Florida group to protest Muslim day at Six Flags Over Texas

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A Florida-based group called Americans Against Hate plans to protest a Muslim Family Day at Six Flags Over Texas later this month because it says the Islamic organization sponsoring the event supports terrorism. Local Muslims called the accusation a lie.

Read more from WFAA/Dallas-Ft. Worth.

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It was too long I didn't read it.

Really, I like your views. At the same time, people will portray harmless objectives to the media but in the big picture a lot of people will have problems having that many Muslims in one place.

I can see where certain organizations arise suspicion and though I do not agree with the "big picture" of it, I see the protesting party's point of view.

I like your argument with -isms. Categorizing is way too easy now, maybe some people are shocked that Muslims actually go to theme parks.

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I will say let the protest it if they want....It is well within their rights to do so. Even if I happen to disagree with them and their idiotic cause. I fully understand that there are irrational people in all walks of life (fanatics just doesnt seem right to me, and neither does radical IMO). There are irrational people who write of pedophiles as priests, there are irrational people who attack innocent people, it doesnt matter the religion, race, nationality, or whatever. Is the ICNA even on the Federal watch list for terrorist funding? And what does the ICNA have to do with Muslim day? And why cant we just a plain old white folks or black (please excuse me if that comes our racist, it isnt meant that way) folks days? Seriously. It is this having Gay Day, Mexican Day, Muslim Day or whatever day that is actually making it harder for some people to let go of their prejudism or acknowledge that they have a prejudice. Everyone is prejudice to some degree, even me. I try to work on my prejudism one day, one instance at a time. It is all I can do.
The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is on the U.S. Senate Scrutiny list. There are around twenty-five organizations on the list, most people haven't even heard of. The list doesn't include major institutions like Al-Queada, Hamas, Taliban, etc. It includes more "home grown" parties that could possibly channel funding to some of the larger ones.

This (I am guessing) is the justification behind the protesting. Even though I personally believe that it is a religious (a bunch of Muslims gathering in general) protest (in some contexts), there is somewhat of a rationale behind the protest.

After researching the site of Americans Against Hate, I found that it is somewhat underground, even bashing our own government for providing funds for "terrorist" organizations.

The article covering the Family Day:

"Six Flags Over Texas, a Dallas-area amusement park, will be invaded by a radical Muslim organization that has physical ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and financial ties to Hamas. While most patrons of the park come for the games and rides, those involved with this group’s event, Muslim Family Day, may very well have found an original and appealing way to spread anti-Western hatred."

Notice the context, such as the word "invaded" and "radical". Obviously the organization is pretty sure of their objective.

Will the park be closed to everyone else? This issue came up in England, due to Islam's rules against the women being near unrelated men, therefore only Muslims could be in the park that day.

...Sorry I keep posting, but if you look at their site, the organization proclaims itself as against hate, but there is nothing about American racism (such as black and Hispanic racism), only Arab related articles, along with pro-Israel articles.
There is virtue in illuminating real hate and racism. If there were evidence of such in this story, nobody worthy of consideration would doubt the claims of “hate.”. However, it is so tiring to constantly observe and tolerate the “diversity police” picking and choosing those worthy of being judged…and doing so with dynamic standards. There is irony that accusations of money funneling by ICNA are treated with skepticism, while postings of “douchbagery” are to be accepted without question. If fairness is indeed a respected ideal, it should be applied evenly and consistently. Sadly, that does not happen as much as it should.
Notice the context, such as the word "invaded" and "radical". Obviously the organization is pretty sure of their objective.

I know...if they would have just called them douch bags...that would have been credible! ;)

There are so many agendas involved in this thread, it gets hard to keep them straight. Too bad the agenda is not objectivity and truth...for all involved!

You are right. A topic of this kind sparks many opinions and controversy.
I agree with Smith. As much as I think this is a solely cultural and educational gathering of Muslims, I don't know the back story of the organization. It's best to take a completely neutral look at the situation and completely rid of emotion from your reasoning. It's tough to do but the only way to really get anywhere.

Also, remember that the greatest and most difficult tolerance is to tolerate the intolerant.

I like your opinions, and I like your quote there SFGAM.

It is hard for people to not get emotional. People will get hurt no matter what happens, so risks are always taken.

Neuski, I understand that your comment was sarcasm. Your comment implied that an entire group should no be judged by the behavior of a few of its members. Mr. Putz, however, decided to embellish it with some comments that had nothing to do with the issue at hand. What does an abortion clinic have to do with Muslim day at a theme park in Texas?

And (are you reading and comprehending this Matt?) using the phrase "they all" to describe any group is clearly generalization and frankly it's bigotry. To say "they all bomb abortion clinics" is equivalent to saying "they all have AIDS," "they all own the media," and "they all are too lazy to work but not to breed," and so on.

Everyone knows the implications that follow a statement like that: Catholics are against abortion-- therefore, they hate women, they want to keep people suppressed, they want to tell you how to live your life, they want to take away your rights, etc. It's been repeated enough in a kazillion political campaigns, special interest group propaganda, and in editorials that it isn't necessary to finish the thought any more.

If anyone feels these comments aren't appropriate for this forum, tough. That's what your scroll button is for. I have noticed in several other threads a number of anti-Christian comments. You're entitled to your opinions whatever they are, but once you post them it here, I'm as entitled to jump right in after you, and I will.

The real crime is that this story was even written. It was obviously designed to fire up emotions. By advertising this group, they give credibility where none would probably exist otherwise. If this group is correct in the "money funneling" claims, then that is the story that needs to be investigated and told. Unfortunately, investigative journalism is from a bygone era (except a few internet sites/blogs), as the easy/lazy reporting involves taking a few quotes from the parties involved and treating their opinions as facts...worthy of equal weight. The more work a reporter puts into the story, the better chance that he/she will have to leave some of the sensationalism out of it...as the facts don't check out.

I'm not sure Putz really believes what he is saying. I've always said this site was a personality-based endeavor. The minimal thought and flaming language leads me to believe his main goal is to fire up discussion. This makes good business sense while adding little to the way of critical thinking and objective thought discussion.

There are enough willing participants on many sides of different issues (as this thread shows) capable of maintaining interesting and civil discussion. Sometimes it takes an ignition to get it going though...

Jeff was also being sarcastic! Unbelievable!
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Exactly. The argument was that Muslims shouldn't be automatically painted as terrorists, just the same way Catholics shouldn't be automatically branded as child molesting pedophiles and abortion-clinic bombers.

It's pretty clear that many Catholics have quite a persecution complex (and I'm not making a statement on whether or not that is justified, maybe it is, maybe it isn't) but taking a statement that was clearly meant to illustrate why prejudice based on religious preference is WRONG and turning it into perceived Catholic bashing is just silly and over the top.

As mentioned before...as long as it's not a complete buyout and others can come...who cares?

The New York Mets during the Summer had various ethnic themed nights (Greek American night, Jewish Americans Night, yada yada yada...)

All that meant was that there was some ethnic themed pre-game entertainment, a few announcements in that night's particular language and some cultural music between innings and a ceremonial first ball by an appropriate community leader.

The rest of the game was business as usual.

This Muslim Night is kind of a non-story - except for the protesters trying to make it one.

PS - I am not from Texas. If I had plans to go to the park that day and I found out about the event a few days before my visit, I wouldn't change my mind about going at all.

PSS - As an elementary school teacher, I have a wide variety of children in my classes. Over the years my children have taught me to judge individuals as individulas and not as a group. Sometimes children know best.

How is the money being funneled if they are paying to use SFOT? Arms deal on Titan anyone?
Why would someone who plans a terrorist attack on an amusement park need a 'muslim family day' to find out how to do it?And even if you are afraid someone gets 'ideas' - people might actually be having fun and seeing other people also having fun which may cause them to think about what they are doing.I think that the element of social integration is probably more important than the possible dangers.

Of course, if the group that organises this day is indeed sponsoring 'terrorism' (which is more than unlikely) I doubt the department of homeland security won't have an eye on them anyway.
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Yeah, OK. That's why the group against hate only hates on Muslim organizations and is pro-Israel (based on Hatham's research anyway). But surely we're missing some kind of interesting details in Smith's intellectual fantasy world, right?

And for God's sake, I don't hate Catholics, I'm dating one. I was being ironic and sarcastic. Do I need more winks and smileys?

Like I said... the same mistakes, over and over. You'd think from one generation to the next, we'd remember them.

This whole thing is stupid all around.

Just another thread that is way off topic to what this site should be about...


So what if a bunch of people (50) feel they need to travle 6 states to go be a bunch of whiney babies because another group wants to ride some rides? I think both groups are a JOKE to begin with.

Would this even BE an issue to us if it happened somewhere other that at SF park? Much less any other park? C'mon...

If there is any shred of truth to the accusations that both sides impose on each other, I'm sure big brother has a finger on it and we can all just go on with our happy little lives.

So forget the stupid generalizations that seem to fly around here. No matter how true some may seem. It's a waste of time. You know what they say about opinions and a-holes...

Shut up and get back to mourning the demise of GL. Dummies.

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