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Thanks, Clint. Well, I don't have a ton of steel coasters that really rock my world, so X was just looking for a spot. I realize that a great many Intamin coasters (I've yet to ride) would probably steal my #1 away from X. Still, as it stands, X was a great ass-hander, and I enjoyed ever minute of it. :)

Glad your trip was nice, BTW.

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I kept wondering what was so upsetting about mentioning the landmark affirmative action case, University of California v. Bukkake, when a quick Google search set me straight...that guy's name was Bakke. Oops. :)

Hurt me to be just a few miles away last Sunday Robbio...but glad you enjoyed yourself! See you someday...

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Yes, but did you search for Bukkake, Danny Marie? ;)
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^^Dawn, I like how the case file mentions....

"He also offers a behind-the-scenes look at what transpired during the months between oral arguments before the Court and the justices' final decision, including secret conference sessions and judicial memos." ;)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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LMAO....OK, I guess now I am compelled to post here too...:)

Why do I always get quizzical looks when I talk about "those innocent Midwesterners"? ;)

Which is a *nice* segue to....WHAT makes Robbio think that Clint's trip out West was "nice"? From where I'm sitting, Clint's trip was *more "nasty" than nice*....:)

I guess I should just be happy that the Supreme Court case in question wasn't "Brown v. Board of Education"...;)

What's funny is how much more I enjoy my ADOPTED FAMILY than the people I was born *that* is comedy! :)

Strangest thread ever!

And I love it....

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I just want to know why nasai references BASS as someone he should emulate? :)

Glad I finally read the whole thread, simply amazing....I *had* been warned...

And yes, some people here DO get away with more than sucks, get a monkey!

Finally, IMO, Scream >>> Iron Wolf, Mantis, Chang, the Vortices, and BDK...then again, I thought SB was the bomb-diggity, so what do *I* know? ;)

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Apparently, not much Bill! ;)

Loves ya.

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

Wow, I sure took a long time to get back to the board and missed all the wonderful discussions..

My only comment on Scream is that although I did think it was bumpy, I thought it was considerably smoother than Medusa at GAdv has been since 2002. Same with B:TR. I finally was able to appreciate the intenseness of a B:TR without having to grit my teeth to get through the roughness of the one at GAdv. I don't know what it is about the place, but all the SFMM counterparts to the coasters at SFGAdv were a lot smoother, and thus more enjoyable.

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....and you didn't even mention Viper > GASM.... ;)
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Entertaining TR Rob! I think we did have part of this conversation when I talked to you from Moosh's last Sunday, but of course my short-term memory was starting to cloud over by then. ;-)

I pretty much had the same reaction to X......a lot of F*** me, Holy F*** and wtf? I could only take 4 rides though. Coastermom Jodi let me ride in her fave seat (back seat, right side, inside seat) which was awesome. The next two times were in the front (inside) seat and near the back (outside seat) which HURT like hell. The final (next to back seat, outside) did me in.

Nothing can really describe it in words, but i think you did a pretty good job of it. :-D I am still not sure what to make of X.

I am convinced I am the only one on this planet who thinks Scream ROCKED! :-D But that's OK, I am strange that way. ;-)

Hope to see ya around sometime this year Rob!


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I liked Scream!, Tona, I just haven't written that far yet.
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Glad to hear you loved it as well, fellow Solace Hillbilly. :-D


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That's what they need. More hillbillies! You can have it, you two. ;)

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Thanks Rob! We will take it! Now if we can only get Camden Park interested. :-/


As much as I did like Scream, I'd still rather Camden bought and re-opened King Cobra...Best...Standup...Ever!(please no comments from Gavwhatever telling me I'm wrong, or moosh telling me I'm on crack[cuz you know what I'm on, and crack ain't it]):)
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I would of settled for Camden to reopen Thunderbolt Express. :-D


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This just in: A new attraction called Bk:TR has been officially announced for both Robland and Invyland for 2006. Officially categorized as a "Splash Coaster" (Attention Patrons: You WILL Get Wet on this Ride!), the ride is included with admission here at home, but curiously is an up-charge across the pond.

Seriously, I have ridden Medusa at SFMW, and Scream! is no Medusa. I too thought my two rides on Scream! were a weird form of punishment, perhaps a karmic balance for the ultra-pleasurable ride that Silver Bullet turned out to be.
Yep I'm an SB fanboy. Over 2 dozen rides at ERT Friday, all over the train, and each trip was glorious. SO what if it could be more intense. I'm not convinced I would want it that way. Look, I like intensity as much as the next person, but why mess with perfection? Scream! is more intense, but what a crappy (IMO) ride!
Anyway, more later in an upcoming TR.

Oh, btw, Rob and Tina nailed it. X is indescribable. :)

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LOL (X) is *magically delicious*!

gator, the *other* SB fanboy...:)
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^^Robo! That is hilarious!

Bk:TR! I think I should start a new moniker on AOL. :):) Who says it isn't an upcharge here? What about N:TOP?

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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