From Boston to Cedar Point.

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I wanted to comment about Sandusky eats. There is a Steak 'n Shake on 250 just a few minutes from the park near Great Wolf Lodge. If you have never eaten at one of these, you should. This diner-style restaurant offers "steakburgers", shoestring fries, chilli, milkshakes... YUMMY! It is open 24 hours a day, I believe.

If you have a chance, I recommend eating at Chet and Matt's Pizza on E. Strub RD near the Sandusky Mall. They close kind of early, but the food is so good that it might be worth leaving the park early to eat there, in my opinion.

If you get a chance, and you enjoy that kind of thing, there is a haunted house that is well-known for being one of the best called Ghostly Manor. It is on 250 on the way to the park. It will only take you about 10 or 15 minutes to go through after you park your car and buy your ticket. It is fantastic!

Dianna's Deli also on 250 in Sandusky is open 24 hours and not a bad eating option.

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I'll vouch for Dianna's Deli. Pretty good food there!

If you are planning on going on a date with your wife or something of that genre, Steak'N Shake is not your place. It does have amazing burgers, fries, and shakes with good prices, but it's laid back. It has a drive through. I would suggest going to something like Applebee's, and going to Steak'N Shake for lunch. From 2-4 pm, all shakes and drinks are half off. During that time, you could have a nice meal, shake, and drink for about $7, and that's if you get a bigger one of their burgers. That's why it's more of a 2 pm lunch option.

To anyone out there who's still listening: Do not, repeat, do not leave Cedar Point at 2pm to go out to Steak n Shake for happy hour.
Also, anyone, if you're looking to take the misses out on a date avoid Applebee's too. Just sayin.

Now, for the best pizza in Sandusky? Chet and Matt's is the clear winner.

I wasn't saying to go to Steak'n Shake instead of CP.

But according to their posted schedule, it looks like they would have to leave in order to take advantage of 2 buck shakes.
Never mind, Tyler.

Tyler, do you own stock in Applebee's? :)

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Jeff said:

It must be one of those wood coaster personality things, in that it varies. I really loved that ride too. But regardless, I think Waldameer is a worthy stop if you're traveling I-90.

I only had one visit to Waldameer, a weekend in 2009. I was blown away by RF, especially in the rain...that thing lived up to it's moniker. It remains my #2 despite the four year gap since my visit. Thinking about getting back there in August. My brother asked me today if I was coming out that way this season, and the (non-coaster) wheels started turning....

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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For the conveinence and service I'd skip everything on 250 and do Famous Dave's right on the peninsula. You can walk right out the Marina Entrance and eat close by the park, the prices are decent and the service is usually pretty good. Extra bonus, try to eat at off peak times, so like between 2p - 5p, then you don't have to wait to be seated.

Have fun!!


I love Applebee's chicken strips, and no I don't own stock. Remember, if you're really desperate for a cheap yet good shake, Steak n Shake has its 2-4 am happy hour.

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Why not suggest an eatery that CAN'T be found at the bottom of most exit ramps in the country? I've been on multiple cross-continental road trips, and a real delight is in visiting restaurants that are local legends, or at least different from the same-old. Chet and Matt's is a great example of this. I still think it's folly overall to leave the park to eat, but I'll vouch for this one.

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Chet and Matt's is fine. The atmosphere is better than the pizza. (NB: I grew up in a mostly-Italian section of Jersey).

As for RF2 - really good, not my favorite example of TGG work. Would prefer more pops of straight-on air, but I appreciate the obstacle of the bridge. The sharp left turn coming off the return bridge made for one truly unhappy Jill. (Her ribs healed in a couple weeks - been there done that myself, on AW's UltraTwister, LOL).

I like the ride ok, I said earlier I classify it as unique. I really loved the first drop and the bridge. I was there on a slow day and the wait for RFII was so long (one train) that I only went on it three times. I spent my day groovin elsewhere in the park.

Does anyone besides me think those 90 deg. banked turns look better on paper (and photos) than they really are? RFII seems like an example where they threw one in just to say they have one. It didn't really seem like it grew out of necessity, and I didn't think it added much to the ride.

Just me being picky.

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If you're not likely to get out that way again and you've never been, Knoebel's and Kennywood each deserve more than half a day. In fact, I could easily spend a 3/4 of a day at Knoebel's and full day at Kennywood. But, if that's all the time you have, then it is what it is.

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Actually anything in PA is a highly likely return. Chances are when me and my wife start having kids the only vacations we will be able to afford will be the ones with the family. The best available timeshares typically have us in PA, and VA. So if anything knowing the family friendly nature of those parks, full day trips would factor more into to early vacations with my future kids and whatnot.

While this trip is more a I have not had my fix in 2 years so lets ride the earth trip, and do a trip on a scale that I will never forget.

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Yeah. In that case, I'd pick either Knoebel's or Kennywood and do it right and hit the other on the next trip. It'd be a shame to rush through both of them and not feel like you could justify admission a second time to either.

Hobbes: "What's the point of attaching a number to everything you do?"
Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

Honestly the stop at Knoebel's is not going to be that long. It will be in basic, stop ride the the few coasters and go back on the road. I know not a popular choice, but the small family parks have never been my cup of tea. Part of the reason I'm fitting it in is that under normal circumstances I would probably never go to these parks. So I'm hitting both.

And to be honest I'm really liking the sheer premise that we are riding 60 coasters in 7 days.

I was about to suggest a few places around the Cleveland area to stop on your way, but as you're travelling Tuesday night, I doubt many of them will be open to fit your schedule.

As for the food on the peninsula, I have eaten at Friday's in Breakers quite a bit, mostly because I like Fridays setting on the beach. This past week I tried Famous Dave's and was pleasantly surprised. I still haven't tried Bay Harbor or Breakwater Cafe. I suppose I might try one of those next week.

I would also avoid 250 unless you're going to Steak-N-Shake or Meijer's well after the park closes. Traffic is horrendous in the morning and evening, and is steadily busy all day.

Hotel Hershey has a couple nice(pricey) dining options, but it is a nice place to visit for a break from the park for lunch. Otherwise, there is a Red Robin next to the park. Unfortunately, it's not very easy (if at all possible) to walk from the park to any of the adjacent businesses.

Knoebels and Kennywood both have great park food.

Kings Island has Graeters ice cream. I require everyone that goes to Kings Island with me to go there. As for dining, the new Reds Hall of Fame Grille is actually pretty nice. I'm glad the park has a sit-down dining option. I only wish their menu was a bit more extensive.

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There is a lot more to do at Knoebels beside a few coasters. Don't miss the Haunted Mansion and the sky lift up the mountain, at least. Their bumper cars are a hoot, and a few of the flat rides there are unique, like the Looper, Power Surge, Downdraft, Fandango, and 1001 Nachts.

Now I am starting to miss that park. I haven't been there in years. Maybe I need to plan a trip there again soon.

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