Holiday World Fall Affair 2015

Aw, go ahead and stay. It's not like it would be the first promise to the wife or the last for that matter. And three weeks plus one day is about like three weeks....

I'm sad I can't go. I was so excited when the event was announced, but I got myself cast in a play with a five week run here at the end of the summer and we have two more weeks left. So I hope you all have a safe trip to and from Santa Claus and an awesome time while you're there. Thunderbird is a great ride- those who havent been yet will be impressed I'm sure.

Hello to everyone I know.


RCMAC said:

Sorry, I'm busy then...


Well you predicted this yourself almost a year ago on Oct 7 last year.

Dale from Dayton

Well, Dale, I'll be darned. And it's not the only time my smart-assiness has turned around to bite me...

I haven't looked, but ah yesssss... , it's all coming back like a bad dream. Didn't I do something stupid like jump in right away only to make an embarrassing mistake about which year the event would take place? I'll have to check, but it's clear I should've predicted that I'd win a million dollars.

You would also think I might've found something better to do than hang around here on my birthday...

Hey RCMAC, how about you skip the play and come hang out at Holiday World with us and I will go ahead and stay. Then you can really enjoy your birthday on some world class coasters.

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I was looking at the itinerary again today and the evening ERT seemed so late from what I remember of the past Fall Affairs. After some quick research, I found this is because the Fall Affair is in August this time when the park is open till 9 instead of until 5:30-6 in September. Sunset is at 7:30ish, so it is going to be completely dark for evening ERT.


Remember that Holiday World is on Central Time so it should get dark sooner time wise. Also remember to factor this in so you don't show up an hour early for morning ERT.

Dale from Dayton

S&SFAN said:
Hey RCMAC, how about you skip the play and come hang out at Holiday World with us and I will go ahead and stay. Then you can really enjoy your birthday on some world class coasters.

I checked with my understudy and it turns out he has plans for Holiday World! Dammit. I am such a loser....

And my birthday is Oct. 7....



Has a time or place been determined for the evening meal?

We are thinking of going to the water park and trying to determine how much time there will be between the photo walk back and dinner. Later dinner is better in our case.

Any other additions or changes to the Itinerary?

Dale from Dayton

Hello all!

A few notes:

1. RCMAC - how could you disappoint me this way? And don't give me that "the show must go on" drivel ...

2. Yes, we're on Central Daylight Time (most of Indiana is on Eastern, so if you're confused, you have a right to be)

3. When you arrive (free parking), go to Guest Relations to pick up your orange lanyard (in lieu of wristband). Please have your e-ticket printed out or be able to show it on your phone. You'll need to show your Coaster Club Membership Card at this time, too.

4. If you didn't pre-register (online deadline is midnight tonight) you can register on Saturday at Guest Relations. Please pre-register, though, if you possibly can.

5. We leave the front gate for the "first rides" walkback at precisely 9:30am CDT. You need to be already inside the park and ready to go - please wait just inside the front gate, over by the Holidog Inn entrance with the rest of the orange-lanyarded goofballs

6. Suppertime? It's at 7pm CT in the Good Old Days Picnic Grove

Safe travels - looks like we're in for great weather!

Paula Werne
Holiday World

Dear Paula,

Nobody is more disappointed than me. When I agreed to take this small (but pivotal, they told me...) role I just wasn't thinking. I had to give up my front row seats for Reba McIntire, missed working hours and fun at the state fair, had to cancel our trip to Wisconsin, and last but not least, will be missing Fall Affair. Oh, the sacrifices for my art.

How about if I promise to include you in my acceptance speech?

Sheepishly Yours,


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Diva! :)

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog


If the meal is at the Good Old Days Picnic Grove does that mean that the cable slacking/snapping competition on Eagles Fight is right after dinner?

Dale from Dayton

Jeff said:
Diva! :)

Ok, that's fair....

How did the morning ERT on Thunderbird go? i am back here now with the regular peeps and we have yet to see a launch. Hope you all got a few rides.

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Something broke on one of the generators while I was in the launch bay. They rolled us back, sent someone out for a part, and got the ride back up in the afternoon.

Night rides are insane on Thunderbird. Loved it. Definitely my favorite of the wing coasters I've been on.

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It was a last minute decision, but the stars aligned for me to make this trip and I'm glad I did. Thunderbird is the real deal. Sorry that I broke it, but I'm glad I got to ride it in the daytime and the night time. Definitely my personal favorite over GateKeeper.

It was great to spend time with old friends and make a couple of new ones along the way. It was fun geeking it up with other people over control systems and nerdy ride stuff since that's the way my career path has gone over the last few years. It was a much needed weekend for me, that's for sure.

Thanks for hosting and putting up with us Holiday World :)


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Jeff said:

Something broke on one of the generators while I was in the launch bay.

Dude, why are you always breaking rides? ;-)

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

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Had a blast Saturday! Thunderbird was awesome and Raven was kicking arse that night. Unfortunately, Legend gave my friend a wicked headache earlier in the day and he couldn't continue with the night ERT. But him and his girlfriend had a blast and loved the park......which is just a natural reaction after spending time at Holiday World. :)

Thanks to everyone involved with setting this up, it was an awesome time.

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Jeff said:

Something broke on one of the generators while I was in the launch bay.

Did they make you walk down the lift hill on S:RoS?

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Yes. Yes they did.

But hey, at least I can say that I got to ride Thunderbird backwards. :) The down side is that Diana did not get to ride. Maybe that was for the better, as her vertigo issues have been challenging, and she's on a multi-month run of meds that will hopefully help. So maybe it was good that we didn't get launched, but it's a bummer that the whole of her riding experience was The Howler and Gobbler Getaway.

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