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I just checked out Knoebels new Flying Turns Project page, and they now have pics of the track being bent. is the link to their new page, not much else other that Larson Intl is building the trains, and there is a webcam up... not really updating though. Just thought I would share.

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!
There was a topic on this but it died since there has been nothing really too see. Lets hope that changes sometime soon.
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Looks like an interesting process to build one of these.
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Cool. I'm wondering what the finished trackbed will look like. Will it be a smooth surface or full of nail holes? :) Looking forward to seeing this take shape in the coming months. I hope it's ready in time for PPP '06.

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Looks like that's going to keep a lot of carpenters busy maintaining that sucker!
^You got that right. With Euclid Beaches FlyingTurns, those track walks could take forever. I remember reading that they were always hammering boards back into place. That had a trade-off though, as they found a lot of money in the barrels that'd fallen out of pockets.

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A few weeks ago, I had a dental appointment, and while the hygienist was cleaning my teeth we had an interesting conversation. Well, she was doing most of the conversing, I could only say things like TGHHHGHTL. After all, I did have a sharp metal object poking my gums.

Anyway, she was talking about the Winter Olympics and bobsledding when she mentioned that she grew up in Northeastern Ohio, and there was this park... "UHHHLA EEP" I said, which she immediately understood as "Euclid Beach." (I guess being able to translate gibberish comes with the job.) And the park had a ride called the Flying Turns which she recalled riding with her sister. So finally, I meet someone who actually rode one.

Her recollection is that it was a fast, pretty wild ride. She told me that when there were "bigger kids" riding, the cars would go really high up the sides of the trough. What this means for even bigger a** coaster enthusiasts I guess remains to be seen.

The "Photo Album" section of Flying Turns' website has been updated with some pics of the bending of wood for the troughs. Looks interesting!

Also, I just noticed that the webcam has gone off. It has been quite windy up here in PA, but perhaps there is a better reason. I'll have to take a trip over tomorrow and see what's up. *** Edited 3/15/2006 11:29:21 PM UTC by T-W-I-S-T-E-R***

Is it me or, it looks like this isn't being built professionally, it looks like, a backyard project. Hmm, maybe its because I don't see any cranes or anything.
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It is a backyard project, but professional at the same time. :)

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Anyone know why I'm getting this problem? I try to click on the images and this error comes up...

"You don't have permission to access /03082006/DSC_0013b.JPG on this server.

You may need to create an index.html page or enable the directory browsing by creating an .htaccess file containing "Options +Indexes"."

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

Getting the same thing Big Jim...don't know either. I'll wait a while to come back when there's more to see on the site. Still seems a bit early to really get an idea what's going on.

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RatherGoodBear said:
What this means for even bigger a** coaster enthusiasts I guess remains to be seen.

This means that I finally have a reason to go to an ACE event, or at least find out when any of the local fat camps plan on visiting this season.

...I wonder who the lucky bastard who will be that will be able to go to sleep this summer knowing (or not knowing) that the first flying turns trough pieces in over 50 years were made on the same platform, on the same 10 or so square feet his body is resting on... hehehe :P
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RatherGoodBear said:"UHHHLA EEP" I said, which she immediately understood as "Euclid Beach." (I guess being able to translate gibberish comes with the job.)

What is my wife doing working as a dental hygienist in Ohio? I was wondering where she'd gone! ;)

That was your wife, gator? Let me tell you, she's got a way with dental floss. ;)
Question: Is anyone else curious about the listed maximum speed of 24 mph? Could that be a typo? I mean, most mice get around faster than that.

Rich G

On really tight turns that will be pretty much most of the course, I'm sure 24 mph will feel plenty fast.
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Yep! Most are surprised to learn that Space Mountain's top speed is 26 MPH. Those tight turns near the end feel faster.
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I was at Coaster Bash in PA a couple weeks ago and Knoebels was there to talk about their 30 year long Flying Turns project. Yes... it has been in development that long. They still don't know when they will be finishing the project. late 2006 or more likely 2007? The pictures of the bent wood are likely the testing he talked about. They are using narrower pieces of wood than the original designs so they can more readily absorb the wood treatments. Because the wood is narrower, it is harder to bend and keep from breaking, so they have been playing with the wood to test it's limits. The treatments will allow the ride to last much longer than the other dozen or so that have been built over the years. None of which are in service today. I think he said the last one was taken down in the early 70's.

In regards to the speed issue, your right when you say it doesn't need to be fast with all the tight turns. Plus, FT's are designed such that the whole ride is downhill. once you crest the lift hill (of which there will probably be 2) you reach max speed very quickly, but basicly maintain it throughout the whole ride. That's because you don't have the bunny hills and such like a regular coaster.

They did say that this is an in-house project and that he would be hiring many local carpenters to help him on this project.

If i ever get off of my lazy butt, I'll post some pictures from that event plus other past ACE events that I've attended. *** Edited 3/16/2006 9:42:04 PM UTC by Jason Hammond***

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