Florida group to protest Muslim day at Six Flags Over Texas

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A Florida-based group called Americans Against Hate plans to protest a Muslim Family Day at Six Flags Over Texas later this month because it says the Islamic organization sponsoring the event supports terrorism. Local Muslims called the accusation a lie.

Read more from WFAA/Dallas-Ft. Worth.

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Jeff, let's use your logic for once. You claim that anyone who protests does it out of hate and racism. Why don't you bash Sharpton and Jackson who are doing the exact same thing against whites? Sharpton and Jackson both are shakedown artists in which they live off the threat of accusing businesses of being racists if they don't give in to thier demands. They do march against anyone and anything at the drop of a hat.

As for the AAH goes, it's pointing out that one of the sponsers of this Mulsim family day is on the watch list of funding terrorism. More than likely it will not do any good since most people are like you Jeff who only reads the headlines and not the real story behind it.

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I have never heard anything more pretentious than you telling us how great a critical thinker you are. Let your words speak for you, no one is censoring you.

This protest in a way reminds me of the group protesting the Iraq war at soldiers funerals. There is a time and a place for these things. AAH is protesting the group where it involves their families and I personally don't think thats fair to them.

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I just want to know where the proof is that this organizations is in fact funding terrorism. I still would like to know how spending the day at an amusement park is helping to fund terrorism. I thought they were spending money, not passing around collection plates.

As far as I can see from the article, it's a "He said/She Said" arguement. No one offers any valid proof from either side.

Smith said

"Anyhow, for those who are interested...Google the ICNA and see some of the stuff out there. There is enough out there to color any critical thinker confused. Regardless of what you determine to be true (I've no clue myself), it is pretty obvious that this particular article did not provide enough data to form the strong opinions and judgments demonstrated on this thread."

I googled ICNA. Didn't find anything negative or confusing. Of course, I didn't look through all 12 pages or more. So, care to point it out?

As long as there are people they'll always be hate, anger and violence. That's just life. The have's vs. the have nots, those with Stars and Thars and those that don't, as Seuss put it. I'm sure if CF or Disney had a Muslim day, you'd get the same reaction, eventhough, like SF, it's just a business decision. Just my two cents.
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Being a Canadian, I am astounded by the paranoia that some Americans exhibit.

No wonder Bush was able to stay in power for so long!

Here's my take on the subject.

First of all, the number of terrorists or supporters of terrorists who are Muslim in the U.S. is very small. But, for the sake of argument, let's assume that the ICNA is a terrorist cell or supports terrorism. In that case, I WANT them to overpay for gas and transportation to get to this event, overpay for parking, overpay to enter the park, overpay for the 12oz beverages, overpay for the small burger and fries (not hot dogs - pork ya know!), and overpay for cheap stuffed animals.

Personally, I would want them there funnelling money into the park which they could use to build more roller coasters and rides for me instead of buyings rifles to shoot at our boys <sniff>. (I think I'm gonna play "America the Beautiful - all stand and take off your Cedar Point caps!)

Gato, Canada has its own history of internment camps (which unlike in this country, they have never officially acknowledged let alone apologized for), plus several Canadians I've met have some unique terms to describe people of different ethnicities. So I'm not sure you can claim any kind of moral high ground here.
i remember this when Muslim Day at Six Flags America and people were ticked about that as well..

but you know the twelve or how so many church days are cool though, i mean they're only supporting branch of the religious right and neo-conservatism.

I'm Muslim myself, and this is not a surprise to me.

America is a country, i've found that needs an enemy, it was British, Spanish, Mexicans, Native's, They had a scuffle with the Canadians, they had the Russians, Japanese, Chinese, Germans and Italians. even Irish folk and Catholic folk for a short time.

now its the Arab/Muslim turn. so be afraid America, be very afraid of the phantom danger.

---before someone chews my head off---
there is a danger yes, but the scale people believe it to be is down right funny, thats why i call it a phantom danger. the danger is much more real in my home country Saudi Arabia where we actually have 3-4 terror attacks a year since 2000. that's all i'm saying.

so be afraid America, and keep buying stuff....

Go out to Disney! but be very afraid...

Mr. Protester at the Six Flags Today said in front of me to a student who was making documentary littary called him terrorist and calling others as he goes along protesting, this man has no credibility, Welcome To The Witch Hunt!!! Perhaps Mr. Protester is forgetting that if anyone should leave are all the immigrants who conqured this land from the Indian Natives who lived here before all of us. The ones who tell others to leave should be the first ones to leave this country. On top of all this nonsence people claim All this land Merely belongs to God Almighty, and everything God has created for the ingratefull humankind who fight over materialistic objects. The Devil has surely gotten the best of us!

A little correction, Muslims are the followers of the religion Islam, Muslim is not a religion.

Thank You to all of those who still have concious of Good and Bad, and those who don't judge people by one person or a groups wrong doings. Respect others and their religion so u can be respected, and if anyone still shows disrespect think of them as Ignorant to keep your integraty and to show God that u are a wise and good person, we have no one to show our intentions except God Almighty. God sees the deepest thoughts and feelings that are hidden inside of us.

May God give humankind wisdom to leave peacefully on this temporary earth and life.


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