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I normally wouldn't stoke the fires of speculation prior to the current season beginning but Paula over at Holiday World appears to have kicked off the tease campaign for whatever attraction is on-deck.

"Have you subscribed to our HoliBlog yet? You want to be the first to know, don't you? #MayflowerIsJustTheBeginning"

In addition to the above tweet we also have word that The Voyage walkback on 5/15 is not to be missed (with a certain hit-and-miss website posting pictures of possible tree clearing around a section of The Voyage as well).

What do you guys think? Is Santa Claus getting its first major steel coaster installation? Whatever it ends up being, prior comments from the park would seem to indicate we are in for dry-side capital expenditures the next couple of years.

Well, we know that "steel coaster 3" has been under consideration for a while now.

As for the walk back on the 15th, what is the amusement industry's sudden obsession with doing neat stuff on Thursday? I never could get the hang of Thursdays...!

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Books release on Monday or in the case of YA fiction, Saturday, CD's and DVD's on Tuesday, and movies on Friday, so I guess amusement parks are left with Thursday.

And nobody ever wants to do anything on crappy Wednesday, right?

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Dave, in this case, it was to coincide with ACE's Spring Conference which begins at Beech Bend on Friday morning.

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RCMAC, Wednesday is Hump Day. :-)

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I'm curious to see what the walk back on 5/15 entails - whether or not they announce the ride (before or after, if at all) or just utilize the small army of photographers to fuel the hype generating machine. :)

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Holiday World led coaster club members on a mini-scavenger hunt yesterday during a Voyage photo walk back unearthing the address for a microsite that will go live on Monday 5/19:

For now, it redirects to the latest Holiblog post:

"And as 2015 rolls closer…"

The post is worth a quick read as it is written by Will Koch's daughter, Leah, and is kinda heartwarming.

And now I'm excited for what will likely be a major coaster addition.

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To add to this thread, 66 days from Monday (the 19th, which is the date the website magnet said) is July 23rd. Voyage was announced on July 17th. I suspect we will have 66 days of teases before the official announcement.

Here is some clues:

-Land clearing, to me, it isn't wide enough for a wood coaster support

-On the card we got about the walkback yesterday, it said to the lines of "be on time. We've waited long enough".

-The box found in the ground with the website printed on it and the journal. With the clue about the website, it will be something themed to this story.

-on another website, Paula said, "Did you notice we had two types of gravy" when talking about the buffet.

-Pilgrims Plunge/Girafica station is untouched, even the boats are still inside it. While it is interesting the boats are still inside, leaving the station as is and the plunge pool is captivating.

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I'm leaning towards the belief that they will simply announce the ride on Monday, 5/19.

"Please check back on Monday. You won’t be sorry."

Also, those 5/19/14 wooden blocks seem like an odd bit of swag if they serve only to commemorate the kicking off of a teaser campaign.

micro site no longer re-directs to the Blog Post. It's live!!! (apologies to Dr. Frankenstein)

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They're really going to wait 66 days, it seems.


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Well, the naming will be interesting considering they already have rides named "The Voyage" and "Mayflower".

Son of Voyage


Puritan Express

Pirates of the New World

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Puritan Express? I'd *really* hate to see the restraints on that ride.

Press release sent out for teaser campaign:

Even though Holiday World’s 2014 season is only a few weeks underway, the park today begins its countdown to 2015.

"As we continue to expand our Thanksgiving section, we look for ways to tie into that theme", says Matt Eckert, president of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. "Knowing the Mayflower was at sea for 66 days gave us the idea to count down the days until we announce our expansion for 2015."

The 66-day countdown will take place on a microsite called, which is part of Holiday World’s website. Each day, a new journal entry will appear, as a mother on board the Mayflower tells of her family’s voyage to the New World in the year 1620.

The journal will culminate with the park’s announcement, on the 67th day, which will take place on July 24. "We’re mixing our park’s themes for this announcement", says Eckert, "as it will fall on ‘Christmas Eve in July.’ Our announcement will coincide with the start of a construction phase that would undoubtedly give away any part of the secret that still existed."

Speculation has already begun among roller coaster enthusiasts on forums such as and ***************.com, with speculative tweets over the weekend from @Screamscape and @ThemePark Insider.

"I cannot confirm nor deny that this project includes a roller coaster," says Eckert. "But I can confirm that this is by far the largest expansion project in our seven-decade history."

The microsite was created by the Louisville web design company DBS Interactive. Work on a second microsite is underway; it will appear following the July 24 announcement.

Holiday World & Splashin' Safari are now open daily. New this year is the Mayflower swinging ship ride plus Friday Night Fireworks, which will begin June 13. For more information, visit or call 1-877-Go-Family.

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I bet it's not another Intamin. lol

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I'd like a Mack launch please.

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Pagoda Gift Shop said:

Puritan Express

The good news is that since this is a 2015 attraction, there is plenty of time for them to throw away any keychains, mugs, t-shirts etc. that may have already been pressed with whatever it was originally going to be called so they can be redone with this new, correct name.

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I'm sure Vater is still hoping for a new Dragon Wagon.

Personally, I'm hoping for a new campground.

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3 words.

Bran. Muffin. Stand.

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HoliLooper seems a bit of a stretch....but if HW wanted to build Wicked v2.0, I'd be very happy. And so would their accountant....

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