From Boston to Cedar Point.

Was going to say Lost sounds like your the one who needs a day in Knoebels. But yea Ill probably hit those things up too. Should not take to much time.

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I've heard that 1001 Nachts is perhaps the most unique of all...

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Please make a long and detailed trip report. That's the best part of cb.

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1000 Nacht is one sexy ride. Try to control yourself.


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Don't forget the flyers at Knoebel's either. If they let you snap them, it's as fun, if not more fun, than any flat ride and most coasters. Brass ring carousel is also fantastic and the bumper cars are the best I've ever been on. It'd be a shame to miss some of the great stuff at Knoebel's and make it just a credit stop.

Kennywood also has some really neat stuff like the Turtle and Kangaroo or the Ghostwood Estates and Noah's Ark.

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It's your choice, but I know personally if someone said to me that our stop at Knoebel's was going to be a quick in and out to ride just the coasters I'd be hoppin mad! I hope you get back there again, and you change your mind someday about the smaller family parks. (I'm not sure what you mean by that, is it parks run by families or parks geared toward families that you don't care for?) Anyway, Knoebel's is a true gem and I'd take it over Hershey any day.

And enfynet, I've said this here before but next time you're through Columbus I'm going to require that you stop at Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. You'll be ruined forever and you'll never spend your money on that crappy Graeters again. :-)

Or I could go to the one in Chagrin Falls on my way to Geauga Lake next time. That one is significantly closer to my NEOhio home. :)

But I will keep it in mind. I'm not a big fan of Cold Stone, though everyone up here seems to love them.

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Let me be more clear about my family park comment. I absolutely support family run parks, however I have never really been a giant fan of flat rides. My passion has always been roller coasters, and roller coaster like rides. (Flumes, river raft) exe.

My passion has always been the coasters. As a 7 year old kid at BGW I would stand on my toes begging the ride attendant to let me on Lock Ness. However I do appreciate in a large way the park itself, the sights the sounds the scenery much in part to the fact that Iv'e been in the RCT creating scene since back in the RCTStation days.

I'm the BTH from RCT Masters.

With all that being said, I can still find enjoyment with a good full day at a classic park....but....there is one problem.

My wife hasn't reached that point yet, she gets bored with me pointing out scenery, embracing the nuances, she just wants to ride coasters. Much like me 6-7 years ago. I'm trying to build her up to that. However I'm doing one step at a time.

Currently I'm working on getting her to see the up side of great wooden coasters as shes still kinda in that its 400 ft tall it must be better phase. I know I'm getting long winded but I'm slowly getting her into the roller coaster enthusiast culture year by year, and this years focus is the mega trip.

My Theory is that when we have kids it will be much easier for her to enjoy the little things in parks.

But yea, while I do the advise on staying in the smaller parks longer. I'm pretty set on that aspect of the plan. Trust me i'm not retiring from being an enthusiast at age 27.

Sorry if my answers are long winded.

No, that's fine, I get it now. I consider myself the opposite- maybe I'm a terrible coaster enthusiast but a great amusement park enthusiast. I love the flats, the structures, and the scenery. I'd visit the park and have a ball even if there were no roller coasters!

I hope you have a great trip, and I hope you haven't bitten off more than you can chew! Im glad you're young. I don't think I'd have the energy for such an agenda!

I may be young but this isn't my first time doing a super trip. This is just the first super trip going in a direction other then flat south.

Believe it or not our honey moon turned into our first mega trip. She swore up and down at me when we were planning it that she would NEVER. Ride a coaster with me. PERIOD.

Turned out we did every major park in Florida that week.

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Tyler Boes said:

There's an Apple-bee's close by

LostKause said:

There is a Steak 'n Shake on 250

Platinum Bass said:

Dianna's Deli also on 250

Well, he said he wanted to go out for a "nice dinner" so I left those options off the table. :)

Seriously though, Chett and Matt's is well worth the stop if you can find the time to get over there. I suggest going during buffet hours (they do a lunch and a dinner buffet) so you can sample their various specialty pizzas. The dinner buffet also has wings, which are quite good as well.

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I gotta try Chet and Matt's one of these trips. Maybe If I go in August as I'm starting to consider...

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I won't be able to spend much on food with normal means. I will mostly be using the 400 in gift cards I've been holding on to various chains. And no I really don't want to redirect theme park funds to restaurants. No offence to anyone's local eats.

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Your gift cards will come in handy. It sure seems like 250 has all of the chain restaurants. And none of them will take you 30-minutes to get to--even in heavy traffic.

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Pro tip: Use Cleveland Rd. east to Remington, to Perkins to Strub to get to 250, and C&M's. You avoid the hotel mess going the other way.

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I prefer to avoid the chains and find local grub whenever possible when I'm traveling, but to each his own. Sandusky has just about every chain known to man, although they could still use a Denny's and/or IHOP to get another 24 hour joint in that town.

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

I've always wondered why enthusiast always consider Cedar Point a city of its own. Even the title of this forum is Boston to Cedar Point.

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Well, you can spend a few days there without relying on anything outside of the park; your lodging, food, and entertainment can found entirely on the peninsula if you choose. I think many people would feel the same way about Orlando/WDW, except on maybe a larger and more pronounced scale.

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Cedar Point has their own fire station and Police force. It does kind of seem like it's own city in a way.

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Tyler Boes said:

I've always wondered why enthusiast always consider Cedar Point a city of its own. Even the title of this forum is Boston to Cedar Point.

Usually when I go to Kings Dominion, I don't say I'm heading to Doswell.

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