GoFundMe account created to bring back Geauga Lake

In case flushing your money directly down your toilet is getting old and tiresome, here is a brand new way to part with your money:


Best line: "So far there are no donors to the GoFundMe"

People are probably too tapped out from giving to the GoFundMe to save the Big Dipper to give anything to the new cause. Had they known they could donate to save the entire park rather than just one ride their giving decisions may have been different.

I admittedly hadn't even read through the whole thing before I posted it. Now that I have, I already have my flight booked to take the ferry to the 3am self guided safe walk through the park to get a cone from Double Loop Scoop

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I'm probably gonna have to troll that page pretty hard.

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JJ Watt only raised $37 million for people that actually needed it. This should be easier, amirite?

From the print article:

So far, there are no donors to the GoFundMe.


well, there's $120 now. it's a groundswell of support!!!

It amazes me people are blindly giving their money to this. There is no plan at all.

I tried to donate $0.01 in the name of Dick Kinzel but the minimum contribution is $5. I need to get a date to the Thunderhawk Hall Prom before I am willing to pony up that kind of cash.

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I’d rather support this:


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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Ugh... that time of year already? He makes so many statements that are questionable and many others that show just how inept he would be at this endeavor. Maybe he should start smaller, like say helping a well-to-do grandfather build a custom hyper coaster in his back yard somewhere in Kentucky.

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I'd donate $20.07 if he promised to bring back corn hole as a major draw to the park Like Kinzel did during the final season.

I'd give a further 18.87 if he could secure the rights to the Fun! song that blasted across the park speakers, too!

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Up to $569. They are on a roll.

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And those people will never get anything for their money. Idiots.

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At that breakneck fundraising rate, they'll have their $20 million in a shade over 500 years.

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Hmm...hadn't thought of GoFundMe. Maybe I can finally get that bran muffin.

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Maybe I should start one to fund my MBA. How many donations can I count on from fellow coasterbuzzers?

That page brings back memories of the guy that started the give me a buck site. He was the true visionary behind gofundme.

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Vater said:

Hmm...hadn't thought of GoFundMe. Maybe I can finally get that bran muffin.

You mean an online petition didn't do the trick? All my illusions have been shattered!

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It's long gone now, but if I recall, my petition racked up like 7 or 8 signatures! A good 692 or 693 short of reaching my goal of being regular.

And wow...it's coming up on 10 years now...

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I'd give that guy a dollar if he would promise to find a new ****ing hobby. I'm just in awe that stupid people would give a stranger money for which he has no obligation other than to buy himself whatever he wants.

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