HoliWood Nights 2010 flyer

...is now available for download.

We've continued the tradition of theming the flyer (and event shirt) around a blockbuster movie. :) Hope you like this year's choice.

Thanks, Paula

Paula Werne
Holiday World

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Looks great! This flyer really tickles me ;) Can't wait!


Awesome! Can't wait!

Collin Aynes

Thanks. We had fun designing the flyer. Crazy Andy gets a pat on the head (if you can reach it, he's 6'6"). :)

And btw to the person who cried "foul" to Jeff: he's told me it's okay for me to post things like this since we partner on a fall event each year. Plus we offer a great discount to CoasterBuzz members. Appreciate your concern, though...

Happy Friday the 13th! Paula

Paula Werne
Holiday World

I'm there. I can't imagine how many more people will be in line for Voyage with the Timberliners on it. Got 11 rides in last year on Friday night, should easily double that next year!

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I wouldn't be surprised if the event attendance spikes again next year.

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Wouldn't be surprised, either. The CoasterBuzz Club "Fall Affair," too...(Note to Jeff: We need to set a date for this...)

We held up printing the HoliWood Nights flyer till we knew for sure about the Timberliners (the decision was already made; getting them for 2010, though, hinged on selling the two other trains, which just happened last week).

It's been pretty exciting around here lately. :)

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Paula Werne
Holiday World

I like the theam. I guess you'll be debuting Wildebeast at the event?

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sold 2 trains what will you do with the third???

Never been to Holiday World, planning a trip for next year, this looks like the perfect time.

Never been to a club event either, (I live in Florida and go to college, limited $$$), can't wait!

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I love the flyer, Paula! See you in June. :)

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I wonder where the 2 PTC trains are going. I have heard a rumor about an SBNO coaster getting PTCs for 2011-12 after a major ride re-furb, but a this time it is just that a rumor.

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"SBNO" = "SOB"?

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SOB + C4 = firewood + bonfire. :)

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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I really hope to make it this year!

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Hopman said:
SOB + C4 = firewood + bonfire. :)


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Wow, already the fifth HoliWood Nights... Seems like the Voyage just opened. I missed number 4, but am already planning to be at this one. And yes, very humorous theme/flyer.

I'm guessing one of the Voyage PTC trains is staying at Holiday World as spare parts for the four other PTC trains at the park? Or better yet, keep it on the Voyage for the die hard fans such as myself. :)

AV Matt
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The third train is for sale as well...

Glad you like the flyer. :)


Paula Werne
Holiday World

That makes sense most wodies only run two train no mid course. When the 3rd train sells will voyage get a 3rd timberliner or are you waiting to see about load times if they are spead up enogh 3 train opperation could be possible without stacking.

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The "problem" that I see with only having two trains is that you'll occasionally have one of them down for maintenance....leaving only one train operational during a potentially busy time.

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