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So Adam and Evan...why weren't the "banisters" put on yet? Enquiring minds want to know.

AV Matt
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I just HAD to quote this from Adam's blog:

"More than anything it is amazing to think that something I built will bring millions of people thrills and happiness for years to come."

Thanks to Adam, Evan, and the entire crew at Great Coasters (now with even more *International*)... :)

The banisters are still in production and will be mounted before the opening date. They were modified to be different from the previous banisters. I think people will like the changes...
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Interesting. Considering the logo is already on that bottom plate of the lead car, I can imagine the banniester will be "special" since it doesn't need to have the ride name plastered across it.

AV Matt
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The park is saying 6 coasters will be operating for the Springtime event. So I guess that leaves out Soaker and the 3 in Midway America. Oh well, not that much longer until May.
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They have an official rides list posted. You just have to dig for it. I forget where I found it.

AV Matt
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I got an e-mail from them, AV. I remember it mentioning 6 coasters and over 40 rides being open.
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Here it is:


Balloon Flite (kiddie)
Starship America
Helicopters (kiddie)
Mini Himalaya (kiddie)
Space Age (kiddie)
Amtrak Tiny Tracks (kiddie)
Traffic Jam (kiddie)

Bizzy Bees (kiddie)
Dizzy Drums (kiddie)
Dry Gulch Railroad
Fender Bender
Ladybug (kiddie)
Capital BlueCross Monorail
Mini Pirate (kiddie)
Swing Thing (kiddie)

Wave Swinger

Mini Scrambler (kiddie)
Frontier Flyers
Livery Stables (kiddie)

Convoy (kiddie)
Flying Falcon
Frog Hopper
Kissing Tower
Red Baron (kiddie)
Sunoco Classic Cars
Sunoco Speedway

AV Matt
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Sorry for the delay, but here are a few answers to some questions that I have recently recieved.

The banister is actually finished, but is being painted at the current time. It has been re-designed and now has a lower profile. It will give rides a more open view from the front seat.

About the no seat belt thing. The picture was actually taken after testing for the day and the train was parked in the brake run. We jumped in to take the picture. I mean what do you expect, us to give up ride time to take a picture ;) You must be crazy.

And the Renegade trains are coming together quickly. They will definately be finished in time for opening day.

University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering http://www.greatcoastersinterns.com

RavenTTD said:
If you look in the first visible seat on the other train you can see a seatbelt. Those goofballs are just sitting on them.

I took the picture of the goofballs. The picture was actually taken while the train was parked on the transfer table for the night (you can actually see the one of the Clamps securing the train in the lower right. The lap bars weren't even down for the picture because they knew I would have taken the release hooks away and they would have been stuck there!

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Just in case this was taken too seriously, I figured that was the case and didn't mean to accuse those lucky interns of riding without seatbelts. :)

AV Matt
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I love the look of the train without the banister. I suppose it is a safety requirement to have it, but is there anyway it could be done away with? Great job on the WIldcat trains guys!

Oh one other question...Kentucky Rumbler has LED lights on its trains. Are any of the new trains featuring that?

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
The banister is infact a safety feature, but as I said, it has such a low profile now that your ride will be unobstructed. As far as LEDs, there are currently no other ride that will feature that.

University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering http://www.greatcoastersinterns.com
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I guess if the banister wasn't there, there would be a risk of people falling in front of the train while loading in the station. Hey, when do I *not* have a theory? ;)
...Unless there could be some type of swinging gate in the station for loading and unloading purposes. Once the train is loaded, the gate moves out of the way and presto you have a *frontless* flyer.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
No gates like on a floorless. Just a redesigned banister to give you a better unobstructed view.

I'm not sure which thread to put this in, but since the interns gave us the pics, here they are.

This is a Renegade update.

Dig the new banister!

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!

Another update on the Renegade trains.

This is Evan. I'm finally posting again. I always had the username 'SupermanFan', but the site has been giving me difficulties logging in, so here is my new one.

Anyway, I thought I'd address that the safety reason for the banister is the same as the safety reason for the "kneeguards" on every other coach ...just done a little more stylishly.

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