everything down for wind today, except Skyride, was open by 4. Even Windseeker was running.

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Am I having forum amnesia, or is there an amazing number of wind-related threads at the twin-buzz sites?

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I would definitely be upset if I spent a bunch of money and all the rides were closed. In fact, I'm doing exactly that this weekend. Here's hoping that the park has finished its dome by then so that wind and temperature won't be a factor.

I just got home from the park this morning (Thursday)...

ALL roller coasters up and running GREAT today!

Most were open for early entry. I got 4 rides on Gatekeeper before the main gate opened. Windseeker was running as well...Only two rides down in the whole park today were MaxAir (mechanics on top of it hoisting things up and down) and Skyhawk. They also didn't have Thundercanyon or SnakeRiver open.

Today was night and day difference. Great crews today, all coasters running fast...and I even...dare I say...took TWO rides on Mean Streak! I don't know the last time I did that! The front seat of the yellow train was smooth and fast today.

2 Laps around the park, I rode everything. By the second lap, some main rides were getting about a 30min wait. Maverick appeared to have the longest wait of the day by the time I left.

It did appear Cedar Point really kicked it into gear overnight to have even more than expected ready to go for early entry. Much appreciated. I also had a great time talking to some ACE fans around the park.

How many non-early-entry Gatekeeper laps?

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Timber-Rider said:

So, I don't not if it Valleyed, or they just rolled it back to close that side of the ride.

Because they would do that? Why not just leave it parked in the station/brake run?

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If I'm not mistaken they can't roll the trains backwards on Gemini, as there are no friction wheels in the loading stations. It instead relies on gravity to dispatch the trains. I think the only way for it to be parked in the helix is if it valleyed. I could be wrong because I'm only going off of memory.

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Rolling it backwards on purpose from the station would make absolutely no sense at all, because it would probably be very difficult to return the train to the station when they decide to use it again. Those trains are heavy. They cant just get a few guys to stand there and push it up the helix. That's just not how these things work.

I can't believe that I even had to explain that on CoasterBuzz. You are a bad enthusiast, Timber-Rider. lol

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From what I saw at michigan's adventure, they hook a cable to the train and pull it in slowly. My family and I were at MA, and the guy also had a long pole with a hook on the end, and pulled the train into the station by hand. We thought that was kind of dangerous, as the train almost ran him over in the station, because as he was pulling it in a girl was working the controls, and he's yelling "Hit the brakes!" And, she was so flustered she didn't know which button to hit.We asked why the train stopped, and he said, there wasn't enough weight in the train for it to make it back to the station, and it stopped before it got to the brake run. Good thing it's a one train coaster. As for why the train was in the helix on Gemini, I was only guessing. I don't know why it was there. It was just there.

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Timber-Rider said:

Good thing it's a one train coaster.

Every multi-train coaster has brakes (or a lift) between all trains at all times for exactly this reason. That's why MCBR's exist at all. Dave Althoff had a great article about it on his site.

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And all this time, I thought MCBR's existed to piss off enthusiasts, and make the ending of rides "boring".

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That's just an added benefit.

I'm concerned that there's a ride out there that needs the operator to "hit the brakes" to stop it. All the operations I'm familiar with need the operator to release the brake, other than estop situations. Am I wrong?

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In case you haven't learned yet, Timber-Rider is full of crap.

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