Holiday World Fall Affair 2015

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We can never please everyone, but how do you feel about a fall event next year? The last one we did during the last weekend of water park operation, which seemed to be quite a hit. More park for the money, too!

What do you think?

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I might try for that.
Wouldn't it be soon?

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If a year is soon, sure. :)

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Sorry, I'm busy then...


I think it would be good to have another event, however, I am sure I won't be able to make the trip. We have already booked a room for Holiwood Nights and I can't imagine I will want to do the 8 hour drive twice next year.

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I'm really hoping to get to Holiday World next year, and a fall event would be pretty enticing! I only went to one Fall Affair ever, and it was the year of the monsoon. Would love to go back for another event!

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

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I'd be up for that.

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By the way, I posted some photos from the park of the Thunderbird construction, including the final brakes. It looks like the magnets on the train might be inside of the center beam of the train.

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Is it me, or is construction progressing unusually fast? It's only the beginning of October.

There's a good chance the perceived rapid construction is due to the relative prototype state of the LSM launch system. Keep in mind that B&M hasn't done an in-house launch before. I would think they want to allow extra time in case issues arise.

Also, if it's anything like BeastBuzz this year, I'm down for a HolidayWorld event. :)

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^Agreed. B&M has a (virtually?) spotless reputation for having their rides ready to go when promised. I think they're (both park and manufacturer) are being cautious...also avoids any possible issues of a bad winter causing delays.

Also a good point. Overall it does seem that parks are being more proactive about getting a head-start in fall. Last winter was brutal and kinda hit everyone by surprise.

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Perhaps Holiday World looks at other seasonal parks when they make mistakes, like not opening a new ride until halfway through the season, points, and says, "Let's not be like THAT guy over there."

*Holiday World personified for dramatic effect.

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I'm definitely planning to hit Holiday World next year. I figured I might check out HoliWood Nights, but if Fall Affair is available, I would likely opt for that instead.

Yes, a return of the Fall Affair would be welcomed with the addition of new roller coaster.

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Does Saturday, August 29, seems like a good date? It isn't as "fall" as I would like, but it's the last public weekend that includes the water park.

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Sounds good to me, count us in.


That's the weekend before Labor Day. I think it sounds good.

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Not complaining, just curious...seems pretty early to close the water park, no? Seems like they could get *at least* 2-4 more weeks with SS is one of the world's best, and it seems like the longer summers are here to stay.

Especially in southern Indiana. Maybe it's something as simple as a staffing problem.

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