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If I recall correctly, last year when we went to Hersheypark for Easter Sunday they had the same rides listed to be operating. When we got there we were very pleasantly supprised that Wild Mouse and Wild Cat were operating, and since they were not even on the maps they were both walk ons. (Only way I will ride a mouse)

I am hoping for this added bonus this year as well, the antici-----------pation is killing me! Sunday cannot get here fast enough!!

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On another board, a Hershey employee is saying that Midway America will NOT be open due to waterpark-related construction. This sort of makes sense since I remember them saying something about rerouting the entrances and exits of the existing water rides (except Coal Cracker) to make them part of the new area. (Why bother? It's not like the water park is going to be a separate admission, although that would IMHO make more sense.)

I'm hoping he's wrong and we get a surprise Wildcat opening; however, at this point I'm hoping it's warm enough to run the coasters at all!

last year they did indeed have midway america open, but it was extremely busy at the park. It was unseasonably hot with temps in the high 80's and low 90's. They even had Tidal force open for springtime last year.

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I heard Wildact is on the "overflow ride list" meaning it will be open if the park is busy enough to warrant more rides. Not sure if that makes any sense, but hey, why not? ;)

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It better be... I'll be at the park on Saturday. Haha.
Jim, it makes sense to re-route entrances and such so that people don't have to walk far. Also, this way people in their swimmies are in areas that are designed to be (relatively) safer when dressed in swimming attire, including bare feet.

There's a reason most parks have "Shoes and shirts required beyond this point" signs when leaving a water section, and it relates to public health. As disgusting as it sounds, if everyone is *supposed* to be wearing shoes, you don't have to have an area as clean/sanitized because bacteria can't go through rubber soles like it can go through skin.

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The interns updated their site with a nice MN spring photo of Renegade:



Hahahahaha. Snow in spring?!? I was so mad waking up this morning to find an inch or two of snow on the ground. Oh well. . . the sign looks awesome!
Being that last weekend was the opening of Mystrey Mine, the GCI crew had a chance to go to the park and ride it as well as Thunderhead. Check out our intern site to see the latest photos as well as read about our adventure.

University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering http://www.greatcoastersinterns.com
That's cool. Are the Renegade trains done/Have you shipped them?
Here's a response I received from VF Marketing today:

"At this point, we cannot guarantee that Renegade will be operational by a certain date. If you would like to contact us again when we are closer to opening day, it is possible that we may be able to give you more information."

I was out there Sunday and it did appear they have a long way to go. Fingers crossed they'll make it! *** Edited 4/17/2007 11:44:12 PM UTC by Marko***

VF--New-coaster07 said:
That's cool. Are the Renegade trains done/Have you shipped them?

They have not been shipped yet. As mentioned on the site, the banisters are all that remain (though, the shipment date is independent of that detail). We'll be sure to get photos of them with the banisters and as they leave our facility.

I'm curious to know if you already started to work on the Troy trains? Concept arts of them shows them has being nicely themed!
Yes, we started the Troy trains several weeks ago. We have some photos on our website, as well as brief progress updates in our blog.

Meanwhile, Renegade trains were shipped yesterday. There should be a couple updates to our site later this morning to reflect that. They'll be at Valleyfair on Saturday.

Yes, check out our site for photos of the Wildcat running with riders and Renegade trains shipping out.

University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering http://www.greatcoastersinterns.com
EXCLUSIVE: We now have photos on the intern site of the Toverland trains with a painted seat side as well as the Renegade banister before powdercoat.

University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering http://www.greatcoastersinterns.com
Great new pics. Do you guys know yet if Renegade has a chance of being open on opening day?
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^ Nice view standing on top of the lift like that, huh? Wonder if he's got a camera in hand? ;)
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^Ooooo, I likey! :)

Great photo!


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